ON Saturday, Colonel Gadaffi stated that the counter-revolutionary groups that had tried to rise up in a number of areas in Tripoli had been crushed, while Libyan state TV proved that the airport had not been occupied as the counter-revolutionary forces had claimed, despite the very heavy NATO air raids that have been taking place on the city.

The same bourgeois media that was just a few weeks ago talking about stalemate, and questioning whether it was time to make another deal with Gadaffi, has now been re-mobilised by the ruling class to declare that this is now the ‘endgame’, and that Gadaffi and his family are not even in Tripoli any more, but are either in Sirte or in the south, where they can make their getaway to Chad, Zimbabwe or even Venezuela.

The reality is that the NATO powers are back to where they were a number of months ago, when Foreign Secretary Hague made a complete fool of himself when he revealed on the TV his absolute certainty that Gadaffi was on his way to Venezuela.

They are not talking about successfully storming the two million people of Tripoli, but creating the conditions, with the deadline being September 1, for Gadaffi to be either six feet under, or on his way out of the country.

We can therefore expect pressure to be applied on the Libyan leadership – in the form of massive NATO air attacks on Tripoli, along with mass killings and NATO atrocities of all kinds to try and encourage this process.

The opposite is also the case.

It is that the Libyan masses, as they stand fast with Gadaffi at their head, are near to breaking the brittle power of the NATO air forces, and their even more brittle governments, which are all under fire at home from their own people, who oppose the austerity measures that are being forced on them to rescue the banks and pay the bill for the Libyan military adventure of the oil thieves.

As Gadaffi and the Libyan masses stand fast and refuse to be broken, the workers in the UK and the other NATO states must take to the streets against the war. Then NATO and its plans to grab Libya and re-grab the African continent will be defeated.

As a matter of fact since the start of the war the stakes involved have become much bigger.

It is not just a question of NATO being able to plunder Libya’s oil. There is also the strategic necessity of NATO having major bases in north Africa to take action against the Tunisian and Algerian workers and also against the Egyptian workers who are already moving against NATO’s chief ally in the Middle East, Israel.

As well, without seizing Libya and its oil, the plans of the EU to recolonise Africa and re-seize its gigantic mineral and other resources will founder.

The Libyan masses, when they fight the NATO terror machine and its local accomplices, are fighting the battle for every African worker, and also for the working class of the UK and France, whose ruling classes are determined to make the workers of their own countries pay the full bill for the economic catastrophe.

We repeat, the Libyan people must not fight alone.

African workers from South Africa to Egypt and Algeria must take action to force the NATO brigands to stop their war.

Workers in the UK and France must realise that if their bosses put the handcuffs back on the Libyan people, they are next. They will treat the workers in exactly the same way that Cameron is already treating the youth – that is to beat, beat and beat them again.

The TUC Congress is meeting from Monday 12 September. It must demand that NATO quits Libya and must call regional and national demonstrations throughout September and the autumn in support of the Libyan people, for the defeat of the NATO brigands, and for the bringing down of the Cameron government!

~ Workers Revolutionary Party, Newsline editorial, August 22, 2011.


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  1. Doug says:

    I follow Gerald Celente on Twitter, this morning he asked “Who is Gadhaffi supposed to surrender to? Exxon, Halliburton, TOTAL, B.P or Shell?
    Also this:
    “NATO SLAUGHTER IN TRIPOLI: “Operation Mermaid Dawn” Signals Assault by Rebels’ Al Qaeda Death Squads”

    And this:
    Video: LATEST REPORT FROM TRIPOLI: NATO’s Mainstream Media: “Killing The Truth”

    Coincidentally I watched the documentary “Gasland” last night, check out this handy map of known Oil Shale reserves:

  2. Don Oorst says:

    Ghadaffi really is an odd one. I actually like the *theory* behind a lot of his ideas, and his green revolution is in PRINCIPLE as close to a workers’ council democracy as you’ll get without taking the step of euthenizing your govt completely. But the presence of a strong man in any democracy ultimately turns it into a dictatorship and that’s what Ghadaffi was.

