Southern Cross Hammerskins… on Channel Ten

    When justice minister Amanda Vanstone said that the alleged Latvian war criminal Konrads Kalejs was “welcome” to stay in Australia, it was a revealing slip of the tongue. Since 1947, when the first Nazi war criminals arrived in Australia, “successive governments have knowingly allowed hundreds of men responsible for the cruel imprisonment, torture, rape and mass execution of tens of thousands of innocent civilians to make Australia home”. This is the damning conclusion of Mark Aarons’ book on how and why Labor and Liberal governments have allowed Nazi killers into Australia and protected them. ~ Phil Shannon, Why Nazis still call Australia home, Green Left Weekly, June 6, 2001

    133. dan – 2010-04-05 09:11:00
    love your work these niggers are out of control here in central QLD sniffing paint and being coons it’s about time we had a voice and a means to stop them cheers


Only a few weeks prior to the neo-Nazi gig on the Gold Coast (Saturday, April 17), ‘Blood & Honour Australia’ and the ‘Southern Cross Hammerskins’ have gotten a guernsey on Channel Ten news and on

Coast’s ‘white pride’ music festival probe
Ben Dillaway
April 5, 2010

POLICE are investigating a white pride festival planned for the Gold Coast this month, however they may be powerless to prevent it.

White supremacists from around the world are expected [to] converge on the Coast for the Hammered music festival.

The Queensland chapter of the Southern Cross Hammer Skinheads is publicising the festival which is ‘proudly presented’ by Crew 38 and Blood and Honour, a race-hate group banned in Germany for spreading Nazi messages.

“Hell yeah, this is going to be one hell of a week! Sun, Surf and Racialist Music,” wrote tattooed-aryan on the SCHS website, but the venue for the festival was not named.

Gold Coast police superintendent Jim Keogh said officers were looking into the festival planned for April 17.

“There are anti-discrimination laws but that relates to specific comments, placards and things like that so it is a tricky one at law,” he said.

Mayor Ron Clarke said the council could not stop the event.

“The police and the government have to determine if it’s an illegal organisation,” he said.

• The event is being organised by two neo-Nazi groups: the Southern Cross Hammerskins and Blood & Honour Australia (‘Crew 38’ is the supporter/feeder organisation for the Hammerskins).
• B&H was founded in the UK in 1987 by dead boneheads Ian Stuart (Donaldson) and Nicky Crane; it infected Australia soon after. The Hammerskins were founded in the US in the same period.
• B&H is banned in Germany (also Belgium and Portugal), as are all openly neo-Nazi organisations. There has been a push to ban the organisation as a ‘terrorist’ association in the UK, but this has failed to attract any support. The Hammerskins have been declared an unlawful association in Spain, and in August last year a number of its members were jailed for weapons offences.
• There are two Australian bands scheduled to play the gig on April 17: Open Season and Ravenous (Melbourne).
• The international guest band has not been announced in order to ensure its members make it through Customs. This is not a difficult task as B&H and the Hammerskins have successfully toured a number of foreign bands in the past. Their most recent overseas guests, Kill Baby Kill, are (were) from Belgium. Dieter Samoy, the vocalist for the band, committed suicide in January of this year after being sentenced to two years jail for his part in beating Togolese immigrant Raphaël Mensah into unconsciousness in May 2006.
• In order to avoid potential police or other harassment, the venues for B&H gigs are never publicised. In Melbourne, previous venues have included the Birmingham Hotel* in Fitzroy (2006 and previous years), the Melbourne Croatia Social Club in Sunshine (2007) and the Beaconsfield Hotel in Beaconsfield (2008). *Note that, following a community boycott, the fascist-sympathising pub manager left it in 2008.
• It seems highly unlikely that the neo-Nazis are breaking any laws, as neither association is unlawful, and the event is a private, invitation-only affair. An assault upon a black woman in Fitzroy during the course of one gig was unreported to police; reports of other racial assaults in connection to such events are anecdotal. Lyrics to the songs played by the bands are racist and viciously so, but depend upon ‘offence’ being caused to the listener for legal remedy via racial and religious vilification legislation, the use of which is exceedingly rare in any case.
• In addition to organising gigs, the Hammerskins and B&H also distribute neo-Nazi propaganda; principally by way of the 9percent productions website. In addition to muzak, the site also sells merch (B&H, SCHS, Nazi pins and the like) and propaganda (The Turner Diaries by “Andrew MacDonald” (dead US nutzi William Pierce) and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, among others).
• Police — especially the political police — monitor the activity of groups such as B&H and the Hammerskins, and if the identities of the parties responsible for organising Hammerfest are not known, this is not because the state is incapable of obtaining such information. The Victorian organiser for B&H, for example, is Justin O’Brien, who owns Hold Fast Body Art tattoo studio in Burwood (and who threatened to assault me if I didn’t stop blogging about neo-Nazis!).

