Long live Kim Jong Il! Brilliant Commander of Songun

Imperialist lapdogs have misinformed me, it seems. Supposedly, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has ‘abandoned’ the Juche idea — I can find no evidence of this. Kim Jong Il is, indeed, a broadminded statesman that moves all people. It is not fortuitous that many people around the world say the land of Korea is too small for his great personality.

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[Clenched fist salute to Vulgar Marxism!]

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4 Responses to Long live Kim Jong Il! Brilliant Commander of Songun

  1. @ndy says:

    Song by Paul Iorio.

  2. sam the commie man says:

    Hmm, ‘juche’ is pronounced by Paul Iorio as Juice??? WTF? LOL!

    It is pronounced ju-che. ‘Ju’ as in poo or goo or fuck you, and che as in Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara! CHE! JUCHE!

    Long live KIM JONG IL!

  3. sam the commie man says:

    the north korean regime is a like a communist guerrilla mob but in the form of a nation.

    i think they should unify into a capitalist governement with south korea and start a revolution from guerrilla warfare. nation against nation won’t work, infighting within a nation is bound to work!

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