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Stormfront morans v Honi Soit

Investigating Stormfront: Whiteness, Demography and Politics Honi Soit “Matilda Surtees and Geordie Crawford investigate Australian white supremacy organisations.” March 27, 2014 According to the University of Sydney’s student paper Honi Soit, “White supremacist posters, which depicted the Celtic cross, and … Continue reading

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Stormfront Down Under Circus : 2008-2013 (w/- BONUS! Derek Black)

Oh dear. Last week Derek Black, son of Don Black, inter alia convicted terrorist and founder of the Stormfront website, announced that he was leaving the white nationalist movement (DEREK BLACK E-MAIL TO MARK POTOK, JULY 15, 2013, PDF). According … Continue reading

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Propagandhi ~versus~ Stormfront Down Under

Update (May 19, 2011) : So anyway. Propagandhi’s first gig (Wednesday, May 17) was apparently undisturbed. During their second (Thursday, May 18), at about the time the band took to the stage (10-10.30pm) a small group of 10–20 young nazis … Continue reading

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“What’s a Stormfront?” Darrin Hodges in The Canberra Times

Darrin Hodges is a Protectionist: he wants to protect (White) Australia from Asians, Muslims, Communism, Multiculturalism, teh Gays, Muslims, and Asians. (And Muslims.) Once an admirer of Hitler, a Jew-hater, a member of Don Black‘s Stormfront website and Dr James … Continue reading

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The Stormfront Down Under Circus : 2004–2008

It’s been a while since I cast a weary eye over Stormfront Down Under, so recently I thought I’d take a peek to see how things are faring for our racist friends, especially since former Yanqui Co-Moderator jack_boot let go … Continue reading

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Swastikas are band on Stormfront

Swastikas are band on Stormfront! Shock! Horror! Or so says ‘Sam’, a race warrior from Victoria. Apparently, the ban is a result of Don I have a cunning plan Black’s recent decision to clean up the image of the racist … Continue reading

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Less is more on Stormfront

Damn. A little birdy has apparently been feeding FDB! with more photos, presumably gleaned from the BBQs disgraced former SFDU members David (Innes) and ‘Lilith’ (Peterson) organised once upon a time in Perth. The latest batch features a rather plastered … Continue reading

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Wtf happened to Stormfront?

Update: According to Black & Co., “Stormfront is down for maintenance. Check back later. Or tune in to live Stormfront Radio. Dr. [sic] David Duke & Don Black on now, talking, among other things, about the attacks on Stormfront today.” … Continue reading

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Stormfront Down Under : White Bread & Circuses

Argh! They’re at it again! For those of you who’ve been following the sordid saga of Stormfront Down Under with as much rapt fascination as I have: a few months ago David Innes and his partner Lilith / Emma Peterson … Continue reading

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Australia First and Stormfront Down Under: Fruit and Nuts

You know, I think the Conspiracists may be right: life for ‘White Nationalists’ is a script written by a Jewish comedian in the employ of ZOG. Fruit Briefly, Australia First (AF), the largest and most serious White supremacist political party … Continue reading

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