Opposition to DreamHost’s redwatch gathers momentum…

    Black UK Online reports redwatch Website blamed for anti-racism stabbing
    The Oread Daily provides progressive and alternative news and analysis from around the US and the world. It also wants to throw out Nazi garbage
    AFP reports that “Early this month Polish police arrested two people linked to a neo-Nazi Website and charged eight others with collaborating on the site, police officer Pawel Biedziak said. Kadlcik said that Poland, where the Jewish community numbers between 30,000 and 40,000, was “thankfully not yet at the same level of violence as in Germany or France,” but urged the Jewish and other communities not to let down their guard against anti-Semitism. “You could say we have minor anti-Semitism, but you have to stand up to that, too,” he said. The Polish authorities had asked the United States for help in closing down the [redwatch] Website, which posted so-called blacklists of homosexuals, prominent members of the Jewish community and leftwing activists. The authorities in Poland said that the site was hosted by a US-based server and outside the jurisdiction of the Polish legal system. The Website was still up and running on Thursday, when AFP checked. Poland’s thriving pre-World War II Jewish community of more than 3 million people was almost entirely eradicated by the Nazis in the Holocaust.”

In general, Doug Ireland provides an excellent commentary on this and related political issues on his blog. Searchlight provides an account (November, 2003) of Redwatch UK here, and further commentary is also available here. Reporters Without Borders writes that:

Redwatch-Poland targets the left-wing and far-left media and those that defend gay rights. The [then only] 15 named journalists work for the following media: the http://www.indymedia.pl website, the monthly “Pracownicza Demokracja”, the magazine “Nigdy Wiecej”, the http://www.gaylife.pl website, the monthly “Dzi”, the Polish edition of the [excellent] French monthly “Le Monde Diplomatique”, the magazine “Krytyka Polityczna”, the monthly “Nowy Robotnik”, the news website http://www.innastrona.pl, the quarterly magazine “Zadra”, Radio Koszalin and the http://www.lbc.z.pl website.

See also : Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

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