antifa notes (october 23, 2009)

At the head of everything is God, the Lord of Heaven.
Everyone knows that.
Then comes Prince Torlonia, lord of the earth.
Then come Prince Torlonia’s guards.
Then come Prince Torlonia’s guards’ dogs.
Then, nothing at all.
Then, nothing at all.
Then, nothing at all.
Then come the peasants. And that’s all.

~ Ignazio Silone, Fontamara (1931).

    If it’s not The Jew causing trouble, it’s Those Thieving Bloody Gypsies! Still, as Melbourne yuppie Dion stated on the 100% Two Fingers In The Air Punk Rawk Bombshell forum, Roma are liars, hypocrites and no better than the trash who kill them. Anyway, anarchy is a fag. Thanks to the people who’ve supported The Worst, and to the random people letting us know about that anarchist knobjockey Mr Moran…


Romani man, paralyzed after neo-Nazi attack, has to learn to speak all over again
Romano Vodi
October 21, 2009

Yesterday at the Regional Court in Ostrava the proceedings against eight neo-Nazis charged with grievous bodily harm continued. The court heard testimony from defendants Karel Takáč, Michal Šebela, Libor Maceček, Martin Šebest, Josef Navrátil, Milan Kasl, Vlastislav Burda and an eighth defendant who is a minor. Since his name cannot therefore be publicized, Judge Lenka Čechová decided the proceedings would be closed.

While on Monday the court heard from the defendants, yesterday it was the turn of the victim, 17-year-old Jaroslav Horváth, to testify. His testimony was followed by that of his friend Petr Sivák, who succeeded in escaping the attack. Jaroslav Horváth told that prior to the assault the attackers shouted “We have to beat up this nigger” at him. Petr Sivák added that prior to the assailants driving up in their cars he and Horváth had been calmly standing on the sidewalk: “We were not doing anything that could have provoked anyone to attack us.”

The defendants are not unknown to the police. ČTK reports they are all aggressive football hooligans or neo-Nazis. They allegedly belong to the Thugs Havířov group, one of the largest fan clubs of the Baník Ostrava football team. One of the defendants is also an active member of the neo-Nazi National Resistance…

    See also : Jock Palfreeman : October 2009 Update: Jock Palfreeman is an Australian citizen, currently in prison in Sofia (Bulgaria). He is undergoing trial on a charge of murder and attempted murder, following a clash, in December 2007, between Jock and a group of right-wing football hooligans (the group were assaulting a Roma at the time of Jock’s intervention).


German court rules display of Nazi slogans permissible if they’re not in German
August 11, 2009

BERLIN — A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that people can be prosecuted for displaying Nazi slogans in Germany only if they are in the German language.

The Federal Court of Justice overturned a lower court’s ruling convicting a neo-Nazi of transporting a shipment of 100 T-shirts with the slogan, “Blood and Honour,” written in English.

The slogan is a direct translation of the German “Blut und Ehre,” a motto of the Hitler Youth.

The display of Nazi symbols or slogans is forbidden in Germany, but the court ruled that the ban only applied to those written in the German language.

It sent the case back to the lower court and noted that the defendant could still be found guilty, because the shirts also carried banned Nazi symbols.

The defendant’s name was not released.

    T-shirts with the slogan, “Blood and Honour,” written in English, are available for just $25 Australian from 9percent productions [].


Second nationwide raid against neo-Nazis in the Czech Republic
Romano Vodi
October 21, 2009

Police have once again taken action against neo-Nazis in various places around the Czech Republic, performing house searches in at least seven apartments since the early morning hours. Attorney Kolja Kubíček, who represents some of the extremists, referred to information on the raid from the Organized Crime Detection Unit (Útvar pro odhalování organizovaného zločinu -ÚOOZ) when speaking to ČTK today. The raid is allegedly related to concerts organized by right-wing radicals…

Song lyrics at these concerts allegedly celebrated the Third Reich, anti-Semitism and racial purity. Police also say the musicians called on the audience to yell the slogans “Heil Hitler” or “Sieg Heil”. Those charged face between three and eight years in prison for supporting and promoting a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms…


Serb Nazi arrested in Prague
October 22, 2009

PRAGUE — The head of the Serbian branch of the international neo-Nazi organization Blood & Honour, Dragan Petrović [below], has been arrested in Prague.

Special anti-organized crime police units arrested about ten neo-Nazi activists in simultaneous raids, one of whom was Petrović. Petrović from Jagodina is the head of Blood & Honour in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The 35-year-old, who is listed on the Blood & Honour site as a member of the Serbian neo-Nazi group Nacionalni Stroj, is married to a Czech woman and has lived there for several years.

He organized a neo-Nazi protest in the Czech Republic several days ago in protest at the arrest of Blood & Honour members in Holland []. He is a regular fixture at neo-Nazi-related concerts and gatherings in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Blood & Honour attacks anti-fascists, Searchlight, March 2007: “Blood & Honour thugs armed with iron bars, pepper spray, a black jack, a chain and beer bottles launched a vicious attack on anti-fascists in Uitgeest, northern Holland, on 3 February. The assault occurred as anti-fascists were making their way to a protest at a nazi meeting in the town, organised by the Nationalist People’s Movement (NVB)…”

Petrović’s lawyer Kolja Kubiček claims that at least 28 people were arrested in connection with a recent concert, which came in for public condemnation due to the open promotion of racist and neo-Nazi ideology at the event.

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