Fluoride = Death?!?

Oh dear.

The campaign against fluoridation of the Geelong water supply has apparently gone batshit, with a report in today’s edition of The Age indicating that a death threat has been delivered to Victorian Labor minister Lisa Neville.

Curiously, Scott the ‘national anarchist’ (sic) has thrown his puny weight behind the campaign, attending a rally against fluoridation on June 13, and remarking that: “Overall, the rally was a success and the fight goes on. The BAFF group and its supporters have made clear that the date fluoridation commences is not the end of the campaign, it is the date the fight rams [sic] up a level and goes on stronger than ever before! We will be there till the end, for our freedom to choose and the health of our future generations.”

Sieg Heil!

This article [mathaba.net/news/?x=620688] was published on the nutty mathaba site — see : mathaba.net : last words, May 1, 2008 — the publishers of which, in collaboration with local nutzis belonging to the New Right/’national anarchists’ — attempted to bring down my blog last year.

Unsuccessfully, obviously.

Scott’s most recent foray into the world of student politics was sponsored by Donna Yan and Bonita Silva of Vertigo, the student zine of the University of Technology Sydney. See : National Anarchism (Again) (May 30, 2009) and A is for Anarchy. B is for Bullshit. (May 24, 2009).

Obviously, Scott is a man of many hats.

Scott wearing his anti-fluoridation hat.

    Scott wearing his nutzi hat.

Some people never ever learn.

Anti-fluoride extremists ‘threaten to kill MP’
The Age
June 22, 2009

Anti-fluoride extremists have threatened to kill a Victorian government minister and blow up a regional water authority.

As anger over fluoridating Geelong’s water supply mounted today, Labor minister Lisa Neville has been targeted along with water and health officials.

A death threat was left with a bottle of water on the verandah of Ms Neville’s house on Saturday night, a government spokeswoman said.

Anti-fluoride activists have also threatened to blow up Barwon Water’s treatment plants as the authority begins on Monday adding fluoride to the water supply in Geelong, 70 kilometres southwest of Melbourne.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) received a threatening letter in the mail last week.

All three threats are being investigated by police.

A government spokeswoman said Ms Neville, who is the member for Bellarine, returned home on Saturday night to find the bottle of water and a note on her front verandah.

It read: “We’re going to kill you, bitch”.

More to come.

Note that, according to Rick Wallace of The Australian, ‘The note read: “Thanks for the poison bitch – ready to kill you slowly”.’ (MP delivered death threat over fluoride in water debate, June 22, 2009).

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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19 Responses to Fluoride = Death?!?

  1. Lanklan says:

    Will the tyranny of the meddling ZOG ever cease? And more importantly “will humans really develop free thinking, destructobots in the near future?”.


  2. SIGH says:

    Why don’t you just get over the fact that Scott was a bonehead and grow up. You are giving the National Anarchists so much publicity by publishing this shit about Scott’s past and how “stupid” National Anarchism is…
    I don’t see why you are harassing him @ndy. Do you have some obsession with him?

  3. @ndy says:

    Ever been to a dentist Lanklan? If so, you will have had a small tracking device implanted in your skull by a ZOG operative! This is how ZOG knows when The White Man is trying to find a car park at the local supermarket, but is always delayed… by THEM.

    Worse, Brendon O’Connell, before he was ‘disappeared’ by The Controlled Media, had documented the fact that these devices are now being supplemented by armies of tiny, microscopic robots injected into everyone’s gums and fillings! These creatures leave their tiny homes at night, whereupon they proceed to occupy the central nervous system! Why? In the case of white-skinned people, in order to short-circuit their instinctual desire to associate with their own kind and in opposition to the multi-cultural madness which ZOG seeks to impose!

    Scott’s blogging is a FALSE FLAG — an attempt to obscure the fact that the manufacture of these DESTRUCTOBOTS has ALREADY BEGUN under the auspices, in Australia, of Mossad!

    I am disappointed that you have fallen for his tricksy ways!

    I could provide further details but I hear the sound of a helicopter outside and for the time being must remain quiet!

  4. Lumpen says:

    Looks like the State is going to piss on someone from a very great height.

  5. Ferox says:

    I admit, even though the National Anarchists don’t even deserve the slightest bit of coverage for any of their silly antics it is funny to take the piss out of a wanker like Scott. Keep it up @ndy.

