Australia scores!

Chinese dissident deported from Australia kills himself: advocate
A Chinese dissident who was forcibly deported from Australia despite voicing fears of persecution if he was returned to his native country has killed himself, a refugee advocate claimed Monday…

Alan Bond back on rich list
Former bankrupt and convicted fraudster Alan Bond has rejoined the ranks of Australia’s wealthiest people after 19 years. Eight years after being released from jail, Mr Bond has returned to BRW magazine’s Rich 200 list with a ranking of 157 and a fortune of $265 million built on his overseas mining interests…

Former President of the Australian Union of Students (1983 — the Union collapsed in 1984, and was resurrected as NUS in 1987) and member of ‘Socialist Forum’, Julia Gillard is now Minister for Education, Employment, Workplace Relations & Social Inclusion and Deputy Prime Minister. In which capacity, Gillard has launched New Employment Standards. The NES are:

    1. Maximum weekly hours of work
    2. Request for flexible working arrangements
    3. Parental leave and related entitlements
    4. Annual leave
    5. Personal/Carer’s leave and compassionate leave
    6. Community service leave
    7. Long service leave
    8. Public holidays
    9. Notice of termination and redundancy pay
    10. Fair Work Information Statement

We have started out from the premises of political economy. We have accepted its language and its laws. We presupposed private property; the separation of labour, capital, and land, and likewise of wages, profit, and capital; the division of labour; competition; the conception of exchange value, etc. From political economy itself, using its own words, we have shown that the worker sinks to the level of a commodity, and moreover the most wretched commodity of all; that the misery of the worker is in inverse proportion to the power and volume of his production; that the necessary consequence of competition is the accumulation of capital in a few hands and hence the restoration of monopoly in a more terrible form; and that, finally, the distinction between capitalist and landlord, between agricultural worker and industrial worker, disappears and the whole of society must split into the two classes of property owners and propertyless workers

The estrangement of the worker in his object is expressed according to the laws of political economy in the following way:

    1. the more the worker produces, the less he has to consume;
    2. the more value he creates, the more worthless he becomes;
    3. the more his product is shaped, the more misshapen the worker;
    4. the more civilized his object, the more barbarous the worker;
    5. the more powerful the work, the more powerless the worker;
    6. the more intelligent the work, the duller the worker and the more he becomes a slave of nature…

THEY’VE survived against the odds for up to 20,000 years, but Victoria’s dwindling mountain pygmy possum population may be about to meet its greatest threat: James Packer.

The nation’s third-richest man is preparing to take control of Victoria’s Mount Hotham and Falls Creek ski fields — home to the tiny possums, which weigh just 45 grams when fully grown and can fit in the palm of a hand.

But a $500 million plan to redevelop the Hotham Alpine Village could threaten the endangered possums’ habitat, according to environmental groups who want Mr Packer to reconsider the scale of the project if his bid to take over the resorts is successful.

With fewer than 2000 mountain pygmy possums remaining in the wild, safeguarding them is a priority, says the Victorian National Parks Association‘s Jenny Barnett…

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