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Bloody Massacres, Suicide, Shocking Absence of Common Courtesy: Welcome to the Internets

Bloody Massacres and Suicide — They’re Just a Click Away, James Osborne, FOX News, March 6, 2009 The Internet’s belligerent Brutopia, Clive Hamilton, Crikey, March 6, 2009 James Osborne and Clive Hamilton have duly taken note of what are, to … Continue reading

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Neo-Nazism in Germany: Music & Politics

Update : I wrote this post yesterday. Since then, the raids have received more media coverage: Right-Wing Extremism: Germany Launches Massive Crackdown on Neo-Nazi Music, Deutsche Welle; Police crackdown on neo-Nazi music, ABC. Perhaps the closest Australian authorities have come … Continue reading

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Who you calling a Nazi, Nazi?

In Oslo, two Norwegian SHARPs, 22 and 26, were found ‘not guilty’ of assault after breaking the nose of some bonehead who called them “Nazi whores”. Apparently, the court found this to be a very strong provocation. Knuste nesen på … Continue reading

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The Australian Nationalism Information Database is now closed.

Just cause you don’t understand what’s going on don’t mean it don’t make no sense And just cause you don’t like it, don’t mean it ain’t no good And let me tell you something; Before you go taking a walk … Continue reading

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Racism on teh Intertubes! Corporate sector reluctant to act! Earth revolves around Sun!

Call to overhaul cyber-racism laws Asher Moses The Age December 15, 2008 The Federal Government is under pressure to take urgent action to combat widespread racial vilification on social networking sites such as Facebook… The comments follow stories published on … Continue reading

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OMG!Violence is real!LOL! Swedish nazis attempt to murder Syndicalist family

“As I stated on the Bombshell forum Andy, you are a liar, a hypocrite and no better than the trash that you fight against.” ~ Dion, December, 2007 “Anarchy is a fag. Thanx to the people who have supported us… … Continue reading

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The Good Ship BNP is a Leaky Vessel

Update : The leak has become a media torrent. And the list has gone viral. Such is the nature of the intarwebs I guess. Fuehrer Griffin and his Party are threatening use of privacy laws they’ve apparently vowed to abolish, … Continue reading

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Boneheads in Beautiful Beaconsfield // 2008 ISD Memorial

For one night only, Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins — in co-operation with the management of the Central Hotel, Beaconsfield (1 Princes Highway, Beaconsfield, (03) 9707 1511 / 9707 1128) — present: The 2008 Ian Stuart … Continue reading

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Neo-Nazi Muzak : Denmark, Germany… and Australia

2 in Denmark arrested over neo-Nazi music The Associated Press August 27, 2008 FRANKFURT, Germany: German investigators say Danish police have arrested two men as part of an effort to halt the production and distribution of neo-Nazi music. Prosecutors in … Continue reading

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[For Dion] Shadowboxing (Petersburg Antifa) | chtodelat news

While local punk bands (like Perth’s The Homicides) are happy to play with neo-Nazis — and thereby encourage the re-emergence of boneheads in Perth — and other, Melbourne-based bands were happy to support a (formerly) fascist venue, I stumbled upon … Continue reading

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