December 20, 2008 : International Day of Action Against Murder by the State (Melbourne)

Update : Youth wounded by bullet in Athens, The Age, December 18, 2008: “A high school student has been slightly wounded by a bullet fired in front of a school in a western Athens suburb, police say, ahead of new protests over the killing of a teenager by a police bullet. The 16-year-old was hit in the hand as he talked with other students in the street on Wednesday night in the suburban town of Peristeri, according to a police source. It was not known who fired the bullet. Initial police investigations showed the student, the son of a trade unionist from the Greek Teachers Federation, had been hit by a bullet fired from a compressed-air rifle. Police said none of their officers were in the area at the time of the incident…”

International Day of Action Against Murder by the State
Saturday, December 20, 2008 : 1pm
Victorian State Parliament

Parliament House,
East Melbourne, Victoria, 3002
Phone: (+61 3) 9651 8911
Fax: (+61 3) 9654 5284
Email: [email protected]

“Remembering all state murders, particularly indigenous deaths in custody and in solidarity with the struggle in Greece. Bring photos of those killed, dress in old clothes if you wish to be part of the die-in…”

via Whenua Fenua Enua Vanua

“We don’t forget, we don’t forgive” – day of international action against state murders, 20 – 12 – 2008

“Today [Friday, December 12, 2008], the assembly of the occupied Athens Polytechnic decided to make a callout for European and global-wide actions of resistance in the memory of all assassinated youth, migrants and all those who were struggling against the lackeys of the state. Carlo Giuliani; the French suburb youths; Alexandros Grigoropoulos and the countless others, all around the world. Our lives do not belong to the states and their assassins! The memory of the assassinated brothers and sisters, friends and comrades stays alive through our struggles! We do not forget our brothers and sisters, we do not forgive their murderers. Please translate and spread around this message for a common day of coordinated actions of resistance in as many places around the world as possible…”

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10 Responses to December 20, 2008 : International Day of Action Against Murder by the State (Melbourne)

  1. princess mob says:

    International Day of Action: Rally 11 am
    Saturday, 20th December,
    223 Castlereagh St, Sydney
    outside the Greek Consulate

    Solidarity With Uprising in Greece
    Remember Those Killed by the State
    No More Deaths in Custody
    Free Lex Wotton

  2. Ana says:

    What Stephen Lawrence Has Taught Us.

    We know who the killers are,
    We have watched them strut before us
    As proud as sick Mussolinis’,
    We have watched them strut before us
    Compassionless and arrogant,
    They paraded before us,
    Like angels of death
    Protected by the law.

    It is now an open secret
    Black people do not have
    Chips on their shoulders,
    They just have injustice on their backs
    And justice on their minds,
    And now we know that the road to liberty
    Is as long as the road from slavery.

    The death of Stephen Lawrence
    Has taught us to love each other
    And never to take the tedious task
    Of waiting for a bus for granted.
    Watching his parents watching the cover-up
    Begs the question
    What are the trading standards here?
    Why are we paying for a police force
    That will not work for us?

    The death of Stephen Lawrence
    Has taught us
    That we cannot let the illusion of freedom
    Endow us with a false sense of security as we walk the streets,
    The whole world can now watch
    The academics and the super cops
    Struggling to define institutionalised racism
    As we continue to die in custody
    As we continue emptying our pockets on the pavements,
    And we continue to ask ourselves
    Why is it so official
    That black people are so often killed
    Without killers?

    We are not talking about war or revenge
    We are not talking about hypothetics or possibilities,
    We are talking about where we are now
    We are talking about how we live now
    In dis state
    Under dis flag, (God Save the Queen),
    And God save all those black children who want to grow up
    And God save all the brothers and sisters
    Who like raving,
    Because the death of Stephen Lawrence
    Has taught us that racism is easy when
    You have friends in high places.
    And friends in high places
    Have no use whatsoever
    When they are not your friends.

    Dear Mr Condon,
    Pop out of Teletubby land,
    And visit reality,
    Come to an honest place
    And get some advice from your neighbours,
    Be enlightened by our community,
    Neglect your well-paid ignorance
    We know who the killers are.

    Benjamin Zephaniah

  3. Kadet says:

    A good cop is a dead cop.
    Good rally today in Melbourne out the front of parliament in opposition to police violence.

  4. Ana says:

    The decision of the International collective occupation of the people:

    Global call out to the parents of all 15 year olds.

    In Greece we are all called Alexis and Michaelis … The cops kill us… They kill us with bullets to the chest, they kill us by beating us to death.

    Cops kill 15 year olds. Not only in Greece but throughout the world in the same way.
    We call for the solidarity of our parents. We call for for the solidarity of all of you.
    Students, workers, the unemployed, labourers, farmers and all who have children …
    Our teachers, our lecturers, our friends, our neighbors, all those people who resist the unjust and the unreasonable.
    Because they definitely have children too, if we’re not mistaken. And if their children do not die from bullets to their chests, they die every day in explosions in nafpigoepiskefasthikes zones with industrial accidents, they drown en mass mass in dilapidated boats …

    A week has passed since the assassination of our brother, our friend, our comrade Alexis from the bullet of a cop; those guardians of the state, the ruling class and Greek ‘democracy’. A democracy that you implore us not to forget.

    Alexis said goodbye to us with few words «friends, they’ve hit me» … he just managed to say, then his legs gave way, he fell to the ground and died.

