There’s good news… and then there’s bad news…


First, The Good News:

1. Paul Mullett has maintained his integrity and had all charges against him dropped: “FORMER police union chief Paul Mullett will walk from the Supreme Court free of criminal accusations today when perjury charges against him are withdrawn, in a massive blow to the Office of Police Integrity” (All Mullett charges to be dropped, Selma Milovanovic, The Age, June 25, 2009). The lesson: Don’t mess with the Mullett.

2. In news that will bring a smile to the face of Mick Armstrong, Cops foil anarchists helping asylum seekers storming Channel Tunnel says The Sun (UK): “The “No Borders” activists, who come from all over Europe — including BRITAIN — have threatened to rip down fences to help migrants across.” Welsh football hooligans belonging to the terrorist cell ‘noborderswales’ have taken their cues from Iranian terrorists and are busy twittering about their evil schemes.

The wreckers.

3. In the Czech Republic, Czech police are pressing charges against Roma, but not nutzis, according to some foreign news source: ‘One Roma man who will be in court tomorrow yelled the following at Lucie Šlégrová, a DS member who regularly participates in neo-Nazi events: “What are you doing here? What are you doing here? Get out of here, you dirty Czech cunt! Why are you playing at being a fascist?” The DS provocateurs subsequently left the housing estate.’ On the other hand: ‘Local non-Roma residents openly supported the attack on the Roma and yelled racist insults at them such as “black fuckers” or “black swine”, which according to the state prosecutor is not a crime.’

Hurrah! for free speech!

4. In that bog of ignorance known as Ireland, members of the Romanian/Hungarian fascist groupuscule known as the ‘Szekler Legion’ have been kicking arse and taking names on behalf of the caring sharing community known as $hell (see also : Fascist group worked as Shell guards, John Donovan, Royal Dutch Shell plc .com, May 5, 2009).

Now, The Bad News:

1. Only three Aryan Warriors attended a protest in defence of the right of a proud White Canadian to educate her daughter to appreciate Time magazine’s 1933 ‘Man of the Year’: “The rally was intended to show support for the mother of two children seized by CFS after the daughter was sent to school with Nazi symbols inked on her body” (Protest by alleged neo-Nazi group fizzles, Lindor Reynolds, Winnipeg Free Press, June 24, 2009). Protest organiser Paul Fromm toured Australia in 2005, the outspoken Freedom Actionist addressing the League of Rights and the Australia First Party.

2. With CIA sponsorship, right-wing elements in Venezuela are continuing to undermine the reputation of Dear President Chávez, to discredit the Big Ideas of philosophical superstars, and to hamper t-shirt sales in Australia by continuing to publish their antiquated views, most recently by way of an interview with criminal elements from Spain: Interview with El Libertario (Venezuela – June 2009).

3. “Figures cited in a federal parliamentary estimates hearing this week revealed that about 3000 Australians had their phone calls intercepted every year” — what about the other 21,000,000?!? (ASIO bugs 3000 calls a year, Natalie O’Brien, The Australian, May 29, 2009).

4. Rod Coronado is not in prison. He should be. He is a TERRORIST. Now he is the subject of a book. Written by a TERRORIST SYMPATHISER named Dean Kuipers. For further disgusting details, see : Firebrand: Rod Coronado’s Flame War, Jeffrey St. Clair, Counterpunch, June 19–21, 2009.

Outta here…

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