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Deep veins: Australia and race

In denial over a deep vein of hate Nick O’Malley and Matt Wade The Sydney Morning Herald February 6, 2010 The Indian media lambasted Australia as a nation of racists after attacks on their students – and they may be … Continue reading

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F*&^ Off, We’re Not Darrin Hodges

Update #2 : Sadly, ‘Cheeky Darrin’s Abandoned Warehouse of Hate’ has been abandoned. But in other news, the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ has been evicted from its premises on Facebook by a Monster named Nessie… or possibly a ‘Son of Rage’?! … Continue reading

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“Fuck Off We’re Full” Finally Told To Fuck Off Facebook

Since the publication of the below, Facebook has apparently — finally — told “Fuck Off We’re Full” To Fuck Off. (So the wankers have set up another page : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=120173464366.) Source : Fight dem back! Facebook rep lies to Brisbane … Continue reading

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Terrie-Anne Verney : Take the Money And Run

I feel sorry for Darrin Hodges sometimes. Well, not really. But still. In July, a racist dingbat named Terrie-Anne Verney was sacked from her job as a sales rep for Griffith FM community radio station 2MIA. Terrie-Anne’s dismissal followed hot … Continue reading

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Dreaming of An Aryan Jeannie : Australia First, Australian Protectionist Parties

Update : Eric the red back in action, Damien Murphy and Emily Dunn, The Sydney Morning Herald, July 13, 2009. Update : KKK infiltration claims are sabotage: party, Matt Bachl, ninemsn, July 10, 2009. Also: Today JJJ interviewed someone claiming … Continue reading

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