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From the Department of “Hips Don’t Lie… But Can They Win Votes?”:

Zahra Stardust eyes up Brendan Nelson’s seat of Bradfield
Tony Wright
The Age
October 29, 2009

Politics requires an ability for contortion, but one of the new candidates for Brendan Nelson’s seat of Bradfield takes acrobatics to a new level.

A young woman named Zahra Stardust is the latest to add her name to the huge field jostling for the seat, which goes to the polls on December 5.

And her pre-politics job? She’s a pole dancer.

Ms Stardust is backed by the Australian Sex Party. She also has her own website, though we should perhaps offer the warning that those with dicky hearts ought to think twice before checking it out.

The other boring candidates are Paul Fletcher (Tory); Susie Gemmell (Greens); and perhaps as many as 11 right-wing Christian fundamentalists belonging to Fred Nile’s Christian Democrats.

Nominations close at midday on Thursday, November 12, 2009.

I should note that my heart was broken when Warwick Capper promised and then failed to nominate for the seat of Beaudesert in the Queensland state election in March, 2009.

PS. Did you know that Brendan Nelson is a medical doctor? Certificate and everything.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

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2 Responses to Vote 1 Stardust

  1. Scrooge McDuck says:

    11 fundamentalists and a stripper? I dunno Andy. This could be giving bourgeois parliamentary democracy an air of credibility it scarcely deserves. I haven’t been this excited about a political charade since a pornstar faced off with Gary Coleman in the California governor’s election a few years back.

  2. Robdog says:

    “We don’t want a Judas say Christian Democrats”

    So they are running 11 candidates because that equals the 12 disciples MINUS Judas? If they are going to start questioning the character of various disciples, I would suggest they drop Peter from their representative list as well (The Denial of Christ).

    Technically, Judas was replaced anyway by a chap called Matthias. My loose recollection of this trivia is proof that you can learn whilst you’re asleep.

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