It’s time to go…

John HoWARd.

PM Howard condemns fake leaflets
November 22, 2007

Australia’s prime minister has condemned members of his own party for distributing leaflets implying the Labor opposition supports terrorism…

Australian PM on defensive over ‘dirty tricks’ campaign
November 22, 2007

SYDNEY (AFP) — Embattled Australian Prime Minister John HoWARd was thrown on the defensive Thursday just two days ahead of a general election after senior members of his party were implicated in a dirty tricks campaign. HoWARd’s Liberal Party admitted it had expelled two members for distributing fake flyers falsely linking the opposition Labor Party to Islamic extremist bombers…

Australian PM Condemns Election Fraud

Rod McGuirk
November 22, 2007

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Prime Minister John HoWARd battled Thursday to contain a last-minute scandal ahead of weekend elections, after campaigners for his Liberal Party were exposed distributing pamphlets accusing the opposition of sympathizing with terrorists…

Howard election campaign hit by dirty tricks scandal
Barbara McMahon
Guardian Unlimited
November 22, 2007

Australian prime minister fends off party scandal days before election
Tim Johnston
International Herald Tribune
November 22, 2007

SYDNEY: Prime Minister John HoWARd’s struggling re-election campaign in Australia took another blow Thursday after a scandal over a phony pamphlet from nonexistent Islamic radicals distributed by supporters of HoWARd’s Liberal Party.

Tough Race in Australia for Supporter of Bush
Tim Johnston
New York Times
November 23, 2007

SYDNEY, Australia, Nov. 22 — The center-right coalition of Prime Minister John HoWARd, who has been in power for 11 years and is one of the most stalwart supporters of President Bush in the Iraq war, faces a stiff challenge in Australia’s elections on Saturday, polls indicate…

The final days of the campaign have been dominated by a scandal in which the husband of a candidate for Parliament from Mr. HoWARd’s Liberal Party was photographed distributing leaflets that represented themselves to be from an Islamic group — a fictitious one, it turned out — thanking the opposition Labor Party for “support to forgive our Muslim brothers who have been unjustly sentenced to death for the Bali bombings,” in 2002, in which 88 Australians were killed. Mr. HoWARd said the party had not approved the leaflets, and the candidate, Karen Chijoff, knew nothing of her husband’s plans.

Howard rocked by smear scandal as defeat looms
Kathy Marks
The Independent
November 23, 2007

John HoWARd, Australia’s Prime Minister, was fighting for his political life yesterday as details emerged of an attempt by senior members of his Liberal Party to smear the opposition Labour Party and whip up anti-Muslim feeling in a key marginal seat…

Red faces for Howard’s party over fake leaflets
Barbara McMahon
The Guardian
November 23, 2007

· Fliers circulated in Sydney linked Labor to Islamists
· Hoax likely to damage chances of re-election

Australian prime minister John HoWARd’s faltering re-election campaign was badly damaged yesterday by a last-minute scandal in which supporters were accused of a dirty tricks campaign that sought to show the opposition as terrorist sympathisers…

Howard has form in race politics
Irfan Yusuf
Canberra Times
November 23, 2007

Many allegedly conservative commentators were amused by suggestions of former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser that Muslim Australians would be used as political wedges in the next election. Fraser’s remarks were dismissed as politically correct mumbo-jumbo. Yet for many of the 300,000-odd Australians who tick the “Muslim” box on their [census] forms, Fraser’s claims represented the prophetic words of an insider. He had, after all, worked with John HoWARd as his treasurer. And Fraser knows a thing or two about political strategy. Just ask Gough. HoWARd has frequently used ethnic and ethno-religious minorities as wedges. In the 2001 election, he and his ministers suggested that Iraqi and Afghan asylum-seekers were just a bunch of queue-jumpers or, worse still, potential terrorists…

Pamphlets bring community together
Katherine Fenech
St Mary’s-Mt Druitt Star
November 23, 2007

Priest Peter Confeggi has condemned the bogus Islamic pamphlets distributed by Liberal Party volunteers in Lindsay, but has thanked them for bringing the Muslim and Catholic communities closer together.

Father Confeggi, the Parish Priest at Holy Family Church in Emerton, said talk at a meeting with the church’s reconciliation committee yesterday centred around the pamphlets.

