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First Ungdomshuset, now Blitz

Following unruly protests and approximately 250 arrests at a NATO Summit in Oslo, Norwegian authorities have raided Blitz, the squatted social centre. According to one account (The Norway Post), on Thursday evening (April 26): …activists tore down barriers and fences … Continue reading

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Evicting the Ungdomshuset makes baby Jesus cry… and social democrats smile

Danish Christians reckon there’s no room for yoof in Copenhagen. So the terror squad evicted the Ungdomshuset. Bloomberg reckons 80 members of the Danish resistance have been arrested; AP claims more than 250; Reuters at least 75; later amended by … Continue reading

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Ungdomshuset vs. Christian Gentry

Ungdomshuset — The Youth House Stays! As part of the city authorities’ ongoing campaign to further gentrify and socially cleanse Copenhagen, right-wing Christians in Denmark are determined to evict the squatted social centre Ungdomshuset (‘Youth House’), established in 1982. 1,000 … Continue reading

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anarchist notes (march 10, 2011)

Readers, “ – Autonomy against Barbarism is a non-profit independent multilingual blog which covers a wide area of subjects. Its world-view is familiarized mainly with the idea of autonomy and promotes the values of self-organization, collectivity, social justice and humanitarianism.” … Continue reading

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How many environmentalists does it take to change a lightbulb in Copenhagen?

…oh yeah… Indymedia Danmark too… Spies Like Us Quasi-terrorist treatment for tea-and-biscuit protesters Melissa Fyfe ThE gReEn RaGe December 13, 2009 Government reaction to protest groups says much about freedom of speech. …Aside from the demonisation – with John Brumby … Continue reading

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I’m too sexy for Denmark

Danish tourism Web ad pulled for promiscuity Jan M. Olsen AP September 15, 2009 COPENHAGEN – Denmark’s tourism agency has removed an advertisement from YouTube after complaints that it promoted promiscuity in the liberal Scandinavian country. The video clip, nearly … Continue reading

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Hey Ladies! // Terence Kissack : ‘Free Comrades’

Hey Ladies! It’s “International Ladies’ Day” today (March 8th) — or somesuch nonsense; the day Complainey Janeys around the world have Official License to do what they do best: complain. March 8th was declared to be “The Day To Complain” … Continue reading

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An interview with Autonomous Action by Danish Autonom Info Service

An interview with Autonomous Action by Danish Autonom Info Service avtonom via @-infos… February 14, 2009 Recently Danish Autonom Info Service contacted us to ask some questions on current political situation and state of the “left” in Russia. Danish version … Continue reading

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Tutti Parze Krusty Punx Rave On

everything old is new again… in sydney, tutti parze has re-formed… or gotta myspace page at least… in melbourne, reactor records has released RR22, ‘depression — the reactor years’, 40 tracks of classic punk rawk, featuring their debut 7″, debut … Continue reading

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Skarpretter : Naziscum

See also : “I’d like to dedicate this next song to…” “Skarpretter is a DIY fucking punk band that was formed in the autumn of 2004 in Ungdomshuset [1982–2007] and consists of 5 misfits of dubious character… Skarpretter is a … Continue reading

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