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slackbastard ~versus~ Australia First Party, Daily Stormer, Reclaim Australia (etc.)

So anyway, Sydney-based Australia First Party (AFP) member ‘Nathan Sykes’ has written an article for US-based neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer complaining about my blog. You may remember Daily Stormer from such online hate campaigns as that directed at Australian Muslim … Continue reading

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Countering #ReclaimAustralia

A brief note: folks in various cities are organising to oppose the racist/xenophobic/anti-Muslim ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies on April 4. Below are links to Facebook event pages promoting this opposition. ADELAIDE : Reclaim Adelaide From the Racists BRISBANE : Destroy racism … Continue reading

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antifa notes (march 2, 2015) : Reclaim Australia (etc.)

To celebrate my return to Facebook I thought I may as well post some further notes on the Reclaim Australia rally along with a handful of other bits + pieces. Reclaim Australia 1) Thus far, there are counter-rallies and actions … Continue reading

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Good Propaganda, Bad Propaganda

I got kicked off Facebook for sharing the image above, originally published on the Islamophobia Register Facebook page, of vandalism at a mosque in Perth. See : White supremacist graffiti sprayed on Perth mosque in third attack in eight months, … Continue reading

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Reclaim Australia : What do they want, anyway?

A few days ago, an anonymous party published a website titled ‘Reclaim Australia’. The site has published what is at this stage the most complete statement of demands the rally organisers have managed to compile. Below is my response. This … Continue reading

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RALLY AGAINST RACISM – Melbourne Sat April 4 @ Fed Square

On Saturday April 4 the far right have organised a series of public rallies under the title of ‘Reclaim Australia’. Because Muslims. In Melbourne, organisers have elected to rally at the Shrine of Remembrance Federation Square. A counter-rally has been … Continue reading

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Reclaim Australia AKA “Muslims Out!”

The ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies organised for April 4 will bring together a wide range of Islamophobic individuals and organisations. Below is a brief account of some of these. The ‘Patriots Defence League’ (PDL) is an incorporated association registered in Queensland, … Continue reading

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Reclaim Australia & The Great Aussie Patriot : Shermon Burgess

‘Reclaim Australia’ is the name given to a series of public rallies planned for Saturday, April 4 — three weeks before the multi-million dollar ANZAC Day celebrations. Untangling the threads of the big ball of resentment that is Reclaim Australia … Continue reading

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Australian Defence League receive informal ‘cease and desist’ letter, postmarked Lakemba (2195)

Yesterday afternoon, Ralph Cerminara declared on Twitter that he would be leading a crusade to Lakemba: It didn’t go quite according to plan, however. After having been given a clip ’round the ears by angry locals, ADL führer Cerminara (36) … Continue reading

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Far right, post-siege …

I wrote an article for New Matilda. You can read it here. Note that another Islamophobic organisation, the Patriots Defence League Australia, is meeting in Geelong on Sunday at the Rippleside Park Motor Inn. Finally, the ‘Party for Freedom’ managed … Continue reading

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