Southern Cross Soldiers’ first casualty

So the media has revealed Tyler Cassidy‘s connection to the Southern Cross Soldiers

Curiously, the main SCS page on myspace has been cancelled

    Invalid Friend ID.

    This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted.

For the curious, there’s Google cache.

I wonder if SCS will be calling on the talents of their media spokesperson Adds, or legal eagle Gazza?

Also for the curious : Tyler’s myspace page: TYLERS [S.C.S] P.T.B.A heart is screaming with pride

THE following are the events leading to the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy in Melbourne on Thursday night:

7.00pm-8.30pm (AEDT)

* Tyler Cassidy is involved in a fight at family home in Northcote, and takes two knives but family members disarm him.
* Tyler leaves the house angry and upset and goes to Northcote Plaza shopping centre. He goes into K-Mart store and steals two knives, according to a witness. He slashed boxes as he left armed with the knives. Police are contacted.


* Tyler is seen behaving irrationally with the knives in the centre carpark and goes to All Nations Park next to the shopping centre. More calls to police are made.
* Four police officers – two males and two females – arrive and try to negotiate with the boy.
* He approaches officers so they deploy capsicum spray, but it does not subdue him.
* Tyler urges police to kill him or he will kill them. He approaches one officer and a warning shot is fired. He ignores demands to back off and three of the four officers fire, killing him.


Statement from the family of Tyler Cassidy about his shooting death

The entire family and friends of Tyler Cassidy are appalled at the actions by the Victoria Police last night.

Their heavy-handedness, and lack of negotiating skills at the scene of the shooting, contributed to the untimely death of our beautiful 15 year old.

He was in the prime of his life, had just started a new school, and was coping really well. He was a popular student with high expectations and a good network of friends.

The Northcote police were notified 30 minutes prior to the killing and briefed completely on what had happened including what he was wearing and to look out for Tyler.

The four officers concerned acted unacceptably by killing Tyler last night. He had a very gentle side, striving to grow from a boy into a young man and would have been completely overwhelmed by the situation.

The police according to our witnesses chased him, cornered him at the skate park in Northcote, he was surrounded and gunned down by four officers firing at least six or seven shots.

Our eyewitness confirmed that Tyler patted her dog, was confronted by the police and sprayed with capsicum foam, then pursued to the skate park, surrounded and hunted down.

We look forward to a serious and thorough investigation and inquest into why Tyler was killed and to the serious nature of the attending officers’ actions.

It should have been dealt with differently and more compassionately, but tragically resulted in Tyler’s death that should have been avoided.

“I promise you my darling, I will fight for you as you were taken from me under the most horrific circumstances.

“Why was he slayed to death when it was so unnecessary. Four officers were not capable of managing the situation.

“Now you have passed over I will speak for you and others like you,” Shani, Tyler’s mother

This is a released statement on behalf of his loving family and friends. He died alone without his family at his side, gasping his last breath, he was only a scared little boy… Rest in Peace. 12/12/2008

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126 Responses to Southern Cross Soldiers’ first casualty

  1. sa scs aussie pride says:

    oy nerd bags that sit at a computer an judge people that u dnt even no u beta shut the fuk up its not my fault that me an my sister have a learning promblem an we both take meds 4 it yer i mite not no how to spell or do sum things that u do very good but i can tell u 1 thing i can do that u cant an thats fuking kick ur head in m8 u dnt no who ur fuking wid cunt call me its 0433145752

  2. @ndy says:

    Well gosh and bother and tish and fiffle!

  3. Ferox says:

    We don’t need to judge, you make it perfectly clear how stupid you all are.
    And I’d love to see you try SA SCS.
    Too bad your ego (and internet persona) are bigger than your brain.

