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G20 : Sunil & Tim (& Co.)

The anarchist crazies involved in the ultra-violence were in no serious sense part of the demo. Just like their black bloc mates in Europe they simply exploited the demo for their own purposes… The left should offer no comfort to … Continue reading

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six months of stoopid!

Almost 38 years late and several thousand dollars short, apathy and melancholia remain, but funny things keep happening on the way to the cemetery. o n e The Slackbastard blog features the political and social musings of Andy, an anarchist … Continue reading

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May Day Blah Blah Blah OMG STFU

*sigh* Boneheads in Dortmund attacked a trade union rally: “In the western city of Dortmund, police opened an inquiry against 280 neo-Nazis who attacked a parade of trade unionists with stones and clubs Friday. A police union [?] said neo-Nazis … Continue reading

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The World (of G20) According To Paola Totaro

The great majority of the police, seemingly ever-patient and self-controlled, stood for hours as kids baited and yelled, shoved and provoked. A handful of officers used well-placed elbows while batons were raised only in response to the vandalism. ~ G20 … Continue reading

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G20 : Idiotorial

IN the immediate aftermath of the G20 demonstrations — as well as for several months prior to the summit, and in relation to this and every other major summit and non-summit protest — the general consensus shared by this blog … Continue reading

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Tim Blair Thursday, April 02, 2009 at 08:55am Some old-fashioned British police work at the G20 street party: Further images here. UPDATE. The Age‘s Paola Totaro reports: He came, he covered his face, he shimmied up a two-storey Corinthian column … Continue reading

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Police ‘assaulted’ bystander who died during G20 protests

Ian Tomlinson, 47, died during last week’s G20 protests. The immediate response by corporate/state media was to (wrongly) claim that police and others who came to his aid (following his collapse) were subjected to assault by protesters. Witnesses claim this … Continue reading

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