See also : Local Anti-Racist Shot in Downtown Portland (April 2, 2010) | Blood & Honour : Crush them Reich now! (February 23, 2010) | Blood & Honour… in the ‘Sunday Herald Sun’! (November 1, 2009).

Nationalist Alternative & Co.

Update : Far right attempts to hijack internet censorship rally, Alex Bainbridge, Green Left Weekly, March 13, 2010.

Fascist bookseller Pedro Varela may be in trouble in Spain, but books for sale through the Australian neo-Nazi mail order 9 percent productions include autographed copies of Jewish Supremacism and My Awakening by former Klansman David Duke; The Turner Diaries by dead nutzi William Pierce; Imperium by dead nutzi Francis Parker Yockey and — of course — the nineteenth century Tsarist forgery The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Note that 9 percent is the merchanding arm of Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins, two neo-Nazi groups currently organising a birthday party for Adolf Hitler on the Gold Coast. (Hitler’s birthday is Tuesday, April 20; the gig is Friday, April 17.) Note also that a number of these titles were formerly available via Australian Protectionist Party (APP) member Martin Fletcher’s site Downunder Newslinks, but following a political re-alignment, these titles were removed (last year) and the party’s phobias, and hence Fletcher’s, are now Asians, Islam, and teh Left. In keeping with their current mania, you can still download a copy of the ‘controversial’ game Muslim Massacre from Fletcher’s site.

Speaking of APP, it declared in its February newsletter that it had obtained 500 members — enough to register with the AEC as a political party. Its chief rival in Australia First declared it had reached this milestone in July 2009, but it is apparently experiencing some technical difficulties achieving its goal. In any case, under the wise leadership of Dr James Saleam, AF will — with the assistance of a number of decrepit members of allied and now largely defunct groups such as Australians Against Further Immigration and One Nation — soon be joining the far left and numerous independents as they battle for last place at the polls.

Of course, like his Leninist rivals — from whom Saleam & Co. draw much of their inspiration — Herr Doktor understands that, given the extremely unlikely possibility of actual victory, participation in electoral contests conducted by the liberal democratic state is a means to an end. For Saleam — bizarrely, a White supremacist of non-White descent — that means assembling a fascist cadre, a project he has spent the last four decades pursuing, with various degrees of success (and occasionally ending in bloodshed). Like a mid-career rock ‘n’ roll or pop band, this also means being able to lower the demographic. In other words, to attract yoof to the cause. Saleam made an abortive attempt at this via a short-lived group called the ‘Patriotik Yoof League’ (PYL). It attracted a small number of racist meatheads before collapsing in a heap. Indicative of the farcical nature of many of the Australian far right’s construction projects, the PYL ended its life while having as its sole member a middle-aged man from Queensland named John Drew, later expelled from AF ostensibly for advocating a vote for the Greens.

Since the disappearance of the PYL, a small number of yoof, alienated from the cardigan-wearing membership of AF, have, like their racist European and North American cousins, been attracted to some of the more contemporary re-workings of fascist ideology, in particular those which attempt to mimic anarchist and radical, ‘autonomous’, left-wing movements. The two can happily work together, it seems, and at least as far as the Hacks @ JJJ are concerned, are more-or-less twins (hear : Hack, Thursday, March 4, 2010).

In the meantime, a brief introduction to some of the newer permutations on/of the far right.

National Anarchism

National Anarchism is an oxymoron, and as such tends to attracts morons: White supremacists.

Originating in the UK, ‘national anarchism’ was introduced into Australia by the Sydney-based fascist Welf Herfurth. Born in Germany, but emigrating to Australia in the late 1980s, Herfurth has been a member of a string of racist, right-wing organisations, from the German NPD through to the Australian Friends of the BNP and the One Nation Party. In the few years he has been attempting to cultivate the ideology on Australian soil, Herfurth has gathered around him a small clutch of like-minded souls, most of whom appear to be teenage boys or men in their early 20s, and almost all of whom were attracted to Herfurth (and national anarchism) by way of the US-based White supremacist (and virulently anti-Semitic) website Stormfront.

