International Anarchist Conspiracy breaks its silence

And it’s about bloody time too… Er, that I noticed… that GHQ issued these communiques, like… last year. Crazy, ultra-violent, hostile, abusive, threatening, ultra-sectarian, provocative, fascist-sympathising, foreign fucking football hooligans take note!

International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 0 (Being A Discourse On The Non-Existence Of The IAC):

Greetings people,


The International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC) is a fictitious organization. The IAC does not exist in the real world. The IAC only exists in the virtual world known as the internet. The virtual world of the internet is not the real world. The internet is a part of the spectacle controlled by this system, the spectacle which keeps people detached from reality. If people are detached from reality, they cannot understand it well enough to know how to act in it. The function of the fictitious organization known as the IAC is to reveal the wide variety of control mechanisms keeping people shackled to the illusions spawned by those in power. The fictitious organization known as the IAC has attempted to accomplish this in many ways and for many reasons…

International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 2 (On Killing The Cop Within):

On the streets many of us have seen unusual things; 3 cops keeping 50 people at bay, even inspiring fear in some of them; a raised bicycle utterly terrifying a mob of would be wizards; a crowd of 300 suddenly neutralized as it hovered menacingly around a recruiting center, on the verge, the utter verge of doing what they knew needed to be done. There is more at work here in these types of occurrences than mere physical matter. Something else is responsible for 300 people not clobbering 50 pigs. A powerful spell is wielded over us all. The cops, the cops that stand in our way on the streets, have gotten into our very minds…

International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 4 (On Liberals, Control And Spell Casting):


A long time ago, a powerful wizard learned that he and his fellow witches and wizards could be thinking the same thing without verbally communicating it to one another. There was no need for a central figure to tell them what they were supposed to think. They all understood the same things and had arrived at their understanding of their own volition. The wizard, who had cast countless spells on countless streets across Europe, soon found himself under attack by people who thought they possessed the true nature of revolution. They believed they knew the answer. They said the revolution should be shaped and molded. They wanted to channel the energy of the revolution into the bureaucracy of the State and attempt to seize political power. Under the sway of the enemy’s spells, they had grown scared and wanted to hold onto the State, finding it necessary for their survival. These people began to persecute and attack the anarchist witches and wizards, fearing their ability to act together, autonomously. This forced the anarchists to flee into the Realm of the Shadows, a place they inhabit to this day…

International Anarchist Conspiracy Communiqué # 6 (Regarding The Manifold Ways In Which ICE Can Be Fought):

Countless nights have been spent gazing into the Seeing Stones. Many things have been seen inside those murky depths. Everything in there is Black. The future holds much darkness for everyone. We see it spreading already, outside our very doors; the barbed wire fences stretching for miles, the animals in the desert prowling at night for someone to kill, the camps nestled in our backyards, the camps where people hold tightly onto their friends as they slowly die, the camps holding mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers away from each other…

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  1. Peter says:

    [Fly Away Peter. For the last time…]

  2. dj says:

    Do you have a Wizard hat and have you put it on?

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