imminent rebellion : kiwi @ zine : #9 : may 2008

imminent rebellion is an anarchist journal that seeks to provide a space for thoughtful, critical and well-researched writing that illuminates struggles and projects otherwise overlooked in the South Pacific, that delves deeper into the anarchist project, and that seeks to illuminate the operations of Power [It’s a quack who’s gone to the dogs]. It is also a space for creative responses to our contemporary situation — poetry, photography, firsthand accounts.

The focus of the journal is to provide an intelligent yet accessible interrogation that is relevant to our region.

imminent rebellion started in December 2003 as a small ‘zine and continued bimonthly, changing its name to Aotearoa Dissident Voice for issue 6, until going into hibernation in early 2005. It has since been relaunched in May 2008 in a more substantial journal format.

Inlcuding articles about ‘Operation 8’ and from the perspective of some of those arrested, an analysis of the 2006 Tongan riots, a critique of Identity Politics and another of NGOism-style politics. Also a consideration of what an anarchist design practice could look like, an attempt to reconsider how to better support survivors of abuse, and a critique of activism, and others still.

Download the journal body (PDF 9.7mb) or buy online.

Individual articles are also available as simple HTML:

* My 15th October
* Ballad of an Ungrateful Immigrant
* The Tongan Riots
* Know your Rights, These are your Rights
* Operation 8 — How the Police Watched Us
* Fuck Me Like The Whore I Am
* From the Streets, to the Cells, and Back Again
* A Critique of NGOism
* Lake Waikaremoana — Back in Tuhoe Hands
* For Revolutionary Struggle, Not Activism
* Why is it so Hard to Support Survivors?
* Towards an Anarcho-Design Practice
* Behind German Borders
* Dangerous Foundations: An argument against the ‘Identity’ in Identity Politics

… go you good thing …

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  1. Kakariki says:

    It’s really, really good. I recommend a read!

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