The national anarchists made their political debut on the Australian political stage in September 2007, when a small group of approximately 20–30 dressed in anarchist drag and formed a short-lived and stationary ‘black bloc’ at an APEC protest rally. (One of the ‘anarchists’ present was NSW APP spokesperson Darrin Hodges.) Although a handful of members have staged a few other rallies since then, in terms of its public presence, this has been the highpoint for national anarchism thus far.

In Melbourne, the national anarchist banner has been taken up by Geelong-based Scott Harrison. Harrison, like Herfurth, has been involved in a string of fascist groups and projects, of which, along with anti-fluoridation, national anarchism is but the most recent. In his capacity as a ‘national anarchist’, Harrison attempted, along with a tiny handful of other national anarchists, to join a May Day rally in 2008, and an anti-censorship rally that December. On both occasions, the fascists were told to go forth and multiply.

See also : ‘Co-opting the Counter Culture: Troy Southgate and the National Revolutionary Faction’ by Graham D. Macklin (May 30, 2009) | National Anarchist!.

Nationalist Alternative

Nationalist Alternative (NA) is a new group on the far right that was established in Melbourne in late 2008. In some ways, NA may be regarded as being national anarchism for grown-ups — if those grown-ups are 20-something fascist University students. Like the national anarchists, NA attempts to adapt progressive or radical chic to its own ends, in this case by mimicking the style of ‘Socialist Alternative’, a left-wing party which has been reasonably successful at recruiting University students. (Like the national anarchists, NA is also inspired by similar developments on the European far right, especially in Germany: a recent essay published by NA analyses the prospects for the German far right, advocating, inter alia, the abandonment of obvious signs of Nazism.)

NA announced its presence in 2008 by participating in a campaign to stop the construction of a mosque in Newport, partly by way of supporting an unsuccessful campaign to elect a candidate (Barbara Johnstone) from a local community group (Newport West Action Group) to local council. Since then, it has attempted to garner publicity by focusing upon education and housing issues, producing propaganda specifically targeting University students, blaming the presence of foreigners in Australia for educational and housing shortages, and placing these issues within a broader context of the political agenda of a global elite intent upon deracination and the destruction of the Australian nation.

NA made a minor splash on Saturday, March 6, 2010 when a handful of Aryans — ostensibly Angry @ the Federal Government’s imposition of a filtering system on local Internet access — attended a protest rally in Perth. From a balcony above the speakers’ platform, the fascists unleashed a banner reading ‘Save Water Cut Immigration’. A short while later, a few anti-racists at the rally informed NA that they were not welcome and should leave, which they duly did. “Stop the Filter organiser Trish Zanetti told iTnews that the rally continued as planned after the Nationalist Alternative group left” (Not all welcome at Perth anti-filter rally, Liz Tay,, March 8, 2010).

See also : Nationalist Alternative : “just a bunch of students from Melbourne” (July 8, 2009).

In relation to both the ‘national anarchists’ and NA, the main points worth reiterating are: a) they are fascist in political orientation; b) they attempt to recruit yoof and, in the case of NA, tertiary students in particular; c) they are relatively inexperienced, but receive political guidance from more seasoned right-wing activists; d) they attempt to appropriate anarchist or radical, left-wing motifs; e) generally lacking the capacity to stage their own public demonstrations (like the far right as a whole), they are eager to attach themselves to whichever political project will tolerate their being in its orbit.

    New Right

    The common denominator linking the national anarchists and NA is the New Right, an ideological trend most commonly associated with the French fascist intellectual Alain de Benoist. In the 1970s and 1980s, de Benoist and fellow thinkers attempted to modernise post-WWII fascist thought, and to chart a new course for fascist movements in the contemporary world. Other key influences on post-WWII fascist thinking include Pierre Krebs, Michael Walker, Armin Mohler and also Carl Schmitt (whose writings have also been championed by the critical bizarros @ Telos Press).

White Pride World Wide Day: March 21, 2010

March 21 is of course International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination White Pride World Wide Day. In Australia, Perth plasterer Paul Innes, the moderator of Stormfront Down Under, will presumably be plastering the town White with posters proclaiming White racial supremacy — or, at the very least, advocating a run to the hills, and a project of intensive inbreeding.

