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Call to stop ‘Nazi’ rock gig
Megan Byrne
The Age
December 9, 2007

JEWISH groups have asked the Government to prevent a Croatian band accused of glorifying Hitler from entering Australia for a national tour.

The controversial rock group Thompson, which has already been banned from entering the Netherlands because of its anti-Semitic lyrics, is booked to perform at Festival Hall this month before playing in Sydney on New Year’s Eve, Adelaide and Perth.

The band’s lead singer and songwriter, Marko Perkovic, has been criticised for using anti-Semitic lyrics, including the catchcry of the nationalist Croatian party Ustashi, whose collaboration with the Nazis resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Jews, Serbs and Gypsies. Thompson’s performances frequently attract Ustashi and Nazi supporters, who are allegedly encouraged in the glorification of Hitler with shouts of “Heil Hitler” and the Nazi salute.

The B’Nai B’Rith Anti-Defamation Commission, a Jewish human rights organisation, has asked the Federal Government to ban the group.

The Melbourne leg of Thompson’s tour is being sponsored by the Australian Croatian Association, based in Geelong, which could not be contacted despite several attempts by The Sunday Age. The gig follows a rock concert organised by neo-Nazi music promotion group Blood and Honour, which was held at the Croatia Social Club in mid-October.

Manny Waks from the Anti-Defamation Commission said the commission was “disturbed” by the Blood and Honour concert in October, and was disappointed that the Croatian community had now invited Thompson to perform.

“We deplore the Croatian community for associating themselves once again with a racist individual by hosting this event,” he said.

But not everyone is against the group. Catherine Lukic, who works at the Australian Croatian Association’s club, said she worked with the band when they played there several years ago. Ms Lukic describes Thompson as excellent entertainers who are extremely popular with both the young and old.

“I am nearly 60 years old and I enjoy them,” she said. Ms Lukic was surprised to hear that Thompson had been criticised for anti-semitic lyrics.

“I never heard them say (nationalist catchcry) ‘Za dom-Spremni’ when they were here,” she said.

Spain: 16-year-old murdered by fascist
Vicky Short
December 8, 2007

Violent social and political conflicts have exploded in Spain’s main towns, following the passing of the Law of Historical Memory by the Spanish Congress last month. The Law officially condemns the mass executions and other crimes carried out during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and the military dictatorship of General Francisco Franco (1939-1975) that followed. The conflicts have already claimed several victims, one fatal, and provoked pitched battles between police and anti-fascist demonstrators. Several youth have been stabbed by neo-Nazi and racist thugs, and beaten up and imprisoned by the police.

One of the first confrontations took place in the Madrid Underground on Sunday November 11. Sixteen-year-old Carlos Javier Palomino died on the spot in the station of Legazpi after being stabbed in the heart. Another 19-year-old male received a stab wound to the chest, which caused his lung to collapse. He was taken in critical condition to hospital. Another youth was shot in the eye later by police Others sustained lesser injuries.

The young people were travelling in a group with the intention of stopping a demonstration organised by the ultra-right-wing party “Democracia Nacional” in Usera, a working class district where many immigrants live. The demonstration was extremely provocative, called under slogans such as “Against anti-Spanish racism” and “Against immigration.” It had been authorised by the Madrid government and was protected by hundreds of policemen. The fascist Frente Nacional (National Front) later held another protest against immigrants, with the slogan “For your security and that of your family.”

After the stabbing, 24-year-old Josué Estébanez de la Hija, an Army soldier serving in the King’s Immemorial Regiment, was pursued and caught outside the Underground station. After being treated in hospital, he was taken into custody, suspected of carrying out the fatal stabbing of Carlos Javier Palomino. The soldier, of reported Nazi leanings, was travelling in the same train in order to take part in the Usera racist demonstration…

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  1. Lumpen says:

    Here we go again.

  2. Sharp Shooter says:

    “We deplore the Croatian community for associating themselves once again with a racist individual by hosting this event,” he said.

    Meh, let us ban national anthems also; whether they be of European countries, South American etc. I wonder if Israel would like their anthem banned because of a few extremists that like it.

