Andrew Giles-Peters


I just got word that Andrew Giles-Peters (below) died earlier this week.

Among other things, Andrew was an anarchist, a student activist in the late 1960s and ’70s, and a philosopher who wrote and taught extensively on revolutionary history and ideology, including developing a libertarian interpretation of Marx (see for example his translation of ‘Ten Theses on Marxism Today’ by Karl Korsch, originally published in Telos, Winter 1975/6, and ‘Karl Korsch: A Marxist Friend of Anarchism’, originally published in Red & Black, No.5, 1973. On Karl Korsch, see Douglas Kellner, editor, Karl Korsch: Revolutionary Theory, University of Texas Press, Austin & London, 1974 [PDF]).

I met Andrew at LaTrobe in the early ’90s, and found him to be friendly, knowledgeable and open-minded — a quiet inspiration.

Best wishes to Andrew’s family and friends.

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  1. There is a funeral service for Andrew Giles-Peters held at the Multi-Faith Centre, Griffith University, Nathan, Brisbane this evening at 6 pm.

  2. We’ll certainly be celebrating his life at some do in the philosophy department at La Trobe, where he was a grad student and then a colleague for over 20 years. The moment I’ve got details I’ll mention them on this site.

  3. OK – for once I’m keeping my word. (Details were settled today.)

    We are, at La Trobe (Bundoora Campus), having a commemoration / celebration of Andrew from 4 till 6 on Tuesday 17th Feb. Humanities 2 Building, Room 431.

    Various philosophers / friends / old students / other colleagues will be coming. It’s open to friends, old students etc.

    Go well,

    John F.

  4. Did a couple of subjects under him in 1975 – a great passionate teacher – who else would have a passion for Marxian expanded reproduction systems – he was a true gentleman too –
    Do you have any other info on his career and maybe a copy of any valedictory speech?
    noosa qld

  5. I am Andrew’s step-daughter and I was very touched to read these comments. I would be proud to provide info on his career. After around 20 years at LaTrobe, Andrew (and Lea) moved to the Northern Territory and then Queensland where he enjoyed a diverse career that included working for Police, Fire and Emergency Services, ANTA, the Department of Education, Training and the Arts and Cape York Partnerships, primarily with a focus on Indigenous education. I’m happy to give more detail. Just let me know any specific areas of interest?

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