    We are full of rage and so we should be. We are enraged and we are destroying this shell of a society you would have us further.
    No we are not of this society. We are 15 year olds and we think… differently.
    … Cops kill in the same way everywhere.
    Some of them say batons and one bullet is enough. Others shoot 15 times for fun…
    Do not become their accomplices.
    Those who remain silent, those who condemn our rage because of the blatant lies of the corporate media, the police and the politicians you vote for, determine our future … you are responsible and liable.
    Because the future of Alexis was murdered on the 6th of December 2008 in Greece. Because the futures of 15 year olds are ended by the bullets of cops in each and every corner of this world.
    One night in Exarhia with one bullet to the heart.
    The place may change, but the situation remains the same.
    We are all, each and every one of us an «Alexis» and a «Michaelis».
    And we are not celebrating our birthdays because we were assassinated at the age of 15. Pigs.
    I, Alexis Grigoropoulos – was killed by a cop on 6 -12-08 in Exarhia with a shot straight to the heart. I have became an anniversary.
    I, Michael Kalteza was killed by a cop in 1985. I died on the anniversary of another uprising at the Polytechnic, an uprising against the military junta which left dozens dead and hundreds wounded.
    What we share in common is that both of us were killed in a ‘democracy’ and that we were 15 years old…

    We all have one thing in common. We are 15 years old in a society that you have made for us yet without us. You never asked us, nor did you ever listen. You choke us with the ideals of wealth, of the corporations, economic growth and power.
    … The ideals of the broken window displays; of luxury cars, expensive clothes, jewelry watches. You flood us with rotten entertainment, food and culture saturated in convenience and stupidity and you condemn us for the broken windows of multinational chain stores who rob every one of us.
    We are accused of destruction and arson. Yes, we set fire to all that which burns up our lives, so we can endure the tons of chemical tear gas thrown upon us by the police and the army. Because we don’t have any other weapons. Only our hands, tangerines, plastic water bottles and stones, the odd Molotov cocktail, but we must resist each one of us, however we can, in the face of the military machine of repression and armed murderers.
    They shoot and kill us.
    And when we protest,
    They curse us.
    They beat mercilessly.
    Cripple us.
    They handcuff us.
    They choke us with tear gas
    They condemn us.
    They lock us up in pre-trial custody.

    We are on the streets and we are calling for our lives.
    At the age of 15 because later it may be too late. Later we may have been killed by some cop, by ostracism.
    We are calling it out but again you are not listening to us.
    The shooting … and the sound of the shot which killed Alexis if nothing else, let it disrupt your apathy.

    Join us, come stand beside us.
    We have the strength and power of our rage.
    You have your own strength and it is not possible that you don’t also have your own rage when they kill us with bullets when they beat us to death … every day because we throw tangerines and plastic water bottles at them.
    Let us unite our strengths and let insurgency flare in every neighborhood in every street, in each doorstep, in every town square of this world.

    We are not easily terrorised nor made afraid. We are agents of freedom.
    We say to the cops … when they hit us and swear at us with vulgarity, both at us and our mothers … when they put us in handcuffs … «Cops you’re weak» … «Is that the best you can do, chickens, we’ve copped worse from our mothers and our fathers» …
    Yeah right, we’re not scared of them. We are not afraid of them nor their weapons.
    We answer back, right in the face of the murderers …. «One of us is buried in the earth but thousands of us are in the struggle, on the streets…»
    We shout to them «Cops! pigs! killers!» «weak cops you kill children».
    For all those things which the windows of banks hide from you, open your ears and listen to us.
    There’s no way you can not feel rage …
    So come with us, if you’re afraid, we’ll protect you.
    We offer our hands and our souls … and if we have to, our lives.
    But you are not beside us, despite the fact that you still tell us that «you gave birth to us and we mean more to you than your own lives…»

    And even more pertinent, just think, that in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen years … they could have very well killed your child.
    The cops killed him already. He was 15 years old. With ostracism because he was an ‘untamed bum’ anarchist, insubordinate, terrorist hooligan.

    Think about it before you lose the opportunity to save your own child, but …
    think a little bit harder.
    Because perhaps you have the opportunity to help save my life, mum, dad.
    I ask of you to disarm the police, to disarm the murderers in uniform.

    I’m not asking you to save me but to stand in solidarity with me …
    Because until now those that stand beside us are the ones who save us … strangers who share our rage.
    They save us from those armed killers circulating everywhere … those who purport to protect you … you and your valuable property, killing 15 year olds in the process.

    We, the minors, we the ‘young scoundrels’, the anarchist kids, the ‘roughnecks’, ‘junkies’, ‘thieves’, this country’s own ‘hooded terrorists’, we extend to each and every parent, to all the people, we call on you all to join our protests and rallies and blockades and our insubordination.
    We invite all you reading this text, to join the struggle to change our lives and to fight injustice, to overcome the inertia of apathetic acceptance.

    We will be there … every day, every night on the streets and we will be up in arms … we will use our bodies as barricades against the MAT (riot cops) as barriers to stop them arresting and hitting those beside us. Our schoolmates.

    We will wait for you… otherwise you may lose us… they may very well kill us, the special guards of public security, the protectors of your “democracy”.
    We will put our bodies on the line as barricades against the MAT to prevent them beating and arresting those next to us. Our classmates… All those beside us.

    And because today a week after the cold-blooded murder of Alexis people are celebrating the day of St Elephtheris (Liberty) we say to you all think a little bit harder.
    Do not kill our freedom.

    Happy holidays will be on the streets which ever way you decide …

    Occupation of the people
    15 year old potential victims of the ostracism of armed cops

  5. Jim Bob says:

    Police didn’t kill anyone [sic]. It was all in self-defence.

  6. Kadet says:

    thinking that you’d be a real moron wouldn’t you Jim Bob?

  7. Jim Bob says:

    And what would you know.

  8. @ndy says:

    Police killed Tyler Cassidy. They claim it was in self-defence. Andreas / Alexandros Grigoropoulos was executed in cold blood.

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