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Simon Harwood 1 Ian Tomlinson 0

I am shocked. Shocked and stunned: Ian Tomlinson death: PC not guilty (BBC, July 19, 2012). For the record: • Ian Tomlinson was not killed by PC Simon Harwood. • The murder did not take place during protests against the … Continue reading

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Ian Tomlinson & G20 @ The Age

A brief survey of the response of a ‘liberal’ Melbourne institution to the public protests in London which accompanied the April G20 Summit. To begin with, ‘Man died of heart attack in G20 protest’ reads the article of April 4 … Continue reading

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Ian Tomlinson & Colin Roach & Liddle Towers & Gurdip Singh Chaggar & Kevin Gately & …

Killed when police charged in 1979…but still no justice Melissa Thompson Mirror April 11, 2009 The shocking images of events leading up to the death of Ian Tomlinson – showing him apparently being knocked to the ground by a policeman … Continue reading

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Riot policeman’s hands viciously assaulted by Ian Tomlinson’s back

“Ian Tomlinson assaulted by riot police at G20 Protest in London (extra footage!) – 2009-04-01” is the (presumably ironic) title of this video. If you watch carefully, you’ll notice that, following Tomlinson’s collapse — one triggered, presumably, by exhaustion after … Continue reading

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Ian Tomlinson…

…died of natural causes. Further, anarchist protesters assaulted police, who bravely endured the attacks of the violent mob while they scrambled desperately to save the apparently injured man’s life. “City resident Ian Tomlinson, 47, was on his way home from … Continue reading

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Notes on anarchy and May Day and more

In Russia, anarchists and/or gays are unpopular with authorities: about 50 anarchists were prevented from participating in May Day festivities in St. Petersburg, and in Moscow teh gheys had to battle cops as well as Communists. (Fascists were allowed to … Continue reading

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“Anarchy in Vancouver”

Update : Familiar tactics, Patrick Doyle, Metro (The Canadian Press), May 20, 2010: “They may have been shadowy figures in black masks, but the vandals who firebombed an Ottawa bank branch seem familiar to terrorism experts.” See also : Urban … Continue reading

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Cops Are Tops! (Part 666)

The great majority of the police, seemingly ever-patient and self-controlled, stood for hours as kids baited and yelled, shoved and provoked. A handful of officers used well-placed elbows while batons were raised only in response to the vandalism. ~ G20 … Continue reading

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Go Delroy! LOL

Unbelievable!* G20 police officer Delroy Smellie cleared of assault BBC March 31, 2010 A Metropolitan Police officer accused of striking a woman with a metal baton at a G20 protest has been cleared. Sgt Delroy Smellie denied common assault on … Continue reading

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G20 comes to Pittsburgh

The G20 is meeting in Pittsburgh again next week (September 22-25), and anarchists, as well as numerous other trouble-makers, are again organising in opposition to it. The G20 traveling circus will be meeting @ the David L. Lawrence Convention Center … Continue reading

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