    It’s a warning to any anarchist, socialist or autonomist group in a successful revolution that even if vanguardism seems a practical way of dealing with counter-revolution, ultimately it will breed monsters.

    Victory to the Libyan revolution, fuck Ghadaffi, fuck NATO.

  3. VM says:

    You forgot to mention that all the rebels who aren’t Al Qaeda are CIA agents.

  4. @ndy says:

    The supporting mobs of US/UK/French/Qatari backed Al Qaeda thugs which swarmed Tripoli over the weekend aren’t CIA agents? Try telling that to the bizarros at Media Alert Transmission Hub Advanced Broadcast Application / Media Active To Help All Become Aware / Mutton Awl Triptych Honey Awkward Balloons Android / Mental Archers Television Habitat Atlas Birds Akimbo.

  5. Doug says:

    NATO Hands Terrorists Who Killed U.S. Troops Control of Libya: Al-Qaeda gets new home as rebels seize Tripoli

    Britain, Qadhafi and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

    The US-Al Qaeda Alliance: Bosnia, Kosovo and Now Libya. Washington’s On-Going Collusion with Terrorists

  6. VM says:

    You know the Green march has stalled when only New Dawn magazine will advertise with you.

  7. VM says:

    Doug, you’re forgetting that all this is being choreographed in a tv studio in Qatar.

  8. anon says:

    Also it’s a plot by the [insert conspiracy theory here] to prevent Ron Paul from becoming President!

  9. Paul says:

    As NATO’s puppets advance on the Libyan capital as a result of massive NATO support, the fight to oppose a colonial takeover of Libya has become more urgent.

    Unfortunately most of the left in Australia and indeed Europe have been largely paralysed when it comes to actually doing something to oppose the NATO intervention. Therefore as was the case at the start of the NATO assault on Libya, when the first action against NATO was held on March 27, those who have an anti-imperialist understanding of this issue have the responsibility to take the lead and convince others on the left to come on board.

    The paralysis of the left on this issue is a result of the fact that while most of the far-left are formally opposed to NATO military intervention they still support its henchmen within Libya. Now more than ever it is clear that such a position is at best untenable. The upcoming rally will demand “Down with Canberra’s Diplomatic and Financial Support to the Pro-NATO Libyan Rebels.” This demand is essential because the most obvious role that the rulers here are playing is to in these ways support NATO’s allies (who are effectively acting as NATO’s ground troops).

    However in our speech and placards on the day, Trotskyist Platform will of course go further and will call for openly supporting the Libyan state forces against NATO and its puppets. We will of course link this opposition to imperialist intervention in Libyan with support for the class struggle against the imperialist rulers at home.

    Anyone who can help build the September 10 action, please contact us on

  10. kurt says:

    Defend the Deformed Workers’ State!

  11. Paul Justo says:



    Through NATO’s military aggression and the destruction of Libya, the imperialist predators want to lay their hand on Libya’s resources and threaten Syria and Iran. Faced with this, one has to respond right now with a WORLD UNITED FRONT AGAINST THE WAR, with the participation of the social movements, the Trade Unions, the Left wing parties, the progressive governments, the Revolutionary States and the Workers States – to demand:

    • No recognition of the NTC (National Transitional Council) as representative of the Libyan people!
    • A negotiated exit to the Libyan conflict with the participation of the Gaddafi’s government!
    • Sovereignty for the Libyan people over the resources of their country and the defence of the social conquests of the Libyan Revolutionary State!
    • Prevent new NATO’s wars against Syria, Iran and Palestine!

    This NATO international coup against Libya is the most criminal aggression of recent times: A mighty world armada (with Israel, its spies and its logistical support) moved against a small country of six and a half million. Whilst the latter resisted to the utmost of their possibilities, the aggressors tested their new weapons of more destructive power, taking one more step in their war-march for control of the Mediterranean and the world.

