Musick … in 2023?

I don’t remember why exactly but — a long, long time ago, when I began blogging, I made a list of some of the muzak what I like:

Brigada Flores Magon • Brujeria • Built to Spill • Christ On A Crutch • Chumbawamba • Combat Wombat • Consolidated • Michael Franti [& Spearhead] • Fugazi • Insurgence Records • The (International) Noise Conspiracy • Linton Kwesi Johnson • Killdozer • Pisschrist • Pitchshifter • Schifosi • Gil Scott-Heron • Sin Dios • SNOG • Stage Bottles • Stereolab • The Celibate Rifles • The Oppressed • Yidcore

In 2023, most of these bands/musical projekts — some of whom were kinda un-well when I wrote about them — are deaded. Still standing are Brujeria, Built to Spill, Combat Wombat and ‘Insurgence Records’ (Urban Strife), Stage Bottles and Stereolab. And maybe Pitchshifter. And Consolidated. I’m also happy to learn that Brujeria have just dropped a new album but less happy that I’ve missed out on tickets to Built to Spill. Otherwise, for Pisschrist, see also Enzyme /// Jalang.

There’s Over 9,000 other artistes I could list, but never mind the bollocks, here’s Brujeria:

See also : Mat Ward on political news and the best new music that related to it in Green Left.

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