In Aoteroa/New Zealand, the fascists belonging to Right Wing Resistance New Zealand (RWRNZ) and the New Zealand National Front (NZNF) are expected to jackboot about, presumably with Kyle Chapman — who “retired” from politics last year — to be in the vanguard.

In Canada, the ‘White Nationalist Front’, ‘Western European Bloodline’, ‘Aryan Guard’, ‘Aryan Nations’ and the KKK will be holdng hands in Calgary, and proclaiming their solidarity with other racist, batshit-crazy, swastika-licking Whites everywhere. Announcing the event on Stormfront, Kevin Goudreau writes that the assorted racist and fascists “will be united even if it[‘]s just for 1 day it will happen and everyone can go back to infighting l88r. WPWW 14 wordSS!”

Truly inspiring stuff.

The Canadian schmucks have been busy informing on, threatening to kill, and actually trying to blow one another up in recent months, so it seems likely that their training in brick-dodging has been somewhat curtailed, resulting in fewer and slower targets for competitors in the 2010 Antifa Winter Olympics.

See : Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective | Anti-Racist Action Calgary.

(Elsewhere in North AmeriKKKa, there will be rallies in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Well, according to the members of the North East White Pride forum.)

Oh yeah. In Melbourne, Hobbit — the short Klansman with hairy feet who “walk[s] around often wearing my Klan tshirt through the jew suburbs of Melbourne” — having been spurned by the racist yoof belonging to the Southern Cross Soldiers, is also being shunned by the boneheads belonging to Blood & Honour and the students of Nationalist Alternative.

Today is the 9th of March,there has been over 1,000 views yet NO ONE has come foward [sic] to suggest anything.We have Blood&Honour,HammerSkins and National Alternitive [sic] members in Melbourne yet not one of them has come foward [sic] to say..Yeah I want to help out on White Pride day.I don[‘]t care if you lot hate me,this is about WHITE PRIDE DAY not me or you,it[‘]s about our survival as a RACE.I don[‘]t know what will happen around the country but here in Melbourne I will be in town all day promoting OUR WHITE RACE,anyone who wants to join me is more than welcome.

My name is Hobbit, Knight of Klans,
Look on my Works ye Mighty, and despair!

Bonus Nazi Lovin’!

it’s war vs zog reborn / with a rod for god / as a prop for a weak ego / that needs absolute white control / their pride is violated / their thoughts are cable regulated / they peddle their electric hate / contaminate state to state / they mourn for the death of a nation / their time spent perpetuating / the myth of a caucasian christ / to prove right the anaemic life / so get loaded up for penetration / proud man in their aryan nation / they play with superior toys / but their games are all for sick little boys / the grand dragon is a phallic name / they use to hide his impotent state / face masked by a secret shame / the real length of the snake / spread hate with genetic lies / castrate and sterilize / at the gates of a molecular hell / stands a reaper with a sickle cell / their ‘order’ is just a friendly metaphor / for club law and a .44 / and goosestepping with the nra / when they can feel their grip slipping away …

antifa notes : february 26, 2010

    “As I stated on the Bombshell forum Andy, you are a liar, a hypocrite and no better than the trash that you fight against.” ~ Dion, December, 2007.

The trash I fight against and in relation to which I’m no better are in trouble in Russia. (But who gives a shit about Russia? Faggots like me I guess.) Anyway, “A court in Moscow has sentenced nine members of a neo-Nazi skinhead gang to prison terms of up to 23 years” (Neo-Nazi skinheads jailed in Russia for racist killings, Artyom Liss, BBC News, February 25, 2010). In other news, the murders of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova in January 2009 have been declared to be ‘political’: “Last November, Nikolai Tikhonov, 29, and Yevgenia Khasis, 24, members of a radical neo-Nazi nationalist group, were charged with a “murder committed by previous concert by a group of individuals”. The case made headlines all over the world and once again highlighted the dangers faced by journalists and human rights activists in Russia, which has one of the poorest journalist safety records in the world.”

Closer to home, neo-Nazi network Blood & Honour have announced their production of some more t-shirts, which are “Ours not theirs”, apparently. The t-shirts are exclusive to 9percent productions and numbers are limited, so “if you want to be the best dressed White Nationalist/Patriot at your next BBQ or get together, get in quick!” Anyone wanting to sport a new tattoo as well as a new t-shirt when they attend the celebration of Hitler’s birthday that B&H is organising on the Gold Coast in a few months time should pop in to Hold Fast Body Art in Burwood. Proprietor Justin O’Brien, who is the Victorian organiser for B&H, is giving a 10% discount to anyone mentioning this ad (and who manages to avoid being pepper-sprayed by him as they run to the door).

