Greece : You. can’t. stop. the music.

A week on, protesters still on Greece’s streets
Rioters in Greece attack police station, banks
Demetris Nellas and Menelaos Hadjicostis
December 14, 2008
Greek violence reignites after vigils over boy’s death
December 14, 2008
Greek concessions fail to stop the riots: “Anarchist groups blamed for exploiting shooting of teenager”
Peter Popham and Nikolas Zirganos in Athens
The Independent
December 14, 2008
Greek government under fire over handling of riots
December 14, 2008

Fresh riots in Athens as protests in Greece enter eighth day
Jenny Percival and agencies
December 14, 2008

~ versus ~

Athens calm after night of violence
The Age
December 15, 2008


Greek left condemns police murder of youth
December 12, 2008
We, the organizations of the anticapitalist Left that sign this text, want to condemn the murder, in cold blood, of 16 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos by a police special guard in the evening of December 6th…
Interview with a libertarian syndicalist
December 14, 2008
From ESE (Greece) An interview by the CNT-F with the International Secretary of the ESE (union of libertarian syndicalists), discussing the death of Alexis Grigoropoulos and the events that have followed. Interview with Yannis, international secretary of the ESE (Eleftheriaki Sindikalistiki Enosi)…

The longest week of our lives
Saturday, December 13, 2008

Last night, I met a friend of Alexandros’ who was sitting close to him when he was assassinated. Standing there silently, listening to him describe the moments of the assassination (for the n-th time I imagine) I couldn’t help but think: How many years did this kid grow over these seven days? Listening to him explain exactly how the cop is now attempting to cover up the story, how the ricocheting scenario can’t possibly stand… Seeing him argue how we need to change our tactics to take our struggle forward. Joking with us about the incapacity of the indymedia servers to hold the incoming traffic in the first days of the revolt. How many years did he grow? I can’t help but think; they took 15 years from Alexandros, but years and years of life were transplanted into all of us who are here now. In these days of revolt, normalilty and normal time have been suspended – finally giving us ample time in which to live and grow. For this reason, as for a million others, there is simply no way back now: time can’t move backward, what we have lived cannot be unlived. “Remember this”, I heard the old man telling his grandson at the spontaneous mural for Alexandros at the spot of his assassination. “Remember that it is always authority killing the people, it is always the powerful who kill the powerless”. The kid will never forget this week, none of us will. This is the longest week of our lives.

Saturday, 5 pm. Four hours before a full week from the assassination. We are preparing to take the streets again. This night, too, is your night Alexandros.

Live without dead time.


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