  3. @ndy says:

    That makes absolutely no sense, and bears little if any relevance to the above, but congratulations on almost avoiding making any spelling errors SS, I’m sure Der Führer is very proud of his little pumpkin’s efforts.

  4. Jared Israel says:

    1) Personally, I would much rather see tens of thousands demonstrating against his concerts. Much more effective than banning them.

    2) Regarding the claim that Thompson is just a patriot, etc., that is pure baloney.

    As discussed in detail here in late 2003 and early 2004, the website exposed that Thompson had publicly and for many years (including at major concerts) sung two songs *celebrating* the Holocaust. That’s *celebrating* as in ‘let’s have a party to celebrate.’

    One song is about the Croatian Ustasha (clerical-fascist) Jasenovac death camp complex. The song REJOICES in this “slaughterhouse” (the song’s word) run by Ustasha “butchers” (the song’s word). It is called “Jasenovac i Gradiška Stara.” Its lyrics are posted in full with analysis here.

    Performing “Jasenovac” openly in public from the early 1990s until at least as late as 2002 – and, as a youtube video shows, singing it semi-publicly until at least as late as the fall of 2006 – Thompson boasts, in his words: “I am Ustasha and so was my father, father left craft to his son” – i.e., he is the political descendant of the Croatian clerical fascists, responsible for the mass murder of over a million Serbs, Jews and ‘Gypsies’ during the Holocaust. [See How the New York Times Doctored its Count of Croatia’s W.W.II Victims: Part 2 of “Oppose Fascist Rock Star’s US Tour with the Truth”, November 6, 2007.]

    Referring to the notorious Croatian Ustasha SS (as in Nazi SS) ‘Black Legion’ – basically a huge Nazi military death squad – he sings: “Who said – may his father f— him – that the Black Legion is not coming back?”

    The other song, “Here Comes Dawn, Here Comes Day,” expresses love for the leaders of these Croatian SS ‘Black Legion’ mass murderers.

    In 2003 Thompson tried to evade’s accusation that he had been singing these songs, saying he couldn’t remember (a ludicrous attempt at evasion – who could forget singing songs celebrating the Holocaust?)

    But then, after posted links to Internet audio files of him singing the songs, he did an about face and posted on his website a “Dear friends” letter mocking for telling everybody what was already well known – that of *course* he had sung these songs. He wasn’t ashamed of it. He was proud of it. The Serbs and communists drove him [to] it. And so on.

    Emperor’s Clothes has a backup of his home page from 2004 with this “Dear friends” confession/boast. It’s posted here.

    You can access the three (Serbo-Croatian) Thompson exposes from here.

    Emperor’s Clothes also has links to Croatian discussion lists and other Croatian sources that quoted his boast/confession, some quite favorably, cheering him on, in 2004. (See end of this comment for Croatian news link on confession.)

    Here is the beginning of his “Dear friends” letter, translated into English:

    [Translation of beginning of Thompson’s statement starts here]

    Dear friends!

    First of all, I would like to emphasize to you that my official website is the only true source of information about me and my opinion and you can find this in articles edited by the administrator.

    We are witnesses of yet another insane campaign, which, because of their election defeat, hysterical Communists and their collaborators are starting against me.

    This time they have discovered warm water; They have ‘discovered’ that I’ve been singing songs like ‘Here Comes Dawn…’, ‘Jasenovac…’ and similar.

    I am not the author of these songs, but I have been singing them, which is well known to all of us, during a certain period everywhere in Croatian squares and in halls without hiding, therefore this makes their sensational discovery ridiculous to say the least.

    [Translation of beginning of Thompson’s statement ends here]

    The text may be read in Serbo-Croatian here; full translation in English here.

    By searching for phrases from his ‘Dear Friends’ letter, one can find substantial quotes from it on the Internet. For example, the following web page from a Croatian newspaper web site published Jan. 9, 2004 quotes the part of his letter where he says “I am not the author of these songs, but I have been singing them, which is well known to all of us, …etc.”

    Are these songs what the Croatian community in the US, Canada and Australia mean by ‘singing about love for God and country’?

    For pictures of massive fascist displays at a Thompson concert, go to [here].