In the UK, the Centre for Social Cohesion is recommending that the Home Office consider proscribing O’Brien’s comrades in B&H (and C18) under Terrorism Act 2000 and 2006 legislation. Until the next time a B&H member commits an atrocity however, and notwithstanding the fact that the organisation is banned in Germany (and only last week had one of its gigs in Croatia closed down by police), it would seem an unlikely outcome. Further, what impact it would have on the far right as a whole is questionable — although it would make the snazzy new t-shirts 9percent is selling unlawful to wear or display, and not only as a crime against fashion.

Meanwhile, over the water and on the other side of the pond…

Pickering murder suspect has Nazi past
Steve Hopkins
Sunday News/
February 21, 2010

The man charged with murdering young mum Vanessa Pickering was a founding member of a skinhead gang.

Today Sunday News can reveal Malcolm George Chaston co-founded South Island-based gang the Fourth Reich with another man – a convicted murderer – in the 1990s.

Chaston appeared in the Christchurch District Court on Wednesday charged with Pickering’s murder, the same day she was farewelled at Christchurch Cathedral.

Pickering’s body was found by police searching at Godley Head, on Banks Peninsula, a few days after her disappearance on Monday last week.

Her daughter was found wandering alone in a paddock on the night her mother went missing. Pickering is believed to have died of stab wounds.

Chaston, 40 – who is in custody and will reappear in the Christchurch District Court on Wednesday – had earlier been charged with assault with intent to commit sexual violation, and separate counts of abduction, assault and sexual violation of a child last week.

The detective in charge of the Pickering homicide, detective senior sergeant Virginia Le Bas, told Sunday News she “didn’t really know” if Chaston was linked with Neo-Nazi gang the Fourth Reich.

But a gang source and police intelligence officers confirmed Chaston’s involvement with the gang, which is now largely based in Nelson and along the West Coast.

Chaston is no longer an active member.

Meanwhile, a gang source said white-supremacist gangs like the Fourth Reich and new gang Nazi Skins were again on the rise and their numbers inside Christchurch Men’s Prison were swelling.

The Fourth Reich was formed in 1994, and has a very bloody history. Convicted murderer Hayden Brent McKenzie is another (former) member, who came to notoriety following his killing of South Korean backpacker Jae Hyeon Kim in 2003. See : OMG!Violence is real!LOL! Neo-Nazi beliefs blamed for murders! And attempted murders!ROFLMAO! (December 5, 2008) | Reign of the Fourth Reich, The Press, June 25, 2005: “The Fourth Reich tortured its enemies and forced a police officer into hiding. What chance did an eccentric West Coast drifter have? Matt Conway delves into the strange life and brutal death of James ‘Janis’ Bambrough.”

(Fourth Reich is also the name of an Australian OMC; apart from an apparent, shared appreciation for Hitler’s Germany, it has no relationship to the New Zealand boneheads.)

On a lighter note, From Bonehead to Orthodox Jew, Dan Bilefsky, The New York Times, February 24, 2010.

Blood & Honour : Crush them Reich now!

ZOMG! Blood! Honour! Social! Cohesion!


I bring to your attention two reports from the UK on ‘Blood & Honour’, the neo-Nazi network of ‘patriotic musicians of a right-wing persuasion what organises musical performances for younger persons’ (Dr James Saleam, Australia First Party). Born in 1987, “rather like football hooliganism, Blood & Honour originated in England, but has gone on to bigger and better things elsewhere” (Antifa UK), spreading like some kinda… I dunno… virus or something, first to Australia, and then the world.

Which is News… of the World.


Crush them Reich now

Anti-terror chiefs have warned against the growing threat from Nazi fanatics hell-bent on unleashing a new wave of bloody mayhem on Britain’s streets. The hardcore racists have vowed to WIPE OUT non-whites and set up a FOURTH REICH, echoing Hitler’s evil empire.

This ARTICLE in NEWS OF THE WORLD is CONTINUED at NORFOLK UNITY. Its publication was occasioned by a new report on B&H released by a mob called the Centre for Social Cohesion:

New report released today by the Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC) and Nothing British exposes violent ideology of white supremacism. Featured in yesterday’s News of the World, ‘Blood & Honour: Britain’s Far-Right Militants’ analyses the threat posed by white supremacist militant network, Blood & Honour (B&H).