  4. morgz scs says:

    well have uz even watched the movie australia u probly havent well the white men came hear wid guns an amo an cars an boats an a lot of other stuff to help out in da war an wat did the abos have a spear nufink else realy so i think the japs wud off killed all the abos if we wernt hear an taken over this land an do u no y we made a lot of abos slaves cuz they didnt do any good in the first place an still arent an yes i do have a little bit of abo in me but i see wat a lot off them do an its just bull shit like its bull shit that u sit on da computer all day judging uss wen u probly havent even met any off uz so shut the fuk up an get a life an mayb do sumthink 4 australia just cuz we dnt like people that burn our flags an graff on our walls an put rubbish every wer an beat our women it dnt mean u have 2 h8 uss

  5. Luke says:

    Methinks that Morgz needs to read some Australian history… ¿porque las patriotas no saben nada sobre la historia de su pais?

  6. unity says:

    morgz scs. good spelling. no really. and good knowledge of time. you know. 1700s – 1930s and 40s. Japanese would have come and taken over our country in the 1700s. it makes so much sense. yay for stolen generation and other genocides and crimes against humanity. woo hoo

    …morgz you’re a cunt.

    to all of southern cross soldiers. get out of my country. no one respects you or supports. you are a joke.

    go try and take a beach which isn’t even owned by anyone…


    stop making my race look shit.

    and kudos to the 2 tone video. nice touch

  7. SCS QUEEN! says:

    You know how often i get spat on by Chinese people in the street? all the time! liters of saliva is launched out at me whenever i walk through any of the “asian” districts, like “Chinatown” “Victoria St” or “Box Hill”. they just spit all over me, it’s like running through a crowd of diuretic pigeons. unfair! make them stop! they yell at me from cars and chase me down the street in gangs of twenty to forty, wielding machetes and yelling chinese nationalist (Den Xiao Ping-orientated, so perhaps Taiwan/China) slogans at the back of my terrified, bleeding head. the horror, woe, woe, the fear…

    It is my distinct belief that they are flooding in, like urine from a ruptured bladder. recently i saw footage of china on the television. in Urumchi it seems that they’re destroying their own country so badly, that they all have to come here. its TRUE! come HERE! all of THEM! all of CHINA!!!! HERE!!!! they’ll never FIT!!!! i think that because no one is interested in living in a third world country, with such a frail economy and weak social structure (its totes communist in china, eh), all the Chinese are FREAKING OUT!!!! like crazy John (R.I.P) FREAKING OUT!!!!!! they’re flying their backwoodsie country like rats from a whale’s corpse and heading here where the world economy is REALLY at. they’re coming to take our jobs and accept less money for them! the entire nation of China is coming HERE!!!! SOON!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!! We need to fortify!!! get our shit together and JUST SAY NO!!! like Nancy Reagan told us to so long ago. yes, up, once more to the brink, lads. lets show the world what we’re made of; WHITE FLESH!!!!! YAAY!!! SENSUALITY AND EROTIC DANCES!!! YAY!!!!!

    Some nights i sing the praise of the good ole’ Southern Cross Soldiers other days i masturbate til i fall asleep, calm and relieved. Bless them, bless every well done one of them. when time comes down to the crunch, when its us or them and its balls to the wall, whites or gooks time, i’m gonna be goddamn, apple-eatin’ proud that i live in a cuntry which can give birth to such a sacred, noble and considerate militia which had enough foresight, enough understanding, as to know where the chinks, the yids, the coons and wetbacks should remain; elsewhere! yes! lock the bastards out! Australia is the land for the white man! this is where he resides! it holds firm his proud history, built firmly on the grave of the boongs who were keeping it warm for him and his noble kin to arrive. thank god he did too, because he got here before the Japs did (which they, ultimately would have [and better us than them, right, fellahs?]). yes, Australia is a white man’s paradise, a lucky cuntry, one made proud and firm on the sweat and toil of working white men who fell at the eureka stockade, who stood proud against the Turk and the Hun and the Jap (who DO most definately eat babies, and harpoon whales and more babies [often POW babies, thank you G.I Jane]).