    This aggression confirms NATO in the role of the militarised arm of capitalism in this final phase. This is the form that fascism takes today. Coups are launched from the outside, bringing governments down and assassinating. The major Western countries, with the US at their head, are in the throes of economic and financial crisis, but all they can do is to repress the peoples of the world. They want to wipe out any experience that stands up to their economic sacking and challenges the functioning of the capitalist system.

    The UN role of mediation is self-destructing and the unilateral power of the ‘international community’ takes its place. The latter being the main capitalist countries, that is to say less than 15% of the world population.

    This intervention in Libya puts in practice the New Strategic Concept adopted by the 28 member countries of NATO in 2010 in Lisbon. With ‘the war on terrorism’ at its centre, NATO amplifies endlessly the reach of its operations in any part of the world.

    Dominated by big international capital, the media have actively colluded with this imperialist aggression, and dropped their bombs of lies like never before. Refutations of their reports from Russian radars or even from Amnesty International – of supposed Gaddafi’s government’s attacks on civilians – were never listened to. The world press continued to exalt the role of the Bengazi rebels, mercenary pistoleros armed and trained by NATO.

    The true aim of capitalism’s hatred of Gadafi was never ‘the protection of the Libyan civilians’. This is simple to prove. Just look at the treatment that Berlusconi and Sarkozy meted out against the Libyan civilians escaping the war and looking for protection on the Italian coasts and the French frontier! When a boat of refugees sank off-shore between Libya and Italy, hundreds drowned in view of a NATO ship that refused to come to their aid.

    This neo-colonial aggression of the US (and associates) intends to stop the development of the Arab Revolution: the basic principles behind the Arab Nationalist Revolution and the Libyan Revolutionary State should not be copied; no country should nationalise its natural resources, make agrarian reforms or impose public control over education, health and housing. The aggressors have the sovereign and democratic development of the Arab countries in their sights. They want to stop the revolutionary process started by the mass mobilizations in Tunisia and Egypt.

    For its attack on Libya, imperialism has counted on the limitations of the Libyan leadership and the divisions between the representatives of tribes that used to govern together up to recently. Now factions have developed due to the rise of different interests. The fall of the Soviet Union aggravated this situation because the Western countries could better impose their pressures and blockades. The result was a retreat on the part of Gadafi. He restarted relations with Britain, the US, France and other capitalist countries, bringing degeneration to the heart of the Libyan Revolutionary State. This is how the Right wing raised its head in Libya and other countries.

    Gadafi started making alliances and commercial agreements with the likes of Aznar, Sarkozy and Berlusconi. In the erratic turns of the most recent years, corruption set it, due to the lack of political life and the lack of popular intervention. All this took its toll on Libya. The lack of functioning of the [popular] organisms that had originally sustained the Libyan Revolutionary State turned out to be decisive, because the masses could not counter the imperialist onslaught with a rounded and centralised response.


    There was no important reaction amongst the world masses in condemnation of this unequal attack of the capitalist countries. And little was said also in defence of the conquests of the Libyan Revolutionary State. One should not forget, however, the example that the Libyan Revolution gave in 1969 to the Arab and African people. In those days, Libya was on top of a nationalist wave shaking the whole world, following Nasser of Egypt in 1952 and Bourguiba of Algeria in 1962. These leaders, who had toppled the old monarchies, had put in train powerful processes of national and social liberation. With Gadafi’s plans, the whole of Africa hoped to find the opportunity to increase its independence against the designs of imperialism. But the Libyan process remained slow. It counted a lot on big investments and Islamist religious unity campaigns. For the African countries, this model did not lead to the social reforms necessary for the relief of the masses’ suffering.

