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2010 Australian Federal election notes (August 4, 2010)

Those numbers again… 1. Building Australia Party : These blokes wanna build stuff. But government red tape stops them. If you wanna help build a BETTER Australia, Vote 1 BAP in Bennelong, Greenway, Macarthur in NSW and in the NSW, … Continue reading

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2010 Australian Federal election notes (July 31, 2010)

Full lists of 2010 federal election candidates now available | 1198 candidates to contest the 2010 federal election (29.5% female). White supremacists are go! The latest vehicle for Dr James Saleam’s vaulting political ambitions, the Australia First party, is fielding … Continue reading

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2010 Australian Federal Election (Miscellaneous)

Coalition Greens Labor Coalition Labor Greens Greens Labor Coalition Greens Coalition Labor Labor Coalition Greens Labor Greens Coalition… But! Have you considered… Champions of the ‘free market’, the Liberal Democratic Party are determined to show those faceless bureaucrats in Canberra … Continue reading

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Socialism vs. 2010 election

There are a number of Socialist (meaning: Leninist) battlegrounds at this year’s federal election. Apart from the Senate, in the Whorehouse of Representatives, there’s pitched battles in South Australia (SA) and Tasmania (TAS); two in Queensland (QLD); three in Western … Continue reading

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It’s like 1977 again, apparently

‘Anarchy is a la mode. It’s like 1977 again’ write Mark Davis and Jacqueline Maley in The Sydney Moaning Herald (July 23, 2010), all ’cause one of them stylish Anarchist crashes PM’s policy party (AAP, July 23, 2010). “His youthful … Continue reading

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“Dead, buried, cremated, that’s my signature,’’ Mr Abbott said.

LOL. The Mad Monk tries and fails to kill the albatross that is/was ‘WorkChoices’, bravely battling the reality that it won’t be until after Labor’s next term in office that the ill-will the scheme generated will dissipate — by which … Continue reading

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antifa notes (july 18, 2010) : elections, forums and muzak

August A handful of white nationalists, namely Tony Pettitt in Greenway and Mick Saunders in Lindsay, will be losing at the upcoming Federal election, yesterday announced as taking place on Saturday, August 21. Both Pettitt and Saunders are members of … Continue reading

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Lenin Goes to Canberra? (Trot Guide 2010)

Maybe. Maybe not. But with a Federal election due any day now, I thought it was about time I again surveyed the local Trotskyist* scene, and thus ascertain: Who looks forward to this historical opportunity to seize state power by … Continue reading

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