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UPDATE OCTOBER 2019 : Over 11 1/2 years later, Jock remains in prison, despite having won parole in September 2019.

Update #6 ( July 8 ) : Charles Miranda, Dad’s bid to free murder charge son Jock Palfreeman, The Daily Telegraph, July 8, 2008

Update #5 ( March 24 ) : Charles Miranda, New evidence in Australian’s murder case, The Daily Telegraph, March 24, 2008

Update #4 ( January 29 ) : Just stumbled upon an article from The Frontier Times (Bulgaria’s English language newspaper) by Stefan Stefanov, ‘Aussie Go Hero or Thug?’, January 10–February 10, 2008 edition. Stefanov writes: “Experts investigating the murder and attempted murder said that the knife penetrated the victim’s back straight through to the heart – a professional stab”; the only source (outside of commentary: see Vesselin Petrunov, January 8) that I’m aware of for this claim. Stefanov also writes “Meanwhile, it was leaked to the press that Mr Palfreeman had previously been charged for attempted murder back home in Australia”, which is false. Palfreeman has never been charged with attempted murder; what happened was that a man by the name of James Atack and another man simply called ‘Matt’ went to a local paper (January 3) with allegations that Palfreeman had stabbed them at a party. Jock was never charged for the alleged crime, apparently for lack of evidence.

Update #3 ( January 20 ) : Jock Palfreeman “enjoying cult-like status on the Internet”, bearing “striking resemblance to actor Matt Damon” and “now the subject of at least four websites and … receiving movie-star attention” says Marnie O’Neill of The Daily Telegraph.

Update #2 ( January 8 ) : Accused Aussie refused bail in Bulgaria, says AAP. news.com.au, on the other hand, appears to have put Charles Miranda on the case, who claims that Palfreeman may plead insanity

Update #1 ( January 4 ) : Two more articles in the press, one in The Daily Terror by Gemma Jones, the other in the Sydney Morning Herald by Malcolm Brown. Jones reports a Facebook page has been set up by friends of Jock’s called ‘Jock Palfreeman is Not Guilty’ [http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=16826320034], attracting 60 (now almost 90) friends; some gossip regarding Jock’s love life; and reiterates the claims made yesterday in an earlier article by herself and another hack; viz, that James Atack and someone called Matt had “almost died” in a similar attack by Jock at a party in 2004, and that the pair “later named Palfreeman as the person who stabbed them. But police did not lay charges because of a lack of evidence” (Bulgaria accused’s pals rally, January 4). Brown (Father arrives to visit jailed son, January 4) writes that Jock’s father has arrived in Sofia, and that DFAT is keeping a close eye on the case. Interestingly, Brown also writes:

In Sydney, James Atack, of Lane Cove North, who was quoted in The Daily Telegraph yesterday saying that Palfreeman had stabbed him and another youth at a party in Chatswood in 2004, confirmed to the Herald yesterday he had been quoted correctly and it was true. In his quoted statement, he said he had complained to the police but the police had not laid charges through lack of evidence. Questioned by the Herald, Mr Atack said: “I am not quite comfortable talking about this. Me and my friend agreed we would talk to each other before talking to the press again.”

One (presumably) pseudonymous commenter, on the other hand — Karlos — claims that “Jock was involved in that party, but in regards to the comment about him carrying a knife with him, he actually took the knife off one of the people mentioned in the paper as a victim as that person was threatening his brother”. And in news just to hand, another commenter called grayham writes:

this case so far is complete bullshit. i’m in sofia. jock was with me for christmas and he’s 1 of my best friends. i’ve known him for 18 months. in bulgaria first and then in england. it was self defence. there was a gang beating a gypsy. jock chased them off. they then beat him and my girlfriend. unfortunately i wasn’t there to help as i had left an hour or so before. i wasn’t allowed into court even though jock had asked me to be there. even the judge asked where i was and then told the court that i had said i hardly knew jock anyway, which is the complete opposite of my statement. i’ve given the police names of other people who were there and as yet they have not been contacted.

you would not believe the things the judge has said to jock. she has already made up her mind. as for the one thing that will help, for sure the cctv – which the police have – we have been told so far that it probably won’t be allowed to be shown as evidence.

jock and me have also had problems with racists in the past. if you look slightly alternative over here it’s enough to get you beaten up. carrying a knife here is quite normal. you’re allowed to carry guns if you want. wouldn’t you carry something if everywhere you went you see swastikas and “punks die” grafittied on the walls?

from what i’ve heard jock is lucky to still be alive and didn’t really have any choice.

for all his friends out there i’ve seen him today and yesterday and he’s ok.

can’t believe this chatswood bullshit. if he’s been found innocent that’s the end of it.

he needs his friends’ help and support – glad to see there are so many of you out there.

Speaking of support, somebody called Phil suggests a letter along these lines would be useful if sent to the relevant authorities:

Dear Sir / Madam,

I write concerning Jock Palfreeman, the British serviceman recently arrested over a fatal stabbing in Sofia.

I am most concerned that Jock will not receive a fair trial because the victim’s father is a prominent Bulgarian and all the witnesses are friends of the deceased.

The information we have received from friends in Bulgaria is that Jock was acting in self-defence after trying to help another man who was being attacked by a gang of Nazi/fascist skinheads.

I understand that legal proceedings must have their own process but would appreciate it if you could do anything to address my concerns or direct them to the relevant authorities in Bulgaria.

Yours faithfully…

The address for the Embassy of Bulgaria in Canberra, Australia is below. Details of the address in London, England are available here.

Update : As an apparent result of defending himself and another man from fascist assault, it appears that Jock Palfreeman is in trouble with the Bulgarian police, judiciary and state. As is traditional, the British Army has abandoned Jock (“a phase two recruit with the British Army’s 1st Battalion Infantry Training Centre” according to a report in The Daily Terror) and he has also been denied bail by magistrate Maria Petrova — on the basis of his allegedly violent disposition. According to one report by the ABC, “In a written statement tendered to the court, Mr Freeman [sic] said he had gone to the aid of a gypsy [that is, Rom] who was being attacked”. A plausible scenario, given that Romani are frequently subject to racist attacks, both in Bulgaria and throughout Europe (as is also traditional).

See also : Malcolm Brown, Friends stunned as trip ends in fatal brawl, Sydney Morning Herald, January 2, 2008.

In Australia, the Bulgarian Government has an Embassy in the ACT, and it may be useful to politely inform the Embassy that Jock’s friends in Australia wish to see him receive a fair trial:

    Australian Capital Territory : Embassy of Bulgaria

    Street address: 33 Culgoa Circuit, O’Malley, Canberra ACT 2600
    Postal address: Phillip DC, PO Box 6096, Canberra ACT 2606

    Monday – Friday; 9.00 am – 12.30 pm; 2.00 pm – 5.30 pm
    tel: 02/ 6286 9711; fax: 02/ 6286 9600
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Consular section:
    Monday – Friday; 9.30 am – 12.00 pm
    tel: 02/ 6286 9700; fax: 02/ 6286 9600
    e-mail: [email protected]

Somebody called Joe Paul Freeman or (more likely, perhaps) Jock Palfreeman has been arrested in Sofia, Bulgaria over a stabbing incident (Aussie charged with murder after Bulgaria brawl, AAP, SMH, January 1, 2008):

An Australian man has been charged with murder and refused bail after a knife attack in Bulgaria which left one man dead and another badly injured.

