Troy Southgate as state asset?

Troy Southgate is the political bizarro responsible for establishing a fascist groupuscule known as the New Right in the UK, and for propagating the bizarro doctrine of ‘national anarchism’. In Australia (and um, New Zealand), his Antipodean equivalent is Welf Herfurth, who’s established a groupuscule of the same name propagating the same philosophy (and to which a few local teenagers and twenty-somethings have been attracted). Anyway, it’s all rather old information now, but Southgate appears to have dabbled in ‘security’.

In 2005, the ‘Anglo-Saxon League’ emerged in the UK.


An Introduction to the Anglo Saxon League.
We are a NON PROFIT [Mutual] aid organisation for members & their families.
We believe in building a NON materialist, Traditional Family based alternative to today[‘]s modern world.
Our way may not be everyone[‘]s, but it’s ours.
We will not push or [implement] our way of life on anyone & we in turn expect the same.
Please view our website & decide for yourself.

The usual shite.

What’s rather odd about the League (or rather was — the League is apparently now defunct) is its contact address: Suite 530, 27 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 2EW, England. Further, the same address is used by ‘BMB Security Services’. The supposed connection between Southgate and BMB is that the League was another one of his various front groups — like many others on the political fringes, Southgate has a habit of establishing one group after another: the English Nationalist Movement, the National Revolutionary Faction, the English People’s Party, the Anglo-Saxon League, the New Right, et cetera. The BMB site (no longer available) linked to MI5. This, supposedly, constitutes evidence of Southgate’s sneaky service for the state… a rather tenuous link, in my opinion.

Curiously, a company of the same name (“BMB Security Pty Ltd”) also operates in Australia — but this is probably just a coincidence.

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6 Responses to Troy Southgate as state asset?

  1. Rachel Massey says:

    Southgate is a real creep. He actually went to prison for assaulting gay people on Brighton Beach including a lesbian woman. He got 18 months and then got out in six months and it’s rumored he got early release for grassing out his mates. He did his time in Lewes Prison – one of the worst in the UK.

  2. @ndy says:

    That’s pretty creepy.

  3. Riaz says:

    Troy Southgate home educates his four children. I would be very surprised if he was working for the state. He is far too unconventional IMO.

  4. Kadet says:

    Undoubtably indoctrinating them with his fucked up ideas.
    The guy worships Odin for crying out loud.

  5. Troy Southgate says:

    I know we don’t see eye-to-eye on many things, but at least get the facts right.

    I was jailed on 5th December 1988 for throwing an iron pole at a 150-strong mob of Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) members who were pursuing myself and a handful of others on Brighton seafront, no women were ever assaulted and you are invited to check the East Sussex press from that time for all the details. A male lab technician was actually assaulted, nobody else. I served 6 months out of the 18-month sentence for ABH and Affray, because that’s what you get with full remission. I have never ‘grassed’ on anyone, please prove these allegations. Lewes is not one of the worst prisons in the country, either, it is only a category ‘B’ prison. Very secure, but hardly Broadmoor!

    I do home-school my children, yes, but I don’t ‘worship’ Odin.

  6. @ndy says:

    What have you got against Odin?

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