    I hear you all (that is, the fine youth athletes of the Southern Cross Soldiers [Aus-tray-lyans all let US re-Joice…]) are being currently sought for support by the new political parties of Australia First and the Protectionist Party. well done, boys, a sheer and noble applause to you all.


    “Australia Must Remain Predominantly White”

    Graeme Campbell

    Get in it! get on it! if you’re a darkie or a chink, get out of it!
    Yeah, yeah, yeah! hop on the pile, burn the foreigners out! Death to Gooks and Chinks and Coons! Death, Death, Death!

  8. Ahmed says:

    scs queen. . .i’ve just lost 20 IQ points reading your post. Please educate yourself – you sound like a fool.

  9. Lanklan says:

    I wonder why someone who gets spat on in “Chinatown”, “Victoria St”, and “Box Hill” has a (02) call code? You’d think such a patriotic Australian would be able to tell the difference between Melbourne and Sydney…

  10. @ndy says:

    …i think maybe the queen is taking the piss…

  11. Lanklan says:

    One should hope so… Either way the queen is a joke.

  12. wem says:

    Tyler was a great guy. For all the people who think they have seen it all and done it all, get fucked. As some of you said and know, the police need a lot more training. There are good cops and there are bad cops, though it even came out in the inquiry that the police DO need a lot more training… Especially when they’re just starting out. Tyler walked through a busy shopping centre and didn’t hurt one person. If the guy was utterly mad, many people would of been stabbed and slashed. Tyler went through a lot… More than any of you cynical twits could imagine. SCS is NOT racist either. Some people should shut the f up or seriously get their facts right.

  13. ko master says:

    good on ya wem to every 1 that thinks scs is over well think again scs is bigger an betta in SA than ever b4 we have also had a few boys in da local paper 4 helping in aroun wif kids with mental problem an done alot aroun the suburbs so y dnt sum of u cunts that judge people coz they have good m8s that will stand up 4 what they believe in y the fuk dnt uz go out get sum good m8s an bee proud off them not sit home crying coz u hav none so u get on the comp an fuking cry

  14. A SHORT SYNOPSIS says:


    A young man wielding knives and advancing on Victoria’s Finest was fatally shot – forgone.
    His family and friends mourn a truly wonderful person – understandable.
    SCS members call him the “first casualty” and dub him “a tru aussie hero” – a bit hard to follow.
    That a person as “patriotic” as GI Jane actually uses the name GI – disappointing.
    That having parents and teachers belt kids will give them better control – doubtful.
    That Wolf’s clarification “i have nothin against the mentally handicapped or physically handicapped” was to stop his fellow SCS members from coming round his house to “smash da fuk out off u an ur low life family” – within the realms of possibility.
    That SCS Queen is a witty non racist, who is not a member of SCS – quite possible.


  15. shame says:

    shut the fuck up all of you! some people knew the person who died, some people like myself. what is wrong with you posting shit like this about someone who has passed away. what if it was your own brother! FUCKING HELL. you guys are sick, heartless fucks. i hope one day you understand how painful it is to lose a loved one, slander his name? look in the mirror you heartless fucks.

  16. SRSLYTRENT [SCS] says:

    Fuck the police dogs.
    Tyler cassidy didn’t need to die.
    Fellow SCS or not, he didn’t need to be gunned down.
    The cunt was 15, they could of thrown their batons at him and he would of dropped.
    These pigs are just trigger happy cunts that wanted a bit of excitement in their day.

    Heres a line from a little song called “SCS MOVEMENT”.
    “Its blasphemy that tyler cassidy was a victim of a police massacre, matter of fact pigs, heres some facts for ya, try that shit again and SCS gunna get back at ya!”
    SCS will stay true to it, too, dog police cunts.

  17. Äpärä says:

    you little piss ants still exist?
    Also do any of you wankers even comprehend the inherent hypocrisy of being a white pride group with an affiliation to rap culture? I suppose the white man pulled that out of his arse too huh?