Jock Palfreeman, 21, from NSW, made a brief appearance before Sofia City Court on Monday and pleaded not guilty to one count of murder and another of attempted murder.

He was arrested last Friday in the Bulgarian capital after allegedly fatally stabbing 20-year-old Andrei Monov, the son of prominent local psychotherapist Hristo Manov, in a street brawl.

Palfreeman is also accused of attempting to murder Antoan Zahariev, 19.

According to a police statement tendered to the court, Palfreeman admitted stabbing the two Bulgarian men but insisted it was in self-defence.

Palfreeman said that while he had been carrying a knife at the time, he only pulled it out to defend himself and two other friends from a group of football hooligans who were attacking another man…

The stabbing appears to have a ‘political’ dimension, as ‘The court heard that Palfreeman was in Bulgaria to visit a friend and had been out drinking with a group of people when they saw a group of men hitting another man and shouting “fascists”‘; Palfreeman also appears to have been a teenage socialist.

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  1. vik says:

    Christos, ela re malaka… you have met Jock in Greece and he was all nice thats good but here in Bulgaria something went wrong. He obviously was not the same person. Self defense is only proven when your life was at risk, meaning that even if he was attacked, the attackers have to be proven to have wanted to kill him. So if he was attacked and they only punched him once /please note he doesnt have any scratches/ this cannot be proved as self defence. Anyway the guy is going to stay in jail unless the CCTV from the scene proves the opposite. Imagine in Greece /wherever u r from/ at the main street, with street lights and cars passing by until 3-4 at night, bars around with securities something like this to happen. The Bulgarian guys didn’t have any knifes and they would never start bashing someone at such a busy place. Something went wrong at Jocks mind, maybe he took drugs, maybe he couldn’t hold his drink but he did kill the guy and injured a second guy. There is more than 30 witnesses and actually the bodyguards from a nearby club had to come and hold the guy until the police came. They were struggling to hold him as he was going crazy like a mad person…

    We all want to know the truth…only the cctv will tell the truth

  2. Bulgarian_in_Sydney says:

    I don’t know if the foreigners are aware, that the Bulgarian court system doesn’t have the 12 member jury. Only the judge decides if the person is guilty and imposes the relevant sentence.
    So there are no 12 housewives and pensioners to impress with characters assassinations, etc. and the judge knows all the tricks of the trade – for example when somebody is desperate to find a justification for his actions.
    Getting off the hook on technicality is possible though, the constant sickness excuse worked with many Bulgarian mafia members to get at least bail.

  3. vik says:

    anti friend – the stuff on the bulgarian site actually are sort of similar. in cases like that of course its gonna be with slight variations – one thing is told by all that jock appeared from nowhere and attacked them. also he was at happy restaurant and all the staff as well as people who were eating there can say that he was really rude and arrogant, thats minutes before he left the restaurant and did the killing.

  4. Dr. Cam says:

    Jim QLD: “To the people who were the friends of the victim all I can say is sorry and thankfully idiots like @ndy are few and far between in Australia.”

    I really feel like I should speak up in defence of my country and make note that junkies, thieves and neo-Nazis like Jim Perren here are not representative of the rest of the nation.

  5. friend says:

    @ndy, you can find the true here -> http://www.andreymonov.com

  6. grayham saunders says:

    anti friend pls get in touch if you have info to pass on to jocks folks im on facebook group jock palfreemans not guilty cheers

  7. Jim QLD says:

    Calling me a junkie and a thief (obvious lies) will get you no place Campbell Smith. In fact knowing that you and Mathew Henderson have been spreading this BS since 2004 only helps my case. Having the original email that shows that the person who started this disgusting lie (Mathew Henderson Hau) can only put him in a rather sticky position. I don’t think Mathew needs any more help from you.

    Once again we see a perfect example of FDB hard hitting no BS tactics that they are well known for. Smith speaking up for the Defence of Australia now that[‘]s gold.

  8. vik says:

    grayham how can u live in my country and try to get a killer out of jail??? bulgaria is safe.. i have never carried a knife in my 26 years life in sofia and believe i have been walkin home in the center many times on my own coz the center is safe!!!

  9. Dr. Cam says:

    I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, Jim, but the fact is that you are a traitor to this nation and a total dick as well.

  10. @ndy says:

    Um, thanks for the comments people. As I see it:

    1) Despite the fact that some people (such as vik, above) have not been subjected to assault on the streets of Sofia for meeting with the disapproval of far right elements, some have. And according to a Bulgarian comrade: “in sofia during the last year there were a lot of nazi attacks against people (punks, anarchists, gypsies)”. Jock’s claim to have been previously assaulted is at least therefore plausible, if not proven, and a possible motivation for his carrying a knife also established (assuming his initial statement to police, as reported, is accurate and truthful).

    2) I appreciate Pete’s comments, but am not convinced that, as the EU slowly emerges as the most important political framework for Western, Northern, Southern and now parts of Eastern Europe, nationalist sentiment will slowly fade away. On the contrary, it appears that, while there are obvious, especially economic and financial advantages to integration, the creation of a European superstate seems to have triggered significant countervailing tendencies. See ‘Between Balkan Primitivism and European Future’ (Andrej Grubacic, Z Space, January, 28 2007) for further analysis of such trends in the Balkans.

  11. Pete says:

    Having read the article highlighted above I can see where you’re coming from but it does tend to refer specifically to the Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo etc.) and while I would never belittle the problem we have here in Europe with nationalism, all I meant was that as people in eastern European countries integrate with western European countries they are realising that there is a world outside of their own countries and it isn’t all that bad. For example, something like 500,000 Poles (I don’t know the exact figures) are either living or working in the UK. This integration also means that western Europeans are dropping the stereotypes they once had of eastern Europeans.

  12. Pete says:

    And just to make it clear, I am in no way promoting a European super state! I’m just pointing out why I think the decline in nationalistic tendencies within majority populations in eastern European countries that have joined the EU is inevitable. When most of these countries broke away from the former Soviet bloc they did so on a wave of nationalist euphoria, integration with other countries has opened up a whole new world (or can of worms?) for them.

  13. Dr. Cam says:

    Now I wish I’d said, “But Jim, who else will defend Australia? Somebody stole all her guns!”

    It would have been very cutting.

  14. Pete says:

    Just to re-iterate the problems we are having in eastern Europe with this small minority of backwards idiots, and why alternative-looking people like Jock feel the need to arm themselves, here is a video of an 18 year old anti-fascist from Pribram, just outside of Prague heroically trying to defend himself and his friends from a backwards moron. He was stabbed on Friday and died in hospital on Sunday. This is why people carry weapons, simply to defend themselves from these twats.

  15. Pete says:

    Here’s a message that was posted to me about this situation:

    Last Friday, a young anti-fascist skinhead (18 years old Jan Kucera) was stabbed by 20 year old nazi after short fight. Jan Kucera died in hospital on Sunday.

    The nazi attacker was arrested, but the whole incident is being investigated as pub fight, even though the attacker is accused of attempt to murder.

