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Israel Social TV Presents:
Video Article – Thousands of Israelis protest against the war in Gaza.
Tel Aviv 3/1/2009.

הטלוויזיה החברתית מציגה:
כתבת ווידיאו – אלפי מפגינים נגד המלחמה בעזה.
תל אביב – 3/1/2009

Case of with us or against us
Assa Doron
The Australian
January 7, 2009

A FEW days ago a column appeared in the left-leaning Israeli newspaper Haaretz by a well-known journalist, Ari Shavit, about “Israelis who blame Israel”

Propaganda does nothing for peace
Niv Horesh
The Australian
January 9, 2009

AS an Israeli-Australian who has voted all his life for peacenik parties, even for non-Zionist ones at times, I thank Assa Doron for his opinion on Israelis who disagree with the Gaza operation (Opinion, January 7)…

Stumbling in harmony with history
David Burchell
The Australian
December 29, 2008

“…A delayed anniversary of the 1968 Paris riots saw large parts of Athens reduced to burnt metal and broken glass in a spirit of nihilistic youthful rebellion. And the 60th anniversary of Israel was completed in the now time-honoured fashion, with operatic condemnation of Israel’s supposed massacre of the innocents in Hamas’s armed camps… often it seems that the main distinction between the far Left and the far Right was their level of education. The former developed its half-baked messianic theories out of bibs-and-bobs of theory culled from university degrees, while the latter focused its hatreds on more immediate physical attributes such as skin colour and ethnicity. And yet while the mystique of one group has been more or less completely extinguished, the mystique of the other continues, seemingly undimmed, through our present traumas. In turn, the present vogue of Islamist radicalism contrives to fuse the messianic outlooks of far Right and far Left into a kind of synthesis dressed up in the mantle of theology. Anti-capitalism, anti-Semitism, social revolutionism and personal ultra-conservatism, all stirred into a heady eclectic brew. No wonder it seems to produce the same intrigued ambivalence among some infidels that it does among some believers…”

Growing Links Seen Between Hells Angels and Neo-Nazis
Der Spiegel
January 5, 2009

“Motorcycle gangs have long kept the police busy with violence and drug trafficking. But now investigators are alarmed by a new threat: Militant neo-Nazis are rising through the ranks of the Hells Angels in Germany…”

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  1. Jamie R says:

    See Indy, I post David Peaston, he’s like Luther Vandross without the hype:

    As he says:

    “Oh why! Can’t we open up our eyes? There’s no more time for confusion, there’s only love to help us find our way. Let’s take the light we are given, and try to make a brighter day instead of throwing it away.”

    Send out a message loud and clear send out so beyond this tool can hear fuck the rest oh I jest love them all show them love instead of hate? What a difference it would make! So you say, I couldn’t give a shit either way. I hate some so some say, I like it that way.

  2. Jamie R says:

    Wow you should post a breathalyser on this site. I’m so lame.

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