2 Responses to Who’s on First?

  1. Denys Finney says:

    Very interesting info and statistics. While I wish Maurie Japarta Ryan well in his quest I feel he and his party may have a fate similar to the previous attempts to do the same.
    BTW love your work.

    Cheers Denys

  2. @ndy says:

    Thanks Denys.

    Yeah: it’s an uphill battle for minor parties, and esp. one such as this. That said, at certain times, in certain electorates, and esp. in Senatorial contests, preference flows can be v important in determining final outcomes, and so extracting concessions from the majors is a real possibility. (And of course, promises are one thing; policy shifts and service delivery etc. quite another.) Besides which, it could be argued that success can be measured in var other ways, and collective organisation is crucial to collective struggle… after having regoed, one of the first hurdles the First Nations Political Party will face is maintaining its momentum into the next Fed and state/territory elections. The history is not promising, but then neither are the conditions, so who knows?

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