    Witnesses said nazis attacked a group of anti-fascist in pub. They were giving nazi salutes and shouted insults towards antifascists. Later they attacked this antifascist skinhead outside of the pub. The attacker (experienced martial artist with more then 10 years practise of musado) stabbed Jan’s chest and back. Jan’s friends managed to stop the enormous bleeding from the chest till the ambulance came, but then they discovered he was stabbed in the back as well. Jan lost a lot of his blood and even though he fought for his life, he lost this final battle on Sunday.

    His favourite song was “Till the end of my life I..d be anti-fascist!” by Slovak band called Rozpor…

    We will never forget.

  16. vik says:

    Hey Andy,
    Bulgaria is honestly safe. Safer than many other European countries. In London I would carry a knife, it is scary at some places and full of people high on drugs. Attacks in Sofia actually are less than they used to be 10 years ago. I have darker skin and do not look Bulgarian actually I might look a little bit like a gypsy but have never been attack!!!!! And maybe Jock was attacked by drug addicts as he tries to speak to them in English and they thought he had money or by people who he irritated with some smart comments, thats normal in many countries! The Balkans have strong nationalism unfortunately we bulgarians are a little bit different we want to be europeans and are actually ashamed that we are bulgarians /at times/ so we are not part of that whole article u were referring to.

  17. Lumpen says:

    Trust me Cam, calling him a dick was very funny.

    Maybe Vik has a point: people who are rude in restaurants are known for indiscriminately killing Bulgarians. The evidence seems to be mounting. First it was the look on Jock’s face, now this!

  18. Jim QLD says:

    Anyway not much changes with Fight Dem back. Yes if you keep on saying it you may even believe in it yourself? I will now try and stick to the topic. Yes an Australian who presumably is a Communist or Anarchist has killed a man. He has killed a man because his victim may have been a Nationalist.

    This is not unusual for Left wing thugs in this country. Was it not Mathew Henderson Hau who once threatened to kill the then Prime Minister John Howard? Was it not Fight Dem Back founder Mathew Henderson Hau who attempted to have a Nationalist in QLD murdered by proxy? Not to mention blowing up Letter Boxes of little old ladies.

    Was it not members of FDB who disrupted Anzac Day in Wellington? What about “Fight Dem Back Armed and Dangerous” and this “Kiwi Red Terrorists Rounded Up”? Yes you Campbell Smith and Andrew Moran inspire the murderous left into action.

  19. vik says:

    Lumpen – u r a smart ass arent u. Rude in restaurant he was however i can tell u the whole story. He was sitting at his table and was shouting in english, swearing actually. When other customers were passing by he was getting up and shouting at them, posing as if he is trying to get into a fight. He did that for a while and the staff were considering calling the police as he looked dangerous to the rest of the customers. However he paid and left. There is many witnesses for that event as well as this restaurant is huge and very popular, at least 80 people.

  20. vik says:

    JUST FOR THE RECORD – BULGARIA is not the same as Eastern Europe. We are very different than the Polish and Czeque people. They have very strong nationalism and skinhead organisations… bulgaria has very small community of skinheads… i mean we are really calm people, we just drink coffee and smoke ciggies… care about our brand clothes and stuff not interested in all these nationalism bullshit.

  21. @ndy says:

    Jim Jim Jim,

    “Yes an Australian who presumably is a Communist or Anarchist has killed a man. He has killed a man because his victim may have been a Nationalist.”

    Auditioning for a part as Goebbels in the stage production of ‘A Thousand Year Reich’ at the Empire Theatre Jim?

    1) As far as I’m aware, there’s no evidence to suggest that Jock considers himself an anarchist.
    2) For a brief period as a teenager, it appears Jock may have been a member of Resistance, the ‘socialist youth organisation’. I don’t know if he remains one.
    3) The reasons for and circumstances surrounding Jock’s alleged crimes have yet to be established. Obviously, there exist contradictory accounts. Yours is the only one to maintain that Jock killed a Nationalist because he was a Nationalist.

    “This is not unusual for Left wing thugs in this country.”

    Which is true. Except it’s not. Making it false.

    “Was it not Mathew Henderson Hau who once threatened to kill the then Prime Minister John Howard?”

    Was it? Oh yeah. That’s right. How much time did he do for that again? The jails were pretty full back then with people guilty of similar ‘crimes’ as I recall.

    “Was it not Fight Dem Back founder Mathew Henderson Hau who attempted to have a Nationalist in QLD murdered by proxy? Not to mention blowing up Letter Boxes of little old ladies.”

    If you seriously believe the tales of Thompson — and I’m not convinced that you do — you’re a bigger goose than I thought. ‘Blowing Up Letter Boxes of Little Old Ladies’ is a likely title for a novelty punk hit tho’.

    Thanks for your contribution to this thread Jim. I look forward to reading more of your unique comedy stylings on your blog.

  22. Bulgarian_in_Sydney says:

    I am interested to know who was the mysterious Bulgarian, who was with Jock and the girl and where were they going to?
    Why is Jock so shy about him and mentions only the girlfriend as a witness? Wasn’t he a drug dealer and they were going to buy drugs? As a large majority of Bulgarian drug dealers are Gypsies, wasn’t he the one being beaten? Bulgaria is known as an amphetamine manufacturing centre and Jock may have had a little money earner there, obviously his parents have refused to finance his trips.
    Now it is clear Jock used to go around Sofia dressed as a punk, i.e to advertise his political affiliations, no wonder he may have been attacked. Foreigners looking normal have nothing to fear even walking late (of course not going around the Gypsy ghettos).

  23. lumpnboy says:

    Bulgarian_in_Sydney, really, do you just make it up off the top of your head? Now he was making money from drugs with some Gypsy drug dealer and going to get drugs when he was attacked, according to you. Is inventing smears a useful thing to do at this point? To what end?

    And of course he was dressed as a punk, so “no wonder” he was attacked. Well yes, no wonder; he didn’t look “normal” (and was foreign, I suppose). So you are saying that Sofia is a place where foreigners who don’t look “normal” can expect to be violently attacked?

  24. Jim QLD says:

    Thanks Andy I love the bit about the Empire Theatre. You should come and visit. Who said investigations into you guys are over? Keep up the good work.

  25. Bulgarian_in_Sydney says:

    Hey, I am inventing no more smears about Jock as you regarding the Bulgarian guys or Bulgaria.
    If there are any documented cases of Bulgarian neo-Nazis beating Gypsies, there are many more of foreigners dealing drugs around Sofia.
    Also tell me no street gang will pay you attention, if you walk around Central Sydney dressed as a punk late at night.

  26. vik says:

    Exactly looking different late at night is dangerous in any city/town. This is sad but a fact.

  27. David Wolf says:

    Foreigners who act like arrogant imbeciles may certainly be treated rudely, but they will not be attacked, regardless of how they are dressed, unless they turn their rage onto the street.

    Arrogant imbeciles who act rudely and attack people on the streets of Sofia will be dealt with accordingly. It’s just so stupid that Jock did that and pulled a knife to ‘defend’ against fists.

    Please, stupid people stay home. This event, and others, are really turning Bulgarians against foreigners. And no wonder. Bulgaria is a great place to visit, IF you respect it as a DIFFERENT COUNTRY than your own. If you are stupid you will have a bad experience, no doubt. You bring the ugliness with you.