“We just arrived speechless in the face of what the Liberal Party had done in Lindsay, utterly disgusted that Jackie Kelly could treat it as a joke, and unbelieving that she and the candidate didn’t know that their husbands were doing it,” Fr Confeggi said…

Kelly going ahead with Seven appearance
The Age
November 23, 2007

Embattled outgoing Liberal MP Jackie Kelly is still set to participate in the Seven Network’s election night coverage on Saturday night, despite her part in a bogus leaflet scandal…

And introducing…

The stranglehold the far right has on the NSW branch of the Tories — tolerated for over a decade, with a nod and a wink, by HoWARd and the Federal branch of the Party — has finally started paying electoral dividends for “the Uglies”, as their dirty tactics are transposed from successful internal struggles for control over branches to the battle for seats, power, and the ability to impose their ideology through government channels. Of course, if they were smarter, the Uglies would simply allow the out-sourcing of such activity to continue to remain in the safe hands of the bizarros of the Exclusive Brethren, the radical Christian sect only too happy to Prepare Ye, the Way of the Lords. In the meantime, Alex Hawke, former Führer of the Young Liberals, and loyal lapdog to David Clarke, has branch-stacked his way to a seat in the Federal Parliament, having secured pre-selection to one of the safest Tory seats in the country: Mitchell. In July, HoWARd stated that “I… completely support the decision of the Liberal Party preselection committee in Mitchell, I totally support their (decision)”. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    Karen Chijoff, the Liberal candidate, points out that interest rates were higher under Labor. “Like many local families, my husband and I work hard to raise our children and pay the mortgage. That’s why it is so important to us that the economy is well managed,” she said. “And why my husband — but not me, I knew absolutely nothing about it, and neither did anyone I know, it’s just not something a husband and wife would ever discuss, honestly, something like that I mean — felt compelled to issue shit sheets implying that the ALP supported Islamic fundamentalism. Not that I knew anything about it, of course.”

See also : Unholy battle for Bible belt, Paul Bibby, Sydney Morning Herald, November 23, 2007

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11 Responses to It’s time to go…

  1. Irfan says:

    Thanks for correcting the spelling of the article. However, it should refer to 300,000 Aussies who just happen to tick the ‘Muslim’ box on their CENSUS forms.

    This is what happens when you write these things in a hurry!!

  2. Sharp Shooter says:

    Vote #1 Adolf Hitler, above the line!

  3. Liam says:

    And the motherfucker is gone!

    But now we’re stuck with a slightly less odorous motherfucker.

  4. @ndy says:

    Cheers Irfan.

    Sharp Shooter: Rahowa! Follow Hitler’s example! Shove a gun in your mouth and blow your brains out! 14! 88! Hut! Hut! Hut!

    Liam: One government down, another one to go.

  5. Dr. Cam says:

    Woah woah woah… Sharpshooter, you should definitely follow Hitler’s example and kill yourself, but don’t follow any of his other examples.

    Basically what I’m getting at is, don’t rape and murder your tweenage niece!

  6. weez says:

    Alex Hawke will be embroiled in scandal soon after he takes office, don’t you worry about that. Not only is he racist, sexist and homophobic (his own words), he’s stunningly gullible.

  7. sparx says:

    hooray! a different oily puppet to sell us the same old shit again!

  8. vents says:

    Sharp Shooter, you seem very uptight. Perhaps you need some romance in your life. I usually find that some passionate sex and cuddling clears my head and gets rid of the frustration and rage – temporarily at least. I myself know in this topsy turvy world with all the hustle and bustle it can be tough to really find that special person. I would be lying if I said that sometimes during those dry patches I haven’t thought about picking up the rifle and killing small animals to fill that empty spot in my life. Let me ask you a question – are you tired of masterbating in your own excrement? If you are having trouble meeting a nice girl (or guy) may I recommend some online dating sites. Perhaps you are shy, or your social skills are just not up to par. Inadequacy, confidence issues – these are problems that many single men face when trying to find a partner and you are not alone. Don’t give up on love.

  9. Lumpen says:

    But if Sharp Shooter would like his niece to lay some cable on his chest, I think he should at least declare his intention if not act upon it.

  10. @ndy says:

    And there you have it, Sports Fans. Homespun advice on the whys and wherefores of Hitlerian incest and murder, the likely fate of Alex Hawke, up-to-the-minute political analysis, and relationship counselling for all the lonely hearts in the dateless dudes’ club. Somehow, it all fits together rather neatly.

  11. Lumpen says:

    Sharp Shooter is the Hitler of my heart.

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