  6. uni twat says:

    On his involvement with neo-Nazi groups, on his fascist beliefs and on his history of physical violence which stems from these beliefs, Scott has the following to say:

    “As far as the nazi slander goes, everybody evolves, especially in their teenage years and I’m no different. If somebody wants to hold against me the stupid crap I said when I was younger, so be it, doesn’t change who I am now.”

    So basically, in Scott’s warped conception of reality, it’s quite common, acceptable and condonable to be a self-proclaimed fascist in your adolescence, to physically assault anti-fascists without provocation, to wear Nazi memorabilia at secondary school, to celebrate and joke about the Holocaust, to become a member of fascist groupuscules, and to publicly demonise, dehumanise and otherwise express your hatred of anybody who doesn’t have ‘white’ skin.

    According to Scott, such a past has absolutely no bearing on what type of person he is today or the beliefs that he continues to hold, which undeniably have their roots in fascist ideology.

    Is it just me, or is Scott full of shit?

  7. Lumpen says:

    Wait… isn’t Scott still a teenager?

  8. @ndy says:

    I think he’s 18?

  9. Lumpen says:

    Maybe it’s the Colgate speaking, but I’m willing to bet my precious bodily fluids that Scott’s current activities are directly linked to fascism and fascists.

  10. Ferox says:

    haha apparently water fluoridation is a communist plot? maybe that’s why he and the notional anarchists got on the anti fluoridation band wagon.

  11. fleur. says:

    hi @ndy.

    first of all, let me congratulate you for making yourself sound like an absolute twat in front of all these people. not only have you insulted scott you have shamed yourself by picking on a teenage boy who has, on countless occasions stuck up for what he beli[e]ves in. (lets remember that hes not even 18)

    i now ask you, in all of your mighty[?], what have you done?

    second of all, how much do you know about fluoride?

    why dont YOU enlight[en] us all with this knowledge that you make out to have. seriously do it. list the advantages and disadvantages. would you please tell me why we need extra amounts added to our diet or why not? i look forward to it. i really do.

    because if you cant, maybe you should pull your head in because no one likes an ignorant fuck.

    i look forward to your feedback on this issue.

    thanks @ndy,
    kind reagards [sic],

  12. @ndy says:

    G’day Fleur,

    First, I’m not sure why you think I’m ‘an absolute twat’ as a result of having composed the above post, nor who ‘all these people’ are.

    Secondly, if I’ve ‘insulted’ Scott, he’s made no statement to this effect, and I wouldn’t especially care if he did.

    Thirdly, I feel no sense of shame in establishing the fact that Scott and all others who describe themselves as being ‘national anarchists’ are in reality little more than fascists in anarchist drag.

    Fourthly, it’s a common complaint by numpties such as yourself that individuals who ‘stand for something’ are on that basis in some way admirable. On the contrary, it very much depends on what you stand for.

    “i now ask you, in all of your mighty[?], what have you done?”

    I have done a lot of things, including respond to your concerns.

    “second of all, how much do you know about fluoride?”

    Very little. Well, apart from the fact that fluoridating water is a Communist plot intended to sap the energy of Australian citizens, especially males, male sexual energy, and hence male sexual activity. In summary, fluoridation drains the male of his life essence.



  13. Dr. Cam says:

    “Wait… isn’t Scott still a teenager?”

    Yes. He’s also still a neo-Nazi, which is about where his point about not being a neo-Nazi anymore starts to fall down.

  14. Ferox says:

    Fleur are you even 18? Judging by your typing/grammar skills I’d think not. In case you haven’t been following, what Scott and his moronic and egotistical band of nazi drag queens push for is fascism. Simply put, don’t give them freedom because they won’t give you yours. Fascism isn’t to be debated, it’s to be smashed!

  15. Lumpen says:

    The reason why I asked if he was still a teenager was because of Uni Twat’s quote that was apparently from Scott himself. It seemed to imply that Scott did these things (i.e. racist activities) when he was a teenager and I was trying to establish that he was still, in fact, a teenager.

    The research into water fluoridation is extensive and all the reputable ones point to it being a positive.

    Fleur: Why the fuck would anyone waste their time doing your homework for you? If you have some dazzling facts, put them on the table. You might conclude by telling us why worshippers of Mrs Marsh are more of a priority than worshippers of Hitler.

  16. dj says:

    Fluoride makes your teeth WHITE! What could be wrong with that?

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