    I think it is a great place to live.

    David Wolf

  28. Pete says:

    Pete wrote Jan 20th 2008:

    To be a nazi, facist, racist or nationalist doesn’t mean you have to be a skinhead, in fact, most of the right-wing football hooligans in Europe tend to dress casual, copying the football hooligans in England, most of whom haven’t had a significant skinhead crew since the early 80’s. Yes, a lot of skinheads are nazis and the media uses this image when it wants to portray a nazi but many skinheads are anti-nazi. Trying to say that someone isn’t a football hooligan, nazi or a nationalist because they’re not a skinhead is a very weak argument.

    Vik wrote Jan 23rd 2008:

    JUST FOR THE RECORD – BULGARIA is not the same as Eastern Europe. We are very different than the Polish and Czeque people. They have very strong nationalism and skinhead organisations… bulgaria has very small community of skinheads…

    Yes, but a sizeable community of right-wing football casuals.

    Pete wrote Jan 21st 2008:

    I really don’t know what David Wolf is trying to prove. No one is saying that it’s ok to go to another country and behave like you own the place. As far as I understand it people are trying to say that the way this is being portrayed by yourself and others is not in Jocks character.

    David Wolf wrote Jan 23rd 2008:

    Foreigners who act like arrogant imbeciles may certainly be treated rudely, but they will not be attacked, regardless of how they are dressed, unless they turn their rage onto the street.

    Please read other posts and answer them accordingly instead of covering old ground that has been proven to be shaky at the very least.

    Pete wrote Jan 21st 2008:

    When someone kills someone else there are many stages in the legal system that can be applied to each individual case, from self-defence to manslaughter to pre-meditated murder. As far as I can see no-one on here is well-versed enough in the Bulgarian legal system or for that matter, in all areas of this particular case to really give an opinion on it. A judgement on his character by those who knew him is a different matter entirely.

    Please prove to me that you people that seem to have an opinion on what happened that night have access to all areas of the case and haven’t just read some sensationalist bullshit in Bulgaria’s press or off some right-wing internet site or off some bloke down the pub who was friends with a geezer whose gran heard in the grocery store that someone knew someone who was there and they swore blind he had horns growing out of his head and was the antichrist.

  29. David Wolf says:

    Pete, you are using the ‘red herring’ argument, missing the points completely. As you like, as a free citizen of wherever you live you can be as stupid as you like.

    Try to stick to the p(o)ints, whichever suit you best.

    David Wolf

  30. Pete says:

    And you are using the “put down” angle, which is much easier than debating the point in hand. Which part of my argument is a “red herring”? And which points should I be sticking to? Obviously the point about you or no-one else who’s baying for blood not being there nor having full details of the case is a red herring. You’ve obviously made up your mind and are now acting as judge, jury and executioner. Let’s just hope the Bulgarian justice system is a little more reasonable in it’s judgements.

  31. David Wolf says:

    What point, exactly, were you trying to make?

    Fact: A young man is dead.
    Fact: Jock killed him by stabbing him in the back.
    Fact: Bulgarian law allows equal force in self defense.
    Fact: There were no other knives there.
    Fact: Jock doesn’t seem to be hurt at all.
    Fact: Jock murdered a young man.
    Fact: He attempted to kill another young man.

    I don’t really see much here to argue. Maybe you like ‘killed’ instead of ‘murdered’?
    That is for a court to decide, at best he will get involuntary manslaughter with negligence, plus another assault. Maybe 5 years, probably 3 because he is Australian, if he were a Gypsy he would get 20.

    It could be murder and attempted murder. The defense plea will not fly since there were no other knives, and the insanity plea is just crazy.

    And I really LOVE that ‘good Samaritan’ idea. He should run for president of the USA! HAHAHA!!!

    David Wolf

  32. David Wolf says:

    Pete: Obviously the point about you or no-one else who’s baying for blood not being there nor having full details of the case is a red herring.

    I’m certainly not ‘baying for blood’, just justice. I don’t think a Bulgarian’s life is worth any less than an Australian’s (or an Iraqi’s, for that matter). Nor do I think Aussies deserve any special favors.

    However, I have seen how some foreigners behave here. It may color my opinion, for good reason. It really sounds to me like Jock went WAY over ANY line of civilized behavior.

    David Wolf

  33. vik says:

    anyways, apart from all the opinions here, do u guys know what is happening with the court case, when is the date? how is Jock???

  34. Chris says:

    “Yes you Campbell Smith and Andrew Moran inspire the murderous left into action.” Jim QLD is that the Andrew Moran who attended St.Ignatius College and was originally from [the] [G]osford area?

  35. @ndy says:


    “Fact: A young man is dead.”


    “Fact: Jock killed him by stabbing him in the back.”

    Possibly. I’m not aware of any evidence to that effect however. How do you know?

    “Fact: Bulgarian law allows equal force in self defense.”

    If you say so. I’ve no idea. Is there a reference online? I can’t find one. Oh wait…

    Bulgarian Penal Code [PDF]

    “Fact: There were no other knives there.”

    Says…? And…?

    “Fact: Jock doesn’t seem to be hurt at all.”

    That seems to be the case. As far as I’m aware, certainly, there have been no reports of injuries.

    “Fact: Jock murdered a young man.
    Fact: He attempted to kill another young man.”

    Well, those are the charges he’s facing, certainly. Presumably, there’s some distinction in Bulgarian criminal law between premeditated murder and the act of killing in self-defence, which at this stage appears to be Jock’s defence.

    More generally, in respect of murder:

    On April 4, 1997, a district court in Bulgaria convicted 5 youths, aged 15 to 17, for the racially-motivated assault and murder of Emil Trifonov, a 19-year-old Romani man. The perpetrators were convicted of the crime of murder, motivated by hooliganism and committed in such a way as to cause extreme suffering to the victim, as set forth in Article 116, sections 6 and 10, of the Bulgarian Penal Code.

    Two of the defendants were sentenced to six and-one-half years’ imprisonment, and the remaining three to imprisonment for six years. In addition, all five defendants were ordered to pay damages totalling 1.5 million Bulgarian Leva (equivalent to approximately 10,000 US dollars at the time the legal proceedings commenced).


    Possibly. Or possibly the Morans of Melbourne?

    Matriach slams TV’s gangland war drama
    Aaron Langmaid
    Sunday Herald Sun
    January 20, 2008

    GANGLAND matriarch Judy Moran has delivered her verdict on Nine’s drama series Underbelly: It’s rot.

    But she applauded the depiction of notorious killer Carl Williams as a dim-witted “fat boy” driver.

    “They got that right – he seems the village idiot and that is what he is,” Ms Moran said.

    Violent scenes depicting her family in brutal bar brawls and her son Jason’s cold-blooded shooting murder of family friend Alphonse Gangitano were “disgusting lies”, she said.

    Ms Moran’s husband Lewis and two sons, Mark and Jason, were among the 27 people killed during Melbourne’s bloody underworld slayings.

    She said the series, which airs next month, painted an inaccurate picture of what was once a “loving, caring family”.

    “To me it’s just all too fictitious and stupid,” Ms Moran said.

    “As a mother I feel sick. I’m deeply offended. I’m worried for Jason’s children. How are they going to think of their father . . . as a murderer?”

