Squatters Are Scum #666

In a development that is sure to enrage law-abiding, tax-paying, and property rights-respecting citizens everywhere…

Squatters take over the tumbledown ‘main’ house of Mr and Mrs Expenses
Christopher Leake
Daily Mail
June 27, 2009

The ramshackle house that the married Labour MPs known as ‘Mr and Mrs Expenses’ claim as their ‘main’ home has been taken over by squatters.

Alan and Ann Keen say the derelict semi-detached house in Brentford, West London, is their primary residence and have claimed £140,000 in four years for a second home ten miles away in Westminster.

But now ten squatters have taken up residence in the Brook Road South property, which has boarded-up windows, weeds choking the front steps and a beer-can strewn garden…

Eco-terrorists take advantage of down surge in working-class struggle.

Ultra-violent anarchist crazies definitely best left isolated are also stirring up trouble across the water in Calais, where they have joined swarms of illegal non-citizens in a manic attempt to kill, crush, and destroy Western Civilization by way of forming a temporary community centred on a ‘NoBorders’ camp. A leaked intelligence report has revealed that local authorities are especially worried about the presence of several dozen Kiwi anarchists, whose previous efforts at causing chaos have struck fear into the hearts of both police and Marxist revolutionaries alike.

See also : 40 Kiwi anarchists headed for Calais! (June 17, 2009).

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  1. Tristan says:

    Just up the road is another squat. This time on a site which has been empty for years now (due to planning permission not being granted for anything). Unfortunately the site stinks to the high heavens, probably thanks to stagnant water from the river…


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