You can download the report as a PDF.

I haven’t read the report yet, but when I do I’ll add some commentary (if I think it necessary). Otherwise, White Noise: inside the international nazi skinhead scene, edited by Nick Lowles and Steve Silver (Searchlight, 1998) provides some good background material, while the ‘Turn It Down’ site in the US has recently published a nice White Power Band Map, “To assist anyone and everyone who cares enough about music and wants to keep hate groups from hijacking our scenes”.

Adolf Adolf Adolf! Oi oi oi!

In Australia, B&H has been around for over 20 years, and works in close collaboration with another neo-Nazi skinhead group called the Hammerskins. (The Hammerskins originated in Texas; the Australian franchise is known as the Southern Cross Hammerskins.) B&H Australia is tiny, but does manage to organise an annual gig in Melbourne to commemorate the death in 1993 of B&H co-founder Ian Stuart Donaldson, as well as other, occasional events in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and elsewhere. Otherwise, the group produces an occasional (Internet) radio show (episodes appearing in January, April, July, September and December 2009), and distributes neo-Nazi muzak and propaganda through its merchandising arm, 9% Percent Productions.

Beyond this, the network receives some small degree of support from others involved in the local music industry, a fact which, given its longevity, is unsurprising. Thus individuals involved with or on the periphery of the minuscule white power muzak industry have established generally cordial relations with others uncommitted and generally uninterested in furthering White racial supremacy. Of course, given broader public contempt for neo-Nazism and related doctrines, this support is generally covert rather than open, and tolerating the presence or even actively cooperating with racist, right-wing elements is usually justified on other grounds. For example, when, in 2006, an inner-city Melbourne pub was exposed as hosting the annual B&H memorial gig, a relatively large number of punk bands rallied around the pub’s manager. (The worst of the scabs still gigging are Marching Orders, Slick 46 and (ironically) The Worst.) While for the most part arising from a sense of loyalty to the pub manager, the ‘apolitical’ approach of many in the milieu may also be attributable to the more general yuppification of the subculture (although it should be noted that even yuppies are generally capable of recognising Nazism as being, like, Bad!).

In any case, despite this support, after a community boycott was initiated — one which gained the support of a range of local groups and individuals, including many other, more politically-aware punks — the racist, neo-Nazi sympathising management was removed, and a new, non-fascist friendly crew took over. Ironically, the main threat to its continued existence is now not the stench of neo-Nazism but draconian legislation ostensibly aimed at stemming violence at live music venues!

White Noise Productions

Outside of local, neo-conservative and reactionary 100% Two Fingers In the Air Punk Rawk™ circles, there’s a small audience for racist and fascist ideas within the heavy metal milieu — although again, most assume a fairly apathetic approach to politics, and/or extol the virtues of racism simply for its transgressive appeal.

A recent entrant into the field of heavy metal promotion is White Noise Productions, which maintains — at best — what might be termed an ambivalent approach to groups such as Blood & Honour. Thus WNP arranged for a brief tour Down Under by the fascist-sympathising Deströyer 666 in January 2010, is friends with the openly neo-Nazi band Ravenous, as well as B&H’s merchandising arm 9% Productions, and until recently (early 2010) proclaimed the promotion’s allegiance to ‘Blood & Honour’ and the network’s FREE! “Interactive Media Promotion’: like Panzerfaust‘s 2004 ‘Operation Schoolyard’ (albeit on a much tinier scale), an attempt to provide FREE! neo-Nazi propaganda to White yoof.


Like that adopted towards other groups and projects deemed to be potential sources of ‘politically-motivated violence’, the attitude of police and state authorities towards B&H and allied groups is generally one of watchful tolerance. (The obvious exception to that rule currently being the Muslim population; see : Kevin Rudd says Australia faces major terror threat, BBC, February 23, 2010.) Thus, providing the boys break no laws, they may carry on their activities more or less unmolested.

The only possible, slightly complicating factor is the existence of laws prohibiting ‘racial vilification’, which theoretically provide citizens the opportunity to file complaints for such things as the publication of enjoinders to racial violence. However, the use of such laws is extremely rare, their employment generally expensive to those concerned, and, moreover, of questionable legal bearing when brought to bear on private performances and the ah, Internets. (See also : More powers to nab net racists, Josh Gordon, The Sydney Morning Herald, February 21, 2010.) And while there have been a handful of murders, assaults, shootings and stabbings in recent decades (largely the result of internal bickering), given also the relative absence of violence on the far right — and its chronic inability to establish stable and even semi-popular structures — B&H and other neo-Nazi associations have only very occasionally been able to generate sensational headlines of the sort to be found in the News of The World.