    Mrs Moran said she was considering legal action.

    “I haven’t had advice , but I can assure you I will seek it,” she said.

  36. Pete says:

    Thankyou @ndy, neither can I find any facts about Andrei being stabbed in the back. Anyway, Mr. Wolf, this is going round in circles. You still haven’t proven that you know any more about this case than the rest of us.

  37. @ndy says:


    Section I. Homicide

    Art. 115.
    Who deliberately kills somebody shall be punished for homicide by imprisonment from ten to twenty years.

    Art. 116.
    (1) (Prev. text of art. 116 – SG 62/97) For homicide:
    1. (Suppl. SG 28/82; amend., SG 62/97) of an official, representative of the public, as well as a military man, including from allied or friendly country or army, or on occasion of fulfilment of his duty or function, or a person under international protection;
    2. by an official, as well as by a representative of the public, by a person from the system of the police or on occasion of fulfilment of his duty or function;
    3. of a father, mother, as well as of a natural son or daughter;
    4. (Suppl., SG 62/97) of a pregnant woman, minor child or more than one person;
    5. of a person in a helpless state;
    6. in a way or by means dangerous for the life of many, in a particularly torturing way for the victim or by a particular cruelty;
    7. from mercenary motives;
    8. for the purpose of facilitating or covering another crime;
    9. committed deliberately;
    10. (New, SG 92/02) committed by a person acting by an order or in fulfilment of a decision of an organised criminal group;
    11. (Prev. item 10 – SG 92/02) committed from hooligan motives and
    12. (Prev. item 11 – SG 92/02, amend. SG 103/04) representing a dangerous recidivism or committed by a person who has committed other deliberate homicide under the preceding or present article for which verdict has not been rendered, (amend., SG 28/82; suppl., SG 50/95; amend., SG 153/98) the punishment is imprisonment of fifteen to twenty years, life imprisonment or life imprisonment without an option.
    (2) (New, SG 62/97; amend., SG 153/98, amend. SG 103/04, Amend. SG 43/05, in

    [page 31]

    Force from 1st of September 2005) For a homicide of a judge, prosecutor, person of the system of the Ministry of Interior, state bailiff, private bailiff and deputy bailiff, as well as customs’ employee, employee of the tax administration, of employee of the National Department of Forests or employee of the Ministry of Environment and Waters, implementing control activity during or on occasion of fulfilment of his duty or function the punishment shall be imprisonment of twenty to thirty years, life imprisonment or life imprisonment without an option.

    Art. 117.
    (1) Preparation for homicide under art. 115 and 116 shall be punished by imprisonment of up to three years.
    (2) The same punishment shall be imposed on those who abets somebody else to a homicide.

    Art. 118.
    (Amend., SG 28/82) For homicide committed in a status of affect, which has been provoked by the victim by violence, serious offence or slander or by other illegal act, as a result of which have occurred or there was a possibility of occurrence of serious consequences for the culprit or his next of kin, the punishment is: in the cases of art. 115 – imprisonment of one to eight years, and in the cases of art. 116, item 1 – 6 – imprisonment of three to ten years.

    Art. 119.
    For homicide committed in exceeding the scope of the unavoidable defence the punishment shall be imprisonment of up to five years.

    Art. 120.
    For homicide committed by a mother to a child at the time of birth or immediately after it the punishment shall be imprisonment of up to three years.

    Art. 121.
    For homicide of a newly born child with a monstrous appearance the guilty parent shall be punished by imprisonment of up to one year or by corrective labour.

    Art. 122.
    (1) Who causes death to somebody else by negligence shall be punished by imprisonment of up to three years.
    (2) If the death is caused by a gun or by a strong poisonous substance or if death is caused to two or more persons the punishment shall be imprisonment of up to five years.

    Art. 123.
    (1) Who causes death to somebody else due to a lack of knowledge or negligent fulfilment of a profession or another legally stipulated activity, representing a source of high danger, shall be punished by imprisonment of up to five years.
    (2) Who, by negligence, causes somebody else death through activities belonging to a profession or activity according to the preceding para, which he is not entitled to practice, shall be punished by imprisonment of one to five years.
    (3) If, in the cases of the preceding paras the perpetrator has been intoxicated or if death has been caused to more than one person the punishment shall be imprisonment of three to eight years, and in especially serious cases – imprisonment of five to fifteen years.
    (4) If the perpetrator has done everything after the act, depending on him for the

    [page 32]

    rescue of the victim the punishment shall be: under para 1 and 2 – imprisonment of up to three years; under para 3 – imprisonment of up to five years, and in especially serious cases – imprisonment of three to ten years.

    Art. 124.
    (1) Who causes somebody else death by negligence as a result of a deliberately inflicted bodily harm shall be punished by imprisonment of three to twelve years in case of a serious bodily harm, from two to eight years in case of an average bodily harm and up to five years in case of a light bodily harm.
    (2) (New, SG 95/75; amend., SG 28/82; SG 89/86) If the act under the preceding para is committed in a state of affect, which has been caused by the victim by violence, heavy offence or slander or by other illegal act, as a result of which have occurred or would have occurred serious consequences for the culprit or his next of kin the punishment is: for serious bodily harm – imprisonment of up to five years; for average bodily harm – imprisonment of up to three years; for light bodily harm – imprisonment of up to two years.
    (3) (New, SG 89/86; Amend. SG 92/02, amend. SG 103/04) If the bodily harm, as a result of which the death has resulted, is a dangerous recidivism the punishment shall be: for serious bodily harm – imprisonment of five to fifteen years; and for average bodily harm – imprisonment of three to ten years.
    (4) (New, SG 89/86) If the act under para 1 or 3 has been committed by exceeding the scope of the unavoidable defence the punishment shall be: for serious bodily harm – imprisonment of up to five years; for average bodily harm – imprisonment of up to four years; and for light bodily harm – imprisonment of up to two years.

    Art. 125.
    Mother who negligently causes death to her unborn or newly born child shall not be punished.

    Art. 126.
    (1) (Amend., SG 62/97) Who, with the consent of a pregnant woman kills her foetus outside the health establishments appointed by the Ministry of Health, or in violation of the rules established by this ministry, shall be punished by imprisonment of up to five years.
    (2) (Amend., SG 62/97) If the culprit does not have higher medical degree or he has killed the foetuses of two or more women the punishment shall be imprisonment of up to eight years.
    (3) (Amend., SG 62/97) If the act under the preceding paras is repeatedly committed the punishment shall be imprisonment of two to eight years.
    (4) The pregnant woman shall not bear criminal responsibility under the preceding paras, including for abetting and accessing.
    (5) (Amend., SG 62/97) If the killing of the foetus has been done without the consent of the pregnant woman the punishment shall be imprisonment of three to eight years.
    (6) (Amend., SG 62/97) If, in the above case, the death of the pregnant woman has followed, the punishment shall be imprisonment of five to twelve years.

    Art. 127.
    (1) Who, in any way whatsoever, helps or prevails upon a suicide and suicide or attempted suicide takes place, shall be punished by imprisonment of up to three years.

