anarchist notes (march 14, 2024) : anarchism and world systems analysis /// class struggle in sweden

Anarcho-syndicalist Piper Tompkins is visiting (so-called) Australia and talking world-systems theory:

Anarchism and World Systems Analysis

‘Piper Tompkins is a trans anarcho-syndicalist who writes and makes videos about politics, philosophy, and social science. Piper will be presenting on the anarchist movement and the social science of world-systems analysis. The presentation will explore the historical development of capitalism and anarchism as well as some of the fundamental ideas of world-systems analysis.’

6.30pm, Wednesday March 20
Common House
74b Wickham Terrace, Fortitude Valley

6.30pm, Friday March 22
Jura Books
440 Parramatta Road, Petersham

6.30pm, Wednesday March 27
Hutt Street Library
235 Hutt Street

3.00pm, Saturday March 30
Temple Park Community Centre
24 Gray Street, Brunswick

*The Melbourne presentation is part of a series of four. For more details, please see : Anarchism 2024.

Presented by : Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation.

Also dropping by Down Under is a member of the SAC, to discuss class struggle in Sweden:

Class Struggle in Sweden

‘Considered the ‘successful’ example of social democracy, class conflict in Sweden is often overlooked. Join Cim-Héloïse from the executive committee of the Central Organisation of Swedish Workers (SAC) to discuss the history and practice of anarchism, syndicalism, and class struggle in Sweden and the lessons for unionists and revolutionaries in Australia today.’

3.00pm, Saturday March 30
144 Sydney Road, Coburg

6.00pm, Friday April 12
Common House
74b Wickham Terrace, Fortitude Valley

Presented by : Anarchist Communists Meanjin | Geelong Anarchist Communists | Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group.

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