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hysterical slackbastard

A Twitter War broke out recently concerning the use of the term ‘hysterical’. In brief, Justin Shaw of The King’s Tribune wrote an article on pornography in which he referred to the “hysterical screeches” made by the “Anti-Pornography Activist, Lecturer, … Continue reading

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Moaron Defamation

Strewth. Local scribbler Marieke Hardy got done for defamation after mis-identifying the author of a hate blog (jvmck.blogspot.com). Writer Hardy pays up in legal row over wrong online shaming Michelle Griffin December 27, 2011 And it’s a pretty very hateful … Continue reading

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Australian Political Blog Roll : HALP!

Greg @ Grog’s Gamut is writing a book for Scribe publishers on social media and politics, policy and journalism. As part of the project [he] thought it worthwhile trying to come up with a list of all Australian political blogs. … Continue reading

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Read This Blog

Or don’t. Doesn’t matter, I’ll probably get hit by a car anyways. Barking Coins is back. Faridabad Majdoor Samachar is a monthly publication in the Hindi language. Working families working families working families. Historical Underbelly. Stuff they don’t teach you … Continue reading

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Australia’s Best Political Blogs

Blah blah blah. Stumbling along the footpath on the information superhighway searching for commentary in response to Australia’s leading climate change scientist’s remarkable criticisms of Some Kinda Monster Called Multiculturalism (what apparently escaped from a zoo in deepest, darkest, Soviet … Continue reading

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blog notes (december 17, 2010)

Update : Whitelaw Towers wages war on ZOG. I’ll be blogging less frequently during the course of the next few weeks. In the meantime, some blogs what are worthy of note: marrichiweu: a new local (Melbourne) blog about muzak and … Continue reading

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anarchist notes (may 18, 2010)

A few things. t r u t h o u t has an interview with Simon Critchley here. Note that Critchley has been inspired by the Australian pamphlet series cum book How To Make Trouble and Influence People and titled … Continue reading

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…so much beauty…

another plug for player-hatin’ dorothy parker’s loon pond, especially [by way of poison pen] on Paul Sheehan, Lord Monckton, ten anti-commandments, and Dean Martin croons while Jerry Lewis tap dances …. [And by way of loon pond]:

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one: dead baby dead DIETER SAMOY FROM KILL BABY KILL, ROT IN HELL BABY HELL! One Peoples Project January 17, 2010 This scumbag who was the lead singer of a Belgian Nazi oi! band assaulted a Togolese immigrant in 2006 … Continue reading

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Bloggy Tuesday

Add New Link Book Anarchy Alive Uri Gordon. 2008. Zine Last Hours Last Hours is an online and occasional print zine for the anti-authoritarian, DIY and punk communities. It offers news, analysis, interviews and articles about radical culture, be it … Continue reading

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