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Kyle McKee : An Angry Aryan with BONUS! Bombs

Update #3 : Over a year later, Kyle “has been sentenced to 60 days in jail after pleading guilty Thursday to three criminal charges. McKee, 25, pleaded guilty to uttering threats and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public … Continue reading

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antifa notes (april 20, 2012 happy birthday mister hitler edition)

Australia The Hammered Festival takes place in Brizvegas this weekend. The event celebrates the birth of a (misunderstood) dead, foreign, incestuous, coprophiliac dictator in 1889 and the 20th anniversary of the Hammerskins Down Under. An assortment of neo-Nazi pinheads will … Continue reading

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antifa notes (march 21, 2011)

RaHoWa! and Shazam! Here’s a few more notes on some recent fascist shenanigans–brought to you by the letters W and P. Good News First, the good news. Well, for fans of MMA boneheads at least, as @ ‘KSW XV – … Continue reading

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Quick! Somebody call Bill White a wahmbulance!

Everyone’s favourite Hollywood Nazi Bill White — or William A. White — has been found guilty of talking shit on the, ah, Internets. His “Racist threats could mean 35 years in prison for the Roanoke neo-Nazi”: Jury finds White guilty … Continue reading

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Aryan Guard: Obituary

Briefly: following the attempted bombing on the weekend, Canadian neo-Nazi groupuscule the ‘Aryan Guard’ is dead. It lived just 997 years short of 1,000. Before it died, the Guard helped launch ‘White Pride World Wide Day’ (aka ‘People Of European … Continue reading

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