    More recently, the African Union made no anti-colonial contribution. Besides, there was no important demonstration in any country for the defence of Libya’s sovereignty. In the end, on the occasion of the last meeting of the African Union (AU) aimed at finding a solution to the crisis in Libya, a majority of participants managed to convince the Libyan representative to join the reactionaries. Today, the AU recognises the NTC as the government of Libya. The Arab League has done the same. This is how the predators find themselves free to carve out the Libyan loot, like the Funds of the Libyan State frozen in the Western banks.

    The European Socialist parties, the Greens and many Pacifist movements, along with the big Trade Union Centres, have lined up with NATO PLC. The Communist parties have taken an anti-imperialist position, but the latter remained a declaration of principle.


    It is going to be difficult for world capitalism to stabilize a power in Libya. There is already a climate of suspicion regarding the rebels. And amongst the rebels, settlements of accounts are already taking place as when the commander of the Bengazi rebel forces, Yunis, was eliminated. This continues now with other types who joined since, people who were with Gadafi yesterday. Some of the present murders and operation seek some internal stability between the various sectors, but even amongst these people, there will be resistance to NATO’s plans.

    Let us not forget that the people of Libya will want to defend their [social] gains. The president of the NTC, Abdel Jalil, thinks that he can hold the hand of Sarkozy and company, and get on with the privatisations. He already foresees “hard times” for the masses. But this is bound to make rifts amongst the rebels.

    From wherever one is in the world, one must build support for those in Libya who are going to fight for the continuation of their right to health, education and housing. The Libyan people are going to fight to retain full sovereignty over the petrol, gas and water resources of their country. In the world, there must be campaigns and debates in defence of the conquests already won by Revolutionary Nationalism in the Arab countries. This will help to create deeper movements in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen. A world campaign of opposition is required against the imperialist threat of aggression against Syria and Iran where imperialism intends to repeat its crimes and its lies.

    Let us have mobilisations in the world against the role of NATO as world gendarme of imperialism. Note how capitalism already treats its own masses the way it treats the people of Libya! Today, the masses oppose the sacrifices that high finance pretends to impose upon them as a universal panacea to its crisis.

    We call on the ‘non-aligned’ countries and on China and Russia to stand up. These countries must not dabble in the carve-up of the Libyan assets, or let it happen. They must denounce and leave the “Group of the Friends of New Libya” created in Paris on 1 September 2011 under the command of NATO, involving the governments of France, Britain and the United States in particular.


    The support that Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan government have given to Libya is very important. Chavez has defended Libya’s sovereignty. The Peace Accords he proposed could have averted this bloody coup against the masses of Libya. It is also important to remark that no country in Latin America has recognised this power-usurper government in Libya.

    One must repudiate the plans that the governments of the US and Europe have in store for Libya. Aren’t all these governments in crisis? If the polls are to be believed, they will all fall in the future elections of their countries: Obama, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Zapatero – they are all packing their bags. In whose name, then, are they making such decisions in the life of the Libyan people?

    The aggression against Libya means to intimidate countries like Turkey, Lebanon and the Palestinians. It is a war threat against Syria, Iran and Venezuela. And it sends a warning too, to all the nationalist and anti-imperialist governments of Latin America.

    We call on the parties of the Left in the world, the Communists, the Socialists, the Trade Unions, as well as on the Revolutionary States and the Workers States, to declare their solidarity with the masses of Libya, and to collaborate with them to stop the big predation that the big Western countries have started in Libya. These predators are going to act as in Iraq. They will make Libya pay for what it has cost them to plunder the resources of the country. See how the twenty years that followed the ‘food for oil’ episode have left Iraq in tatters. There you have the true ‘humanitarian’ content of the ‘liberation’ brought about by these aggressors.

    The Posadist IV International
    2 September 2011

  12. @ndy says:

    Robert Fisk: History repeats itself, with mistakes of Iraq rehearsed afresh
    The Independent
    Thursday, 25 August 2011
    With Gaddafi at large, a guerrilla war eroding the new powers is inevitable

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