    [page 33]

    (2) For the same crime regarding a minor person or a person of whom the culprit is aware that he is in no position to guide his acts or he does not understand the quality or the importance of the act the punishment shall be imprisonment of three to ten years.
    (3) Who, by a cruel treatment or systematic humiliation of the dignity of a person in material or other dependence on him leads him to a suicide or suicide attempt, having expected it, shall be punished by imprisonment of two to eight years.
    (4) If the act under the preceding para is committed by negligence the punishment shall be imprisonment of up to three years.

  38. ... says:

    David Wolf, Jock cannot run for President of the USA, he is not American… apart from that, u all bring up some excellent points but I agree with Pete when I say this all is going in circles, Jock’s actions led to the death of a person and this is not being debated, well atleast not being debated [by] most ppl, the thing in question is under what circumstances the death occurred which will determine how much time Jock has to serve, if any. I would also like to point out I have not heard anything except on this blog about how that man was stabbed and as for wounds on Jock, I’ve only seen pictures that show his face and hands, maybe it is possible he was hit elsewhere, even in the back of his head. I’m sorry I too cannot offer anything new about Jock’s case and it seems this blog has shown that Bulgaria is both a safe and dangerous country. It seems, at this point, all there is left to do is wait for his trial and hope that it is a fair one that will find the truth whatever it may be.

  39. vik says:


  40. ash says:

    “Fact: Jock doesn’t seem to be hurt at all.

    That seems to be the case. As far as I’m aware, certainly, there have been no reports of injuries.”

    for what it’s worth, when i saw jock he had quite bad bruising and cuts/scrapes all up his arms and shoulders which he told me were inflicted by the group.

  41. Bulgarian_in_Sydney says:

    Yes, we are moving in circles. I am only getting mad at the constant efforts to explain all that happened because Bulgaria is a bad country, that all Bulgarian are racist and savages etc.
    I would be sorry for Jock, after all he messed his own life because of minute of madness, but he jumped immediately on the opportunity of bashing the Bulgarians as a defence. Wasn’t Schapelle Corby’s case indicative how counter-productive that can be? What did you achieve blaming the Indonesians as corrupt and even trying to bomb their embassy? Her sentence just got increased! If you can be sorry for the girl, even if she was guilty, spending 20 years in prison for a bag of marihuana, Jock’s case is a murder, for God’s sake.
    Do you know what a tragedy for a Bulgarian is to lose their ONLY child and what amount of family resources go to raise him to that age? Yes, Bulgarians have usually have only 1 one child, since we would like to have the best future for them and can’t afford to have more. As a result Bulgarian birth rate is the lowest in the world, we are dying out at a rate of tens of thousand per year. I am not telling, that if a mother has more children she will grieve less, only it is easier to go on with her life later.
    Isn’t black washing Bulgarians easily achievable, since Australians know practically nothing about them? In the press there is either nothing or bad. Those who have been to Europe at most pass through it on the way to Greece or Turkey. There was never a Bulgarian film even on SBS, no other cultural events, most Australians haven’t even met a Bulgarian locally as we are a very small community.
    There was a time during the Cold war, when if something was shown at all about Australia in Bulgaria was police beating workers on strike or for some exotics – naked dishevelled Aborigines in front of a desert shack. We have moved on since, Bulgarians are already well informed, but you obviously haven’t. You are still in that old time warp portraying Bulgaria always negatively.

  42. @ndy says:



    “JOCK’S GUILTY OF MURDER AND ATTEMPTED MURDER” — apparently. But a person is innocent until proven guilty. As you’ll note, in relation to the crime of homicide, the Bulgarian Penal Code is a little more detailed. Jock has claimed he committed homicide in self defence. It will be for the Bulgarian courts to decide the exact nature of his crime(s), as well as his punishment.

    “MORE THAN 30 PEOPLE WHO WERE OUT N ABOUT INCLUDING THE GUARDS WHO WERE HOLDING HIM TILL THE POLICE ARRIVE” — maybe. What is your source for this information? Its accuracy, along with all other aspects surrounding the case, will be examined in court.

    “HIS DEFENCE IS NOT SELF DEFENCE AFTER FINDING OUT THERE IS CCTV FOOTAGE” — I’m not convinced. To begin with, I’m not aware of there being any court proceedings beyond that associated with his bail (which was obviously denied). As such, your statement makes little sense.

    “HIS CURRENT DEFENCE IS TEMPORARY INSANITY!!!” — no, it isn’t, a fact which I pointed out over a week ago.




    “I am only getting mad at the constant efforts to explain all that happened because Bulgaria is a bad country, that all Bulgarian are racist and savages etc.”

    Then you’re hearing things. I’ve said nothing of the sort. Please indicate where I have.

    The stuff about Schapelle Corby is irrelevant.

    Yes, it is terrible when a parent loses a child, whether that parent is from Australia or Bulgaria or some other place.

    There is in fact a radio program on SBS in Bulgarian : English : Bulgarian.

    And I think it highly likely that SBS TV has shown films made in Bulgaria. In any case, here’s what SBS has to say about

    The Bulgarian Community in Australia


    Bulgarians started to settle in Australia in the late nineteenth century. In 1891, officially, there were an estimated 14 Bulgarians in Australia and by 1947 the community had increased to 525. The main period of arrivals occurred in the years 1949-51, early 1970 and after the collapse of the communist system in 1989.

    Charles Price, in his 1963 book, Southern Europeans in Australia, estimated that in the period 1890-1939, 390 Bulgarian men settled in Australia. Most of them came from about 30 villages in the agriculturally rich district of Veliko Turnovo, others from the western part of the Shumen and Russe districts.

    The first organised group of 100 Bulgarian men arrived in Australia in November 1907. About 30 landed at Port Adelaide in South Australia, 30 in Melbourne and the other 35 sailed on to Sydney.


    In the following years, Bulgarian migrants continued to settle throughout the country. Like most of the other Southern European migrants of that time, they were young, male and unskilled. Although they didn’t have a trade or recognised skill, they were experienced farm workers whose home villages were located in the fertile areas along the Danube.

    After the end of the Second World War, the number of Bulgarians in Australia more than doubled, from 525 in 1947 to 1224 in 1954. Bulgarian Displaced Persons from Europe were first to come, in 1949.

    They were followed by a steady stream of political refugees. Many of those who arrived in Australia in the early 1970s came from Bulgaria’s large cities. They were multi-lingual and many were tertiary-educated professionals.

    The current snapshot of the Bulgarian community in Australia includes a wide variety of ages and occupations, from fashion designers and lawyers to theologians, entrepreneurs and computer programmers.

    Official statistics indicate around 2,000 people in Australia speak Bulgarian at home. Community organisations claim the Bulgarian migrant community could be at least three times that big.

    As an historical side note:

    Jack and the anarchists, a couple of them fellow Bulgarians, became known within the Push as ‘the Bulgarian anarchists’. Darcy [Waters] recalls an early meeting with them.

    ‘They came to the uni one evening for a meeting — it must have been the late 1950s. They frightened the fucking daylights out of me. They were proposing dangerous bloody things.

    ‘I told them that I had a lot of sympathy for their position but I wasn’t going to go out there and to die for freedom. They got quite upset. We went off and had coffee with the. One was a young girl, in her mid-twenties. She said at one stage that she was prepared to die for freedom, then and there. I found this attitude pretty bloody frightening — she meant it.’

