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All comments are moderated. This can be frustrating as it means that publication is delayed (although generally for less than 24 hours) — but on the other hand it also avoids my having to delete gross acts of stupidity. (My blog is subject to frequent trolling.)

Publication of a comment should not be read as an endorsement of its contents.

I sometimes edit comments for clarity (spelling/grammar) but sometimes do not, especially if mistakes are regular and systematic or in some way amusing. I also sometimes insert commentary: this is indicated by use of square brackets [like this].

I sometimes reject comments, usually if they fall into one of two categories: they are abusive or stoopid. Links to racist, fascist or otherwise objectionable sites are usually rejected.


I can be reached via email: chummyfleming[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au.

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  1. Futilitarian crank says:

    WTF is a Shabbos butt goy? As part-goy, part-Yid myself I demand to know!!

  2. Steven says:

    Dissenters to the system are not left unencumbered by state and corporate power. ANTIFA operates as an organ of the system not as an opposing force.

  3. ablokeimet says:

    “ANTIFA operates as an organ of the system not as an opposing force.”

    An evidence-free assertion if ever there was one.

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