  18. SRSLYTRENT [SCS] says:

    Dear Äpärä, and everybody.
    We aren’t a white pride group.
    Listen to this song, it explains what we are.
    We don’t just hate ethnics.
    We don’t like anyone that isn’t born an Australian coming to our country and acting like it’s theirs.
    Just because you’re an Australian Citizen, doesn’t mean you should be.
    Black or White or anything in between, it all comes down to Respect and Loyalty.
    Respect us, and stay loyal to Australia.

  19. SRSLYTRENT [SCS] says:

    Our song, SCS Movement – Southern Crux boys.

  20. Phil says:

    Do NOT forget. The white Anglos in Australia, are the offspring of immigrant boat people, and are not native to this country. A poultry 222 years of white settlement is a joke when compared to the 40000 years of Aboriginal inhabitance. White people invaded this land.

  21. Danthaman says:

    Suprise, suprise Vic cops shoot some1 rather than get out their pepper-spray (surrounded by four cops, he would have got it in the eyes and been EASILY disabled/dissarmed!!!) It’s pissweak they shot him (like others have said if he was anything other than white aussy then those cops would be up on charges and jailed!!!)

    What is this country comming to? I don’t have anything against other races but growth based on existing populace will be unsupportable (as is) in 30 years! Other countries have ruined their environs etc. (if ppl want2live that way they can go overseas to do it!) If you want to live here then you should commit to doing so as an Australian with Aussy ways and customs etc. (already built by immigrants, who have fought hard to keep this country safe from threats of many kinds – many of them the public remains unaware of)

    So good4u SA SCS for advancing aussy pride (we have nothing to be ashamed of in this generation – much to be proud of – history is history) Btw I can tell u for a fact that chinese are one of the most racist ppls in existance (I’m related by marriage and my x is chinese) Just look at what they’ve done in Tibet AND don’t forget that according to communist doctrine (and practicality) the whole world needs to be communist for it to work (no wonder they’re trying to crash US/etc. economies) Once we’re overpopulated we may not have a choice! QUALITY OF LIFE NOT QUANTITY!!! We don’t have to be racist but if we don’t permanently stop all immagration then our children will live in poverty, crime and poor health (if they live@all)

    Politicians need the pressure put on them (it’s easy for them 2 say that ppl wanting end of immagration are racist because bringing ppl into the country makes the ecomony grow (a stupid measure of the health of an economy) Take it from me the technology to stop boats getting anywhere near our shoreline exists and is built here and sold to the yanks so they can stop ppl at their borders (they don’t even have the moat that we do) Polys wont spend the couple of million dollars for the reasons I stated earlier. Anyway /end rant/

  22. Piltdown says:

    Poor shit, even the Sodden Crotch solders rejected him. Tis sad.

  23. Greyman says:

    Put up or shut up, join the Royal Australian Army and become a real Soldier, not just a mob of weak gutted drunken morons, spouting patriotic rhetoric about which you know zero. Serve your country and make a real commitment to Australia and know how it feels to defend the nation and its ideals. Get some time up, then you will be taken seriously.

  24. bleeemo says:

    I knew that a large part of GenY Australians were stupid but it wasn’t until I read some of the SCS posts here that I realised how severe the issue is in some cases.

    To the SCS… You are only fooling yourselves. Until you address the real issues in your life and stop blaming everyone else for your fucked up family and worthless upbringing you will not grow. I do not expect any of you to understand this.

    To everyone else… We need to do more! Next time you see someone down and out in the street, lend them a hand. Give them $2. Who the fuck are you to judge. We are a nation built of the world we have a unique opportunity to establish this nation as one of acceptance, and friendship. We have foresight in other nations that have ruined their chances, we don’t have to take the same roads.

    Everyone is different, even kids from the same trailer.

  25. Kemar says:

    It disgusts me that these SCS fascists parade around with our Eureka Flag…do they not realise that the lads at the Eureka Stockade came from pretty much everywhere…?

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