    ~ Anne Coombs, Sex and Anarchy: The life and death of the Sydney Push, Viking, 1996, p.102.

    Further, anarchists in Australia owe a debt of gratitude to their Bulgarian comrades, as does 1960s drug culture:

    …Subsequently, George H. and Chris E. began ‘The Cellar’ just off Oxford Street. A printer and seaman, Australian – born Greek – Scot Nestor Grivas, printed the Hellenic Herald there among other things. He owned the house and the group had dug out ‘the cellar’ under it at least 6′ deep, put in steel girders, and built facilities for meetings, etc. Nestor was a Guy Aldred-pupil of anarchism. This ‘Club’ worked for a while as the only anarchist group with organised activities, although the Sydney Libertarians also met there for a while. Then the SAG broke up.

    While George H. was overseas, for 4 months in 1966 [?] Bill Dwyer arrived, and full of enthusiasm began building a new group. George H. joined them and re-opened ‘The Cellar’ where a library was also begun.

    Dwyer was an exciting speaker and attracted many people; he worked on Anarchy Now with George H., who ‘improved’ some of the ideas. After six months or so in Australia from New Zealand, Dwyer began selling LSD and taking groups on picnics. Jack G. dropped out again, but George H., Chris E. and Col Pollard tried to work with him and the young ‘hippy-Beatles’ types who increasingly infested ‘The Cellar’.

    George H. was very much against ‘The Cellar’ being used as a ‘crash-pad’ and for selling drugs. Dwyer brought in mattresses, music and psychedelic lights, to cater for 1-200 youths. He built a cage, curtained so that only his hand was seen, from which to sell the drugs and put sentries on the wall. George H. told him the police were already inside, disguised. George told the police that this wasn’t an anarchist group and had nothing to do with anarchism, and told Dwyer he was crazy to take the police to see his drug supplies, or to sell to the police, which he was doing.

    George H. says that Dwyer found a cheaper source (‘a professor?’) at the University and dropped his other supplier who had police ‘protection?’ ‘The Cellar’ was raided by police 1 1/2 weeks later! George H. didn’t wish to help or be involved, but paid the bill for Anarchy Now which was still at the printers (700 pounds). Dwyer was held in jail for 12 months then deported to Britain where he involved himself in Free Festivals.

    In any event, partly because of Dwyer’s charisma and because of world events, the anarchist presence in Sydney was quite marked, especially at May Days, where George H’s red and black car shared a procession with 200 marchers, with many flags. Wollongong saw similar processions. In Sydney the Trades Hall tried to stop the anarchists. As an example of the effect on the movement of Dwyer’s activities, George remembers 100 or so people waiting at a meeting, some had come more than 50 miles, in response to paid advertising, to hear Dwyer speak. He turned up stoned, mumbled something and walked out. George H. was very angry, ran after him and abused him, but Dwyer just pushed him away.

    George H. thinks Dwyer could have been very productive if there had been no drug involvement, but doesn’t absolve the other anarchists at the time who also ‘walked away’ and made no attempt to pressure Dwyer, ‘to save him from himself’. Perhaps Dwyer was not sufficiently acquainted with anarchist ideas and perhaps many others were not either, but he could have been influenced to channel his talents into more effective paths.

    ‘The Club’ collapsed after the police raid, and the media sensationalism, and Nestor brought a farm, became an alcoholic and was killed by a semi-trailer when on the wrong side of the road.

    From ‘The Cellar’ to Jura Bookshop there was a gap for George H. He did go to the Glebe Point Rd house once, but there all the ‘anarchists’ were stoned, so he just walked out again. Similarly with Tharunka and the like, George H. thought there was too much obscenity, and emphasis on ‘fuck’ which must alienate people. He wanted a more serious, committed approach.

    Source : BULGARIAN ANARCHISTS IN SYDNEY, Notes from interview with George H. by Bob James, 1985.

    See also : Jack the Anarchist (Jack Grancharoff)

    At various points you were active in the Unions. Did you become a delegate at any point?

    No. A few times the opportunity crossed my road, but I refused to be seduced. I had seen many changes in those who joined union bureaucracies. To be one of them is easy, to be one of us, that is, on the side of the workers is much more difficult. One has to have in mind that union / party structures were very rigid, and many delegates were to project into the struggle the party’s policy rather than exigencies of the workers qua workers. This certainly is a simplistic overview. Unionism where workers were not directly involved was not for me. I had always been in favour of solidarity strikes but this went against the grain of official unions. The exception here and there proved the rule. They were masters of division and not much interest was shown in rank and file issues.

    One example. In the 1960s when I worked for the Water Board there was a general meeting of the Water Board Union in Trades Hall. Instead of trying to establish a common premise of action various sections were fighting for wage increases. The issues the union preferred. I was fed up with these internal useless squabbles and decided to tackle the issue from a different angle. While I was marching towards the loud speaker the workers were screaming at me “You fuckin’ beatnik what do you know about work. You hippy shit”. What I said was as follows: “I am a shitty hippy because, like you, l work a shitty job but, unlike you, I know it is a shitty job and I don’t ask for six pence increase or six pence decrease. Let us not be divided by union policy of six pence for some or a dollar for others. We have to stand together as a body of workers defending our common interests. These people who sit here” pointing to the bunch of union bureaucrats “are part and parcel of the Water Board. They defend the interests of the Water Board not your interests. Do not succumb to their manipulation. Did you elect any of them? I didn’t! They are your enemies.” There were wild applauses “Goodonya Beatnik. You’re alright.” All ire turned to the bureaucrats. “Who voted for you? Who elected you? On which side are you on?” etc. “Any questions?” Hundreds of hands wanted to ask questions but the bureaucrats closed the meeting by saying: “No questions, the meeting is closed.”

  43. Bulgarian_in_Sydney says:

    @ndy, I know very well the story around the Bulgarian anarchists in Australia and Granacharov, as you all seem to be graph maniacs and have elaborated about yourself on the Net.
    In fact, the only thing written in Bulgarian about them here was because I pointed it to the author (who maybe plagiarised it too much from you).
    Anarchists were never influential in Bulgaria and the opinion about them was exactly as you put it on your site – slack bastards. Make your friend, if he is still alive, translate this quote from the article in Bulgarian and you will see what I mean.

    В своите анархистични лекции, които понякога изнасял в университета (University of Sydney) и в свободни разговори акцентирал, че притежаването на имущество е абсолютно пагубно и е несправедливо измерването на човешката значимост в обществото да бъде въз основа на неговите материални владения. Самият той, предприемчиво и в „унисон” със собствените си идеи, си купил къща в един от централните квартали на Сидней Stanmore. Веднъж, по разказ на очевидец, един от тукашните българи го запитал публично защо той обявяващият се за равенство и общо разделение на всички блага не се задоволява с общото, а си е купил частна собственост и то в централен, заможен квартал. Грънчаров не отговорил нищо. След това събитие той все по-рядко посещава събиранията на сънародниците си в Сидней.

    For those who would like to see real Bulgarian people in Sydney I have an offer – in a very rare occasion a Bulgarian folk dance group is having a performance in Paddington Woollahra RSL, 220 Oxford St on 7 Feb 8 from 7:30pm.

