(Antifa Blockading) Bachelors from Prague

Anarchists in Prague are among a number of groups and tendencies hoping to prevent Czech neo-Nazis from marching through the Jewish quarter of town on the 69th anniversary of Pogromnacht / Kristallnacht (1938). Typically, local corporate / state media in the Czech republic is portraying the potential clash as the meeting of two extremist forces, with the estimated 1,400 police playing the role of intermediary. Thus ‘Hundreds of extremists may attend Saturday’s meetings in Prague’ according to one source, reporting that “The Czech police expect hundreds of extremists to attend meetings of neo-Nazis and anarchists in Prague centre on Saturday, the anniversary of the Kristallnacht anti-Jewish pogrom in Nazi Germany in 1938, Prague police anti-extremism section chief Jiri Kopecny said…”

Updated information on 10 November

The fury in the media around the upcoming neo-Nazi march is coming to a head and the public is being showered with information that is sometimes contradictory. We would therefore like to remind you of some basic facts.

1. The anti-fascist gathering on náměstí Republiky (on Saturday 10.11. at 14:30) and the subsequent march to Pařížská street (through Revoluční – Dlouhá – V kolkovně – Široká – E. Krásnohorské – and Bílkova streets) have been properly announced and have not been banned. They are, therefore, completely legal!

2. At this event, we need you to respect the instructions of the organizers. Alcohol and drugs are not welcome. Unlike the Nazis, we don′t need them “for courage”.

3. Do not take take the exaggerated reports of “dozens or even hundreds” of neo-Nazi tourists coming from abroad as valid. This is an estimate which no one is able to confirm and which the media are using in order to increase the drama of their reports. Some tourists from abroad will come, but there will not be hundreds of them.

The legal disputes around the neo-Nazi march do not interest us. In the past we have repeatedly stood up against various provocations by local brown-shirts, irrespective of whether the local authorities tried to prevent them or gave them their blessing. Allegedly the neo-Nazi organizers will communicate precise information on their intentions regarding the march on the anniversary of Kristallnacht by Thursday at the latest. Whatever they come up with, we will be prepared to respond.

Follow the web pages antifa.cz and blokada.antifa.cz, where you can learn more about the actual events and where you will find all the necessary information.

Come to the anti-fascist demonstration and express your resistance to Nazism in peace.

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