    Thompson’s current repertoire includes “E moj narode,” which is the “Protocols of Zion” set to music.

  5. @ndy says:

    Hi Jared,

    I’ve deleted your second comment as it was simply making a correction to a link in the first comment. I’ve also included links in the text rather than separately because I think that helps legibility.

    Anyway, thanks for your comment. The song ‘Jasenovac i Gradiška Stara’ has been mentioned a few times previously by other commenters (here for example).

    Steve, a local Thompson apologist, writes:

    “The songs you mention are Jasenovac i Gradiska Stara, and Evo Zore, Evo Dana. They are classic Croatian war songs from WW2. They are not Thompson written songs. Thompson has never written a song on his albums that inspires hate or pro Ustasa messages…”

    It may interest you to know that the Melbourne Croatia Social Club (MCSC) recently hosted a neo-Nazi gig organised by local franchises of Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins:

    Racism row over hiring (of Knights Stadium by neo-Nazi groups), October 26, 2007
    Neo-Nazis split Croat community, October 27, 2007

    MCSC at first denied the gig went ahead at all, and then claimed it went ahead without their knowing that the performers were neo-Nazis. One person who contacted a member of a local football (soccer) club called the Melbourne Knights about the gig on the evening of its occurrence — the Knights are linked to the MCSC through a common history and shared facilities — was accused of being a ‘dirty Jew’ as a result. The Knights’ President, on the other hand, subsequently issued a public apology on behalf of the Knights, described those responsible for organising the event as scum, and assured the public that such elements are not welcome at his FC.

    In any case, this is how one of the local boneheads describes the event:

    Statement from the Blood and Honour Movement

    On the 13th of October 2007 a memorial concert took place at Somers St. Sunshine Nth.

    The venue was booked by phone some weeks before as a private function and those responsible for bookings were informed a couple of bands were to play.

    Organizers arrived at approximately 4pm and a PA system was set up.

    Around 5pm the people staffing the bar received threatening and abusive phone calls from anarchists and Marxists. Until this stage those operating the bar had no idea that a White Nationalist event was to be held.

    After some discussion and reassurances it was agreed the concert would go ahead. Ultimately four bands played, the concert occurred without incident and those who attended left late that evening in a peaceful manner…

    Full statement here.

    Thompson is scheduled to play in Melbourne at Festival Hall later this month; it has a capacity of about 5,000, depending on seating arrangements.

  6. Hey, El Andos[?], aren’t you an anarchist?

    So, shouldn’t you be supporting free speech[?]

  7. @ndy says:

    1) Yes.
    2) Yes.
    3) Read the link.
    4) Like Jared, “I would much rather see tens of thousands demonstrating against his concerts”, but that’s not going to happen. At best, one might hope a little breathing space for less fascistic elements within the local Croatian community to have been created as a result of the publicity, and a little pressure applied on Thompson himself with regards his various flirtations with the Ustasha.

  8. grant greenham says:

    Aparantly [sic] the band Quick and the Dead will be the suport [sic] band for Thomson [sic] when they play in Perth. Thats [sic] uncany [sic] that they played at the Melbourne knights club [sic] for the ISD concert.

  9. Dr. Cam says:

    That would be absolutely hilarious if it turns out to be true.

  10. steve says:

    Id like to here an aussie war song,ups sorry dont have one.Every country in the world except for New Zealand,Australia and Canada have been to war in there History,and all have war songs that at the time boosted moral[e].Please try going to any SERB functions or celebrations in Melbourne,to here there war songs Bit ce mesa,bit ce mesa klat cemo Hrvat,translation: there will be meat,there will be meet,we will murder Croats,ups no one mentions that,i guess because it does not involve JEWS so its perfectly fine.People please look at the bigger picture and honestly why does anyone care,like it influences your life at all.

  11. @ndy says:

    Aussie war song:

      Good old Collingwood forever
      They know how to play the game
      Side-by-side they stick together
      To uphold the Magpies’ name
      See the barrackers are shouting
      As all barrackers SHOULD
      Oh the premiership’s a cakewalk
      For the good old Collingwood!
  12. No1Croatian Pride says:


    I just want to clarify a few things.



