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Phil Ochs (1940–1976) | Joe Hill (1879–1915)

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2020 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. PF says:

    I was just told of a program on Radio National about the origins of punk in Brisbane under Sir Joh and the effect of the stifling political atmosphere on the music. I’ve only had time to listen to the first five or so minutes but it’s a good reminder of the political repression of the period (I was born in Cairns during the years of the Evil Empire).


    Something you may find more interesting is a history of the Prince of Wales in St Kilda, but I haven’t listened to that one.


    Reference is Hindsight, Radio National, Sunday 2pm, 2 December and 25 November respectively.



  2. Just Curious says:


    Bit off topic, but I’ll be in Melbourne with my other half, and I was wondering where we could go to get some politically based t-shirts while we’re there. They’d also make great presents for people.

    Any ideas?


  3. Adam says:

    Friends of the earth on smith street have some shirts i think, i know they got books and cds and heaps of badges … and depending on your politics you could go to the various commie shops (most of the shirts have their organization name all over them though) i don’t know if barricade is open again yet … can anyone help me with that one?

  4. @ndy says:

    Trades Hall car park?

  5. vents says:

    Try the Nike store in the city.

  6. Dr. Cam says:

    Such sneakiness from one who professes mere curiosity.

  7. Rocky O'Rourke says:

    Now that’s more like it.

    Listen to Phil Ochs. The real Bob Dylan.

    Early career: All the news of the time that was fit to sing. Phil was really what people think Dylan was. But he was better. Not saying Dylan wasn’t talented but he put out a lot of shit as well as his good stuff.

    Phil’s late career was more artistic and a bit out there in places but still brilliant. He had a real poetic talent for painting a picture and wrote ‘The War is Over’ in 68 or something 5 or more years before the Yanks admitted they had their arses kicked in Vietnam. A brilliant song, poetic, prophetic and proof of Phil’s great talent.

    Then, there were no more songs and Phil checked out early but left a great body of work. If you want to get into some really radical music check out Phil Ochs.

    Went to a Phil Ochs night a few years back in the church hall where the Paddington Markets are held on Oxford St. Phil’s sister Sonny was hosting it and a load of Sydney folkies, former student radicals and various fans gathered to hear Phil’s songs played. Martin Doherty of Roisin did a great version of ‘Rehearsals for Retirement’. It was a special night and there was nary a dry eye in the house when, for the finale, the solidarity choir led everyone in the singing of “When I’m Gone”.

    Peace y’all I’m out.

  8. Dr. Cam says:

    He thinks that man is me,
    he knew him at a glance.
    The stranger he has found,
    This man could be my chance.
    Why should i save his hide?
    Why should i right this wrong?
    When i have come so far,
    And struggled for so long.
    If I speak, i am condemned,
    If i stay silent i am damned.
    i am the master of hundreds of workers,
    they all look to me
    can i abandon them, how would they live
    if i am not free?
    if i speak, i am condemned
    If i stay silent i am damned…

    Who am i?
    can i condemn this man to slavery
    pretend i do not see his agony
    this innocent who bears my face
    who goes to judgement in my place

    Who am i?
    can i conceal myself forever more
    pretend i’m not the man i was before?
    and must my name until i die,
    be no more than an alibi,
    must i lie?
    how can i ever face my fellow men
    how can i ever face myself again
    my soul belongs to God i know,
    i made that bargain long ago
    he gave me hope when hope was gone
    he gave me strength to carry on

    Who am i?
    who am i,
    i’m Jean Valjean!


    I think you gotta be less subtle, Andy… I don’t think they appreciate the nuances of what you’re saying. Cos they’re fick.

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