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Hammerfest 2007: CANCELLED

KATU got video of tricksy boneheads. Tony Baker, one of the key members (‘Exalted Ruler’) of the Sherwood Elks Lodge, apparently posted the following message on Portland IndyMedia, explaining the circumstances surrounding the neo-Nazi booking by the Hammerskins, and, upon … Continue reading

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Hammerfest 2007

Don’t tell me I can’t believe from where it was I came 200 years of separation, my blood is still the same We don’t want your thunder, this now you must know We are paying tribute with the sounds of … Continue reading

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“Scum” issue statement on 2007 ISD gig at Melbourne Croatia

Local neo-Nazi muzak group Blood & Honour Australia has issued a statement on their website regarding the 2007 Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig, held on October 13, 2007 at the Melbourne Croatia Social Club in Sunshine, at which four bands … Continue reading

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“Doin’ it for the kids”: The Starlight Children’s Foundation, The Birmy, Boneheads & Boycotts

So, it appears that — judging by the comments left by a handful of upset punters — the Starlight Children’s Foundation eventually decided not to accept the funds generated by the benefit gig at The Birmingham Hotel on February 9. … Continue reading

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“Wats up u black dogs ya mate jst got knocked da fuck out we jst jacked him welcome 2 australia u jigaboo fucks melton blood gang we from melton u peices of shit”

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But No, that’s not Kevin Andrews, and ‘melton blood gang’ is not a new, ‘hip’ term for the Young Liberals — it’s a youth from Melton with a somewhat, ah, unusual interpretation of the … Continue reading

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“Just a bunch of guys playing music”

…is apparently how Ken, the manager of the Sherwood Elks Lodge in Sherwood, Oregon, the venue for this weekend’s Hammerfest neo-Nazi music festival, has described the event. “The Ad-Hoc Committee Against Racism and Fascism”, on the other hand, “urges all … Continue reading

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Skin Cancer (Arf arf)

‘Skin Cancer’ Krista Stryker Willamette Weekly October 3rd, 2007 “A white supremacist group comes to Portland to celebrate its 20th anniversary.” If you’ve never heard of Hammerskin Nation, it’s fair to say the group coming to Portland this weekend for … Continue reading

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Hammerskins. Confederate, Western, Southern Cross…

NB. On October 13, the local chapter of this mob, the Southern Cross Hammerskins, will be holding a gig somewhere in Melbourne… SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL–Three days before Hammerfest 2007 kicks off, three members of the Confederate Hammerskins (CHS) will be … Continue reading

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“Stop! Hammer time!” Or: Boneheads and Baldies

International neo-Nazi (bonehead) network the Hammerskins will be celebrating 20 years of racist stupidity, ignorance and violence this year at Hammerfest, their annual gathering and concert. Hammerfest 2007 is scheduled to take place October 5–7, in Portland, Oregon, and in … Continue reading

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Wade Michael Page and the (Southern Cross) Hammerskins

[This post was made possible by contributions from Anonymous, HS and PS. As of this date, the main Hammerskins site is down but the Southern X Hammerskins site is up. Wade Michael Page’s record label, Label 56, has also … Continue reading

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