White supremacist group operating in Adelaide…

    …and Brisbane, and Melbourne, and Sydney, and Perth…

    Above : Australian band ‘Open Season’ play a right ‘orrible song called ‘Australian National Socialist’. Open Season played Melbourne on September 12; the band is scheduled to play next year on the Gold Coast (a few days before Adolf Hitler’s birthday), along with Melbourne band ‘Ravenous’ and, apparently, a foreign group of neo-Nazi string-pluckers, tub-thumpers and warblers. Oh yeah: some of Open Season’s other song titles include ‘Kill the Poofs’ and ‘Nigger Hunt’, which suggests — and I admit that I could be wrong — that the boys may harbour some degree of hostility towards homosexuals and blacks…

White supremacist group operating in Adelaide
Sam Rodrigues
The Advertiser
November 3, 2009

AS racial tensions in Adelaide escalate, a white supremacist group is planning family fun days and using music to lure young people to its cause.

[See : Adelaide : City of Churches (And White Power), October 13, 2009.]

The South Australian chapter of “white racialist” group Blood and Honour Australia will hold a Christmas barbecue for like-minded people this month, in a “family-friendly environment”.

The group is promoting the event as its “white Xmas”.

The like-minded apparently excludes Asians, Africans, Indians, Jews, Arabs and other racial groups, as well as those with partners from these groups.

The national group, linked to international chapters, promotes music as the “powerful medium” of white resistance.

“We hold regular gigs around Australia for all those interested to attend and subsequently help a strong resistance grow,” its website said. “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Social Inclusion Commissioner Monsignor David Cappo has highlighted racism as a growing issue.

YouTube clips linked to Blood and Honour Australia feature violent clashes and highlight anti-Australia protests overseas – apparently to justify vilifying ethnic groups.

“In these dark times it’s our children’s future that is paramount and ultimately that’s what we’re all working for,” the website said. The group also holds regular “community building functions”.

Forums on its website and others linked to it have drawn comment on the stabbing death of Sudanese father Akol “Alex” Akok, 25, at suburban Ottoway last month. A spokesman for acting state Multicultural Affairs Minister Paul Holloway said he was reluctant to comment and give publicity to any such group.

Police could not say if they were monitoring the group, or its website. The group did not respond to interview requests yesterday.

Blood and Honour South Australian Section did not respond to email requests from The Advertiser for comment yesterday.

Melbourne media reported this weekend on a meeting of the group attended by members from across the country, particularly Adelaide, describing it as “resembling a scene from Romper Stomper”.

    Of course, anyone interested in finding out more about Blood & Honour Australia could do worse than examine their forum, hacked and uploaded onto Wikileaks in March. 76 members of the forum nominated Australia as their place of residence. See also : Nicole Hanley : For Blood & Honour, April 6, 2009.

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    i want any direction to any sydney [chatpters] of neo nazi groups or white australia groups, hail hilter!!!!!!

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    ha, jacob, white supremacist with a jewish name; you fucking idiot

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