    Here’s a little history lesson for you written by me (I know it’s not great, I just did it in like 20mins – all facts are 100% true, search anything you have trouble believing).

    31,422 civilians were killed by Serbian forces. Ethnic cleansing, rape, torture, massacres, were an everyday occurrence. The Bosnian war was an unnecessary war started as a result of the instability of former communist Yugoslavia. The break-up of Yugoslavia was thought to have started in 1990 when the parliament of Croatia adopted a new constitution, taking away rights from the Serbian people that were previously given in the socialist constitution. This created ground for action against the native Serbs of Croatia. Croatia shortly after began the process towards independence. This sparked an all-out war in Croatia in the areas that had a sizable Serbian population. The Serbians wanted to own all land that had a Serbian population majority, in eastern and western Bosnia. The Bosnian government was poorly equipped for war, and was an easy target for the Serbian forces.

    In 1992 an ethnic cleansing campaign commenced in eastern Bosnia, once towns and villages were securely in the control of Serbian forces, Muslim Bosniak houses were burnt down or ransacked, Bosnian civilians were rounded up as cattle, and in many cases slaughtered for their religion. Some pregnant women were forced to have a c-section. They took babies and threw the fetuses into fires. In place of the unborn children on some occasions they put a live cat inside to torture the women. The lucky small percentage that was spared was split into different concentration camps for men and for women. Bosnian women were put into what the Serbians called rape camps. So called honorable Serbian soldiers and policemen would take one or more women out from the camps and rape them. The mass rapes were done with the full knowledge of the Serbian local authorities — occasionally they were directly involved. It is unknown at this time the number of women and children that were brutally raped and molested by the fascist Serbians, but it is estimated somewhere between 20 to 40 thousand starting from the young age of 15.

    On January 8th 1993 the Serbian forces stopped a convoy that was transporting Bosnian Deputy Prime Minister Hakija Turajlić to the airport; Turajlić was killed on the spot. Turajlić’s convoy was supposed to be protected by a United Nations Protector Force (UNPROFOR) convoy. Only a few kilometers away from the airport the convoy was stopped by a Serbian road block. After a 90 minute battle a French UNPROFOR officer opened the door to the armored personnel carrier were Turajlić was sitting, and a Serbian bearing an AK-47 shot him with 7-8 rounds. Because Turajlić was killed whilr under UNPROFOR protection it strained relations between the UNPROFOR and Bosnia — it is also the reason why the peace talks in Geneva were canceled. Pleas to the UN and Serbia for help to investigate and find the person responsible for killing Turajlić were refused. A Bosnian Serb soldier was eventually charged with the murder of Turajlić, but because the Serbian forces killed the Deputy Prime Minister, it further delayed any peace agreements to end the war.

    Hakija Turajlić 1937 – 1993

    In July 1995 Serbian Troops under control of Ratko Mladić engaged a so called UN safe area, 8,000 men were killed, and most of the women were expelled to Bosniak held territory, but some were made to stay and they were raped and killed. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ruled it as Genocide in the case Prosecutor vs. Krstić. Serbs committed more major massacres in 1995 including the Markale massacre, the Tuzla massacre, a second Markale massacre and the Srebrenica massacre. An estimated 8200 civilians were killed in these four massacres.

    The war was brought to an end on December the 14th 1995 when the General Framework for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina was signed in Paris. Peace negotiations were held in Dayton, Ohio, and were finalized on 21st December 1995. The accords are known as the Dayton Agreement.

  13. Europe Awake! says:

    These communist JEW MEDIA reports are just telling lies.

    You better find out the truth elsewhere. By this media “reports” you will only be brainwashed.

  14. @ndy says:

    Gosh! Is there anything those sneaky Jews won’t do?

    PS. Fuck nationalism. Smash the state. Kill for Collingwood.

  15. me says:

    Seems to me what the Jews want they get! Try to rule out Christmas decorations in Sydney… We’re in Australia FFS. As for the band Thompson get ur facts right before u talk shit. The Jews are taking over the world. Is that right is it?

  16. @ndy says:

    That’s an odd comment. What’s it got to do with the post? Not much. Do you check for Jews under the bed when you go to sleep at night? Sheesh.

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