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antifa notes (march 14, 2017) : One Nation Party too sophisticated for WA; UPF Go To Court; boneheads

sophistication The One Nation Party proved to be a bit too sophisticated for the electorate in Western Australia on Saturday, March 11, averaging just under 5% of the vote in the legislative assembly (about 8% in the seats the party … Continue reading

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Blood & Honour Boneheads Busted for Bad Stickers in Perth (August 2013)

[h/t : Andrew Zammit] NB. In close collaboration with the boneheads belonging to the Southern Cross Hammerskins (see : Wade Michael Page and the (Southern Cross) Hammerskins, August 15, 2012), neo-Nazi muzak network ‘Blood & Honour’ will be holding its … Continue reading

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Malas noticias paras los boneheads: Spanish (Celtiberian) Hammerskins Unlawful. Still.

[February 17, 2012] A court in Madrid has upheld an earlier, 2009 decision to outlaw the Hammerskins in Spain on the basis of their promotion of hatred and violence. Established in 2000, 15 members of the franchise were sent to … Continue reading

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Argentine police arrest 36 boneheads belonging to Blood and Honour

Silly old boneheads! 36 of the short-haired losers got themselves arrest in Buenos Aires while celebrating the recent birthday of a dead, incestuous, coprophiliac, foreign dictator (see below). In Perth (most likely a scout hall in some rural location) this … Continue reading

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Why “boneheads”?

Silly old boneheads! Following on from news that some cheeky monkey hacked and made available to the world the private messages of hundreds of boneheads around the world — including scores from Australia and New Zealand/Aotearoa — comes news … Continue reading

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Boneheads vote with a bullet

See also : Alleged Plotter Against Obama Was Member of Supreme White Alliance, Mark Potok, Hatewatch, October 28, 2008 | Skinheads In Obama Assassination Plot, Feds: “White Power” duo planned “killing spree” of African Americans (contains FBI affidavit and mugshots), … Continue reading

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Boneheads love to party!

Dion, December 12, 2007: “As I stated on the Bombshell forum Andy, you are a liar, a hypocrite and no better than the trash that you fight against.” A Hammerskin named ‘Bucket’ announced the death of his brother ‘Longer’ (Stephen … Continue reading

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Boneheads in Beautiful Beaconsfield // 2008 ISD Memorial

For one night only, Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins — in co-operation with the management of the Central Hotel, Beaconsfield (1 Princes Highway, Beaconsfield, (03) 9707 1511 / 9707 1128) — present: The 2008 Ian Stuart … Continue reading

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Seig Heil! Boneheads, NPD, APP, Darrin Hodges…

What a dummkopf. Bonehead admits threats The Dominion Post August 23, 2008 A neo-Nazi skinhead who was shot three times has admitted breaching a protection order against the alleged gunman’s wife. William Mosen was shot in Wanganui on June 10 … Continue reading

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Kiwi boneheads are kkkrazy!

Kitto… where have I heard that name before? The face of race hate Bonehead who attacked Asians proud of act Jonathan Marshall Sunday News June 22, 2008 THE white supremacist who told a judge he had turned his back on … Continue reading

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