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Above : Boneheads gather outside the Virginia Palms Hotel in Brisbane. The meathead on the right reading the newspaper is wearing a ‘Ravenous’ t-shirt — Ravenous is a Melbourne-based neo-Nazi reich ‘n’ roll band: the band’s merch is available for … Continue reading

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Australia First Party : Trouble At Mill!

Readers, Eeek! Dr James Saleam, fuehrer of Australia First (NSW), has placed a fatwa on Australia First (er… Shepparton). Dr Jim’s fury has been unleashed — by way of a formal complaint to the WA Department of Commerce — on … Continue reading

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Australian Protectionist Party, Australia First Party, and the future of White nationalism

Theme song for this post: The minor outbursts of youthful over-exuberance on Australia/Invasion/Survival Day has elicited concern on the part of many, but also excitement on the part of local White nationalists. The two principal, party-political protagonists of White nationalism … Continue reading

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Australia First Party makes like a banana…

…and splits, into three factions: 1) Australia First (AF) in New South Wales; 2) Australia First in rural Victoria; 3) The Australian Protectionist Party (APP) in South Australia. Bad news for AF, great news for rightist trainspotters. The first grouping, … Continue reading

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The Sydney Forum // Australia First Party Conference

Oh dear. David Bradbury, the award-winning Australian documentary filmmaker, has decided to withdraw from the neo-fascist 2006 Sydney Forum (August 26/27). That makes Bradbury the second speaker (or possibly third, if one includes that “bloody funny sheila” — and vulgar … Continue reading

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antifa notes (august 18, 2013) : special Australia First WikiLeaks Party edition

Oh dear. I wasn’t going to write another post just yet but the decision by the WikiLeaks Party (WLP) to preference the Australia First Party ahead of the Greens in the NSW Senate contest [PDF] is I think noteworthy. So … Continue reading

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Australia First ~versus~ Australian Protectionist Party (March 2010)

For those of you coming in late, the Australia First Party (AF) and Australian Protectionist Party (APP) are currently fighting a ding-dong battle for the hearts and minds of White nationalists in Australia. Both parties — neither of which, it … Continue reading

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Rule #1 : NO POOFTAS! (Australia First Expels Hanson / Green Party Supporter: AtTeMpT tO dIsRuPt AuStRaLiA fIrSt StYmIeD)

Readers, Dr James Saleam, Führer of the Australia First Party (NSW), may be a pompous fascist dingbat, but — it must be admitted — he has mad skillz. In December 2008, Saleam wrote that the police shooting of Melbourne teenager … Continue reading

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Australia New Zealand Nationalist Protectionist Alliance First Party (Democrats)

The good citizens of NSW go to the polls on Saturday September 13 to elect worthy representatives to their local councils. Boring? Yes of course. But not entirely. Or at least, not as boring as the Logies anyway. In the … Continue reading

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australia. first. party. nuts. fish. heads. fish. heads. roly. poly. fish. heads.

White Pride World Wide! RAHOWA! Oh and remember to ‘Vote 1 Australia First’ in next year’s NSW council elections, mmmkay? Anti-Muslim campaigner jailed Daily Telegraph September 27, 2007 A RACIST pamphlet criticising Muslims was generated by a woman as revenge … Continue reading

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