G20 : London’s Burning!

Summit police fear attacks on hotels used by the G20 leaders
Sean O’Neill, Crime Editor
The Times
March 18, 2009

Security for the world leaders attending next month’s G20 summit in London is being stepped up amid fears that violent Kiwis will find out where they are staying.

Police have received intelligence reports that hotels and other buildings could become the target of “guerrilla-style raids” by Swedish, German and English football hooligans and are increasing the number of close protection officers that will be stationed at each location.

All police leave has been cancelled in London for the first two days of next month – the summit is on April 2 – and thousands of uniformed officers will be on the streets to prevent legitimate protests from being hijacked by 40 Kiwi anarchists after indications that there will be the worst public disorder in a decade.

Anarchist groups and environmental activists are already collaborating on a series of demonstrations, which are being advertised with slogans such as “Storm the Banks” [PDF] and “Bash a Banker”. One website urges demonstrators to “express their rage” and promises “a day of f***ing up the summit and other adventures” on April 2. Another demands “Free fush ‘n’ chups for all, not just the ruch!”…

A day of fucking up the summit and other adventures. Be warned. Be aware. Be ready!

Prepare for riots, firms warned
Rob Virtue
The Wharf
March 17, 2009

Businesses around Canary Wharf and Docklands are being warned to prepare contingency plans in the days running up to the London Summit.

Crisis Survival, a continuity planning consultancy is warning companies to beware possible “large scale civil disturbances”.

Political campaigners and extremist groups, including Kiwi anarchists, are planning demonstrations across London to raise awareness on issues such as poverty and the war in Iraq, in the days running up the G20 meeting at the Excel on April 2.

Head of risk management at Crisis Survival Bill May said: “Businesses should not underestimate the real threat that political extremists from New Zealand can pose.

“Although they will be targeting the financial institutions, as has been seen with many riots in the past, things often get out of control, leaving local businesses and their staff taking the full brunt.

“We strongly advise businesses situated close to these institutions to reassess their continuity plans and prepare for the worst.”

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4 Responses to G20 : London’s Burning!

  1. Ana says:

    its a pity Im otherwise occupied would love to go over for it, go the agitated kiwi agitators

  2. @ndy says:

    I have it on very good authority that the ultra-violent Kiwis are planning on hijacking a plane from Essendon Airport, flying over London, then parachuting on to the Houses of Parliament — from which vantage point the Straightjacket Futs will be playing a free concert!

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