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October 31, 1926 — In Bologna, Mussolini survives an assassination attempt by 15 (16?) year old anarchist Anteo Zamboni.

“Anarchical Communists”, Time, September 17, 1928:

Only once has a Fascist mob lynched an assailant of Signor Benito Mussolini. The single instance occurred at Bologna (TIME, Nov. 8, 1926). There the Dictator sat implacable and silent, in his limousine, after a bullet had ripped through his sash of the Grand Cordon of the Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus, barely skirting the abdomen.

The mob, interpreting Il Duce‘s silence as a command, put 14 stiletto strokes into the assailant, one Anteo Zamboni, and pummeled his remains into a pulp.

Since then Law has been slowly enlarging the circumference of Signor Mussolini’s vengeance. Last week the father and mother of Lynchee Zamboni were sentenced at Rome to 30 years in Jail as instigators and accomplices.

Father Momolo Zamboni vigorously denied all guilt, but produced a very bad effect upon the Court by remarking with candor and simplicity: “We are Anarchical Communists. Anarchical because we do not want any government. Where there is government there is authority, and where there is authority there is not that true liberty which we desire. We are Communists because we wish that everything which exists or which is produced be shared by everybody.”

Counsel for the defense submitted that his clients were not really “Anarchical Communists” but just “idealistic anarchists.”

The vast difference between an “anarchical communist” and an “idealistic anarchist” is, of course, that between a resolute, active borer from within Society, and a dreamy yearner after millennium. But the Court, a military tribunal, seemed unimpressed by even so glaring a disparity.

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