Um, I thought I might list some of the music what I like here. And er, some of the music that I don’t like: local Australian neo-Nazi muzak (see below).

Some of this consists of anti-fascist songs. If you can think of an appropriate song to add to the list, please feel free to let me know.

I can haz YouTube!

See also : Music archive.

Brigada Flores Magon : “LE GROUPE : La Brigada Flores Magon est née il y a presque dix ans, de la rencontre plus que probable entre différents individus issus de la scène alternative des 80’s et de jeunes anarchopunks parisiens. Groupe de punk rock militant, radicalement antifasciste et refusant tout compromis, la Brigada a très vite enchaîné de multiples concerts de soutien et autres fiestas punk solidaires dans tous les endroits où il est possible de brancher un ampli!”

[Or as Babelfish puts it: “THE GROUP: Brigada Flores Magon was born almost ten years ago, of the meeting more than probable between various individuals resulting from the alternate scene of the 80s and Parisian young people anarchopunks. Group punk rock’n’roll militant, radically antifascist and refusing very compromised, Brigada very quickly connected multiple concerts of interdependent support and others punk fiestas in all the places where it is possible to connect an amplifier!”]

Brujeria : Seis Seis Seis.

Built to Spill : ‘Bult to Spull’ if you’re a Kiwi.

Christ On A Crutch : The bass player from this band now plays in some other band. True story.

Chumbawamba : Obscurity / A #1 hit in 1997 / Obscurity. Plus, they’re anarchists, and Boff once wrote me a nice letter.

Combat Wombat : “Combat Wombat are an outspoken troupe of hip hop punks mainly located in Melbourne.”

Consolidated : ‘Crusading rap guys’, ‘ripping off hip-hop beats’… but I kinda like ’em.

Michael Franti [& Spearhead] : “His theory’s called hip-hoprisy / While [Consolidated’s] is based on the culture industry / Keeping the public distracted / Paralysing the artist’s potential impact / While the fascist elite / Accumulate all the wealth / And me and my posse sit and ponder our health / Which is failing / Just like our careers…”

Fugazi : Not the second album by Marillion.

Insurgence Records: “Canadian anti-fascist and leftist record label, specializing in punk, oi, hardcore and ska music.”

The (International) Noise Conspiracy : “Times of compromising with the oppressors are now over!” Er, except if you’re a sweatshop manufacturer based in Honduras called Gildan Activewear…

Linton Kwesi Johnson : fight dem back!

Killdozer : the greatest band there ever was.

Pisschrist : Local. Melbourne. PUNK.

Pitchshifter : David Innes — neo-Nazi, cruel torturer of the English language and wicked tormentor of common sense — is Australia’s leading member of the racist Stormfront website. Innes is also a Pitchshifter fan. Two interesting facts about the band are: “there was once an alien crop circle fashioned in the Pitchshifter image (although to this day nobody has come forward as to its origin). Singer J.S. was once assaulted on stage by right wing fanatics for his antifascist beliefs.”

Schifosi : Heavy. (Heavy!) Duty. (Duty!) Heavy duty, rock and roll!

Gil Scott-Heron : “There’s a big difference between putting words over some music, and blending those same words into the music. There’s not a lot of humour. They use a lot of slang and colloquialisms, and you don’t really see inside the person. Instead, you just get a lot of posturing” — Gil comments on rap in the 90s.

Sin Dios : Hardcore anarquista.

SNOG : Dave Thrussell and friends.

Stage Bottles : Sometimes anti-social, but always anti-fascist! Excellent German skinhead rock.

Stereolab : They’re not Adult Oriented.

The Celibate Rifles : Great band. Despite being based in Sydney.

The Oppressed : Anti-fascist Oi! Defending the roots of skinhead culture and continuing to influence a new generations of skins.

Yidcore : “Official site of wacky Aussie punk rockers who perform punked up versions of Jewish classics.”

    Neo-Nazi Muzak

Local bands, both past and present, include: Abyssic Hate, Adamus Exul, Arysk, Axis, Bail Up!, Blood Red Eagle, Blood Oath, Deaths Head, Deströyer 666, Dissident, Exxtrem, Fortress, Garrison, Gospel of the Horns, Honour Guard, Indigenous Hate, Open Season, Quick & The Dead, Ravenous, Raven’s Wing, Spear of Longinus, Southern Cross, Southern Storm and Ultraviolence. Local labels include 9% Productions (Blood & Honour/Southern Cross Hammerskins) and Heathen Noise (Volksfront) and War Doctrine.

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  1. Send the buggers back!

  2. Sharky says:

    May I suggest electro-house/dubstep – specifically – ‘Skrillex’ and ‘Felguk’.

  3. @ndy says:

    No you may not.

  4. Yalah says:

    Surprised there’s no Frenzal Rhomb. Top tier Aussie punk with a heavy anti-fascist vibe.

  5. DE says:

    what about refused?

  6. dave says:



    ya probs already know both, but in case not …

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