Note that since the CSH report was published, police in Croatia have closed down a nutzi gig and arrested a number of organisers (for what crime(s) remains unknown); in a few weeks time, on March 6, Hungarian neo-Nazis will be holding a rally in the capital Budapest, while in the evening B&H are organising a pop concert. On February 22, the Hungarian Parliament voted “in favour of making Holocaust denial a criminal offence, punishable by up to three years imprisonment. The law was passed in a final vote with 197 in favour, 1 against, and 142 abstentions. It had been proposed by Attila Mesterhazy, prime ministerial candidate of the governing Hungarian Socialist Party. A motion by the centre-right opposition party Fidesz to extend the law to cover the denial of other crimes committed under the Communist regime was rejected by 178 votes to 146, with seven abstentions.”

Nutzis arrested in Croatia, Blue Max shot down, can the Strong Survive?

Bad news for fans of nazi muzak in Croatia, as a band with links to failed MMA clothing company Hoelzer Reich is arrested and another nutzi pop concert, organised by a fascist groupuscule known as ‘Hrvatskih Nacionalista’, is curtailed.

Zagreb – Authorities in Croatia have arrested and charged six people over an attempt to organize a concert of German neo-Nazi band, local media reported Sunday.

The band, Blue Max, were due to play in Krizevci, a small town in central Croatia.

The police banned the concert on Saturday night and arrested more than 30 people, including eight Germans and one Italian citizen.

The majority of arrested, aged between 20 and 30, were released after midnight, but six Croats were charged for displaying Nazi insignias, verbally assaulting police officers and not reporting the concert to authorities.

The concert was to feature two Croatian bands as well. – Sapa-dpa

Further reports in one of them foreign languages: Spriječen neonacistički koncert!, February 20, 2010 | Najavljen neonacistički koncert kod Križevaca, TJ,, February 20, 2010 | Glazbeno-desnoradikalna suradnja ne poznaje granice, Deutsche Welle, February 21, 2010 | Među privedenim neonacistima i Mauricio Tromboni iz Pule,, February 21, 2010.

See also : FOTO: ‘Ja sam Josip. Organizator, sto posto rasist i nacionalist’ for BONUS! photos or arrestees.

The Italian d00d appears to be some loser named Mauricio Tromboni.

The gig was intended to feature German oom-pah band Blue Max and a group of local swastika-lickers called Strong Survive. Funnily enough, the SS was scheduled to release a split CD with Polish nutzi band The Gits and Belgian nutzi band Kill Baby Kill in October 2009; sadly, the lead shouter for KBK, Dieter Samoy, committed suicide last month, after being sentenced to two years jail for his role in beating a black man unconscious during an assault in Brussels in 2006. KBK came, saw and conquered Australia in 2008 — those responsible for organising the whirlwind tour have organised another knees-up to take place on the Gold Coast in April, just a few days prior to Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Given their hatred of blacks and propensity to assault them, wrong-coloured members of the public touring the Gold Coast are advised to be alert but not alarmed on the neo-Nazi Big Day Out.

As for Hoelzer Reich, Ed from “We’re not Nazis” Westwall is a member of a super group V – G – C Strikeforce, which includes:

    V – G – C Strikeforce is project from German band Blue Max, Ed from BFG and Westwall and Croatian lads dedicated to expand patriotic music in Croatia conecting with Croats involved in patriotic scene around the world and spreading their message to our country, but also to introduce Croatia [tough?] music to world.

    Vocals: Maximus
    Guitar/Bass/Vocals: Big Ed
    Drums: Cottontail
    Backup vocals: Der Baron

    Vocals: Tim
    Guitar: Dennis
    Bass: Andreas
    Drums: Andre
    *members of Blue Max

    Vocals: Marko (Strong Survive)
    Backup: Grga (Strong Survive)
    Music: Blue Max
    Lyrics: Petar

    Influences : Westwall, Bound for Glory, Blue Max, Strong Survive.

Bonus Blue Max!

Extra bonus nutzis!

On the other hand…

See also : antifa // ultras (January 21, 2010) | Croatian fascism in Australia (January 20, 2010).