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G20 : London’s Burning!

Summit police fear attacks on hotels used by the G20 leaders Sean O’Neill, Crime Editor The Times March 18, 2009 Security for the world leaders attending next month’s G20 summit in London is being stepped up amid fears that violent … Continue reading

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G20 : Courts allow violent foreign football hooligans to spit in the face of law-abiding citizens

one Taking rights to an extreme Herald Sun [Idiotorial] August 28, 2008 PEOPLE have a right to protest, but calling a politician a Hitler intent on raping the countryside and waving a hangman’s noose in his face is going too … Continue reading

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G20 : serial protesters, barricades, mobs, sentences and benefit gigs…

Five people — Julia Dehm, Rosalie Delaney, Beth Nathan, David Nguyen and Sofia Todorova — what previously plead guilty to various charges inre protests at G20 in November 2006 are currently appealing their sentences. Tomorrow night @ The Arthouse there’s … Continue reading

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G20 : The Spirit of Eureka 2008 fundraising gig, Saturday May 31

There’s a fundraising gig on this Saturday at the Lomond Hotel (225 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick), organised by OGASN (The Ongoing G20 Arrestee Support Network), and featuring the talents of Swamplands, Lou Bennett & The Sweet Cheeks, Tonchi & Jaezed, … Continue reading

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G20 : SP says ‘Drop the charges’

And I think they’ve got a point. Oh, and drop the charges against Dave Kerin too! ======================================================== Drop the charges against the G20 arrestees SP Newsletter No.213 The Victorian Labor government is continuing with its campaign to further criminalise protest … Continue reading

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G20 : Appeal / riot grrl

Appeal over G20 jail time Herald Sun May 3, 2008 A PROTESTER jailed over his role in Melbourne’s violent G20 riots in 2006 has won the right to appeal against his sentence. Akin Sari, 29, of no fixed address, was … Continue reading

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G20 : Barrister attempts to violate law of physics

G20 police ‘rioted’ says barrister Steve Butcher The Age March 14, 2008 A barrister for a protester fighting charges from the G20 business summit has accused police of using unlawful violence and of rioting on Melbourne streets. Stratton Langslow argued … Continue reading

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G20 : Akin Sari sentenced to 28 months

29 year-old student Akin Sari was today sentenced by Judge Roy Punshon to 28 months jail, with a 14 month minimum before becoming eligible for parole (and having already served 7) after Sari plead guilty to nine charges. He was … Continue reading

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G20: Wheels of Justice Grind On

Update (February 20) : G20 protesters plead guilty, Matthew Burgess, The rAge, February 19, 2008: “Three people have pleaded guilty to charges over violent protests at the G20 business summit in November 2006. Danya Bryx, 23, has pleaded guilty to … Continue reading

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G20 : Arrest #28 in Brisbane

According to police media: G20 protestor arrested in Queensland Release date: Tue 11 December 2007 More than one year on from the event, police continue to pursue protestors involved in last year’s G20 forum. Queensland police today arrested a 37-year-old … Continue reading

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