  44. @ndy says:

    As far as I can tell — unless they’ve conducted this translation from beyond the grave — my Bulgarian comrade is alive and well. As is Jack.

    “In his anarchistic lectures, which he was sometimes making at the University of Sydney and also in casual conversations, he was stressing on that the possession of property is absolutely fatal and measuring the human significance in society is unfair to be done on the basis of a man’s material possessions. He himself, enterprisingly and in unison with his own visions, bought a house in one of the central neighbourhoods in Sydney – Stanmore. Once, a story from a witness tells, that one of the local Bulgarians asked him publicly why he – the man that has been proclaiming for equality and generally division of all the welfare – bought a private property and it is situated in a central and rich neighbourhood. Grancharov didn’t answer anything. After this happening he has started to attend the gatherings of his fellow-countrymen in Sydney more rarely.”

  45. Bulgarian_in_Sydney says:

    OK, so your friend is not Grancharov. Already a few Bulgarians keen to get the 30 silver pieces. You only forgot to put “unison” in quotes, the meaning changes a lot by this.
    Anyway, my intention was not attacking the anarchists, they are “in the rubbish tip of history” as some Marxist has already put it.
    Neither it is attacking Australia, but as I follow closely the reality in both countries, don’t provoke me pointing a parallel example of everything bad you say about Bulgaria.

  46. Lumpen says:

    Hey B_i_S, I’ve been following the comments and I can’t find any examples of Andy inferring that all Bulgarians are bad people. You’re going to have to provide some examples or be consigned to the, um, washbasin of irrelevance.

    Nationality has nothing to do with this case, except that it’s being invoked in the absence of fact. We get it; Bulgaria is no better or worse than most countries – although perhaps superior in its folk dances. What we do know is that a man from Australia killed a man (and injured others) in Bulgaria and he claims it was self-defense.

    Yes, it’s tragic whether Jock is lying or not, but pointing out that his story has a possible basis in fact doesn’t need to be taken as a personal insult… unless you’re a crazy nationalist whose knees jerk like a Трите пъти if anyone suggests that bad things can happen in Bulgaria. It may be a sad reflection on the society, of course, but not on all the people in it. Of course there are parallels in Australia of racial and social inequity. Feel free to point this out or get it printed on a t-shirt, but it don’t mean shee-it in terms of proving Jock’s guilt or discussing media coverage.

  47. @ndy says:

    Although I’ve encountered Jack a number of times (most recently at an anarchist gathering in 2005) the above translation was provided by an anarchist comrade from Bulgaria.
    I don’t know what you mean by the reference to “30 pieces of silver”; I also don’t know what you mean by implying that I forgot to include the term “unison” (where exactly?).
    With regards anarchism and rubbish bins, I believe it was Trotsky who made that remark, although I think it may have been made in reference to the Mensheviks… In ether case, anarchism survives (reports of its death are always exaggerated), while Marxism is largely discredited.

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    ‘Anarchism Revived’, Leonard Williams (Manchester College)
    New Political Science, Volume 29, Number 3, September 2007

    Abstract Long regarded as a dated school of political thought, anarchism has been rejuvenated in the last decade or so. From anarcho-punk bands putting out “noise music” to bands of young people sporting black attire and the circle-A, its cultural symbols are widely present. Self-identified “anarchists” have often taken center stage at protests directed at major political and financial institutions. My central purpose in this article is to explore the variety of ideological orientations found in the contemporary anarchist movement, as expressed by several of its theorists—from Chomsky and Bookchin, on the one hand, to Zerzan, Bey, and Black, on the other. The article highlights a few of the metaphysical issues raised by today’s anarchism—rationalism versus anti-rationalism, technology versus nature, creeds versus deeds—and concludes by identifying the fundamental principles characteristic of contemporary anarchism.

    Et cetera.

    And while I’ve had very little to say about Bulgaria, fascists frequently accuse me of being unpatriotic, so I really think you’re barking up the wrong tree on that one.

  48. Sarah says:

    Pete Jan 24th, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    Thankyou @ndy, neither can I find any facts about Andrei being stabbed in the back. Anyway, Mr. Wolf, this is going round in circles. You still haven’t proven that you know any more about this case than the rest of us.

    Well, Pete the fact that you personally can’t find any facts doesn’t mean there aren’t any!
    Firstly, there was an autopsy and it has been established by an expert that there was one and only one 18 cm deep wound in Andrei’s back. If you are really as interested as it seems you can check it on the internet.
    Secondly, there ARE evidences and witnesses (here I’m not talkin about the group of “bulgarian hooligans” as they’ve been referred to).
    Anyways… I am not writin this to argue or start another pointless discussion.
    I myself am Bulgarian, I live in Sofia, my age is almost the same as Andrei’s and I know quite a lot of these “hooligans” you guys are talking about.
    Just to make something clear here… these are NOT crazy skinheads, drugheads etc… actually in Bulgaria there are normal youngsters studying in high quality universities and high schools, and in fact Andrei and his friends were exactly one of these people… I can assure u, not that is of any need but still…
    So really now… analysis are pointless, especially when, as u said, there is lack of any information whatsoever.
    I have the misfortune to witness quite a lot of this tragedy and really… it doesn’t matter what is Jock going to get cuz in the end he’ll get out in 1 2 3 4 5 years still feelin as the “good samaritan” goin somewhere else gettin cheap booze and land for performances, stabbin someone else there… Andrei is gone forever and that’s tragic!
    So just… keep it simple, people are people all over the world and maniacs are maniacs…
    Rest in peace, Andrei!!!

  49. Pete says:

    First of all, thankyou for being civil. I’m not saying I know what happened that night because I don’t. I first checked out this site because a friend told me of Jock’s arrest and I Googled his name. All I saw was a lot of messages that were slurs, insults and people’s personal slants on an incident they knew nothing about. I still can’t find anything on the internet about this autopsy you talk of, can you please point me in the right direction? I knew Jock when he lived in Bristol, UK and if this was an unprovoked attack on a group of university students who where walking along minding their own business, then all I can say is that this is completely out of character from the Jock I knew.

  50. Sarah says:

    Sofia court denies bail to Palfreeman
    13:32 Tue 08 Jan 2008 – Rene Beekman

    Australian Paul “Jock” Palfreeman, accused of the stabbing murder of Andrei Monov and attempted murder of Anton Zahariev, was denied bail by the Sofia Appeals Court on January 8.
    Monov died on his way to the hospital on December 28 2007, after having been stabbed in the back with a knife by Palfreeman. Zahariev was injured in the same incident.
    Andrei Monov was the son of known psychologist and teacher at the Sofia University Hristo Monov. At the funeral of Andrei Monov, there were 250 guests, including school friends,and government officials.
    The prosecutor said a new witness had come forward, the salesman from an alcohol and cigarette booth next to the Healthcare Ministry where the incident took place.

    here is also a link to a Bulgarian article which defines Jock’s stabbing as a one of a “professionalist”.
    These are official things that more or less mirror the tragedy and its investigation.
    Now I am not questioning Jock’s character he might be a good friend, great soldier and all that however that night really took out “the best of him”…even though I myself am well aware of some more details as I said before there is justice and people for that… I just read some of the things written here and thought some facts might bring some light in all that…

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