Uncle Adolf : The Incestuous Coprophiliac

Come home tired, what a day I’ve had
News ain’t good from Stalingrad
I’ve been busy protecting the German race
So come on baby, defecate on my face

(Chorus) : So, come on baby, send it on down
Bend over Braun and gimme your brown
There’s trouble brewing in the Warsaw Pact
So hurry up Eva and move your digestive tract
Defecate on my face (x8)

Get to the bunker, looks like a stye
Turn on the TV, it’s all one big lie
Here, Eva, have these prunes to chew
We have ways of making you poo


Here come the Russians, it’s near the end
Proud to say that my girl, never used an S-bend
What’s that, Eva? Your bowel is on strike?
Then it’s all over, for my Third Reich


It was a relationship built on kinky sex that ended with a bullet 75 years ago. Police decided Geli Raubal had committed suicide. But evidence suggests she was…

Murray Davies
The Mirror
September 16, 2006

THEY found her face-down in a pool of blood, her red-stained nightdress pierced by a single bullet through the heart.

It is 75 years this week since the body of Hitler’s niece Angela “Geli” Raubal was discovered by servants at the Fuhrer’s Munich apartment.

Her death, by a bullet from the Nazi leader’s own pistol, was recorded as suicide. But there is compelling evidence to suggest the pretty 19-year-old – with whom Hitler was having a secret affair – was the first victim of the tyrant who would be responsible for the deaths of more than 50 million people.

Pro-Nazi police closed the case without an inquest or autopsy, while Geli’s body was quickly taken out of the country and buried in Vienna.

But the young woman who had captured the Fuhrer’s heart was seemingly in no mind to end her life on the night of September 18, 1931.

In fact the normally bubbly Geli was in the middle of writing a cheerful letter to a friend when, according to the official version of events, she put a gun to her chest and pulled the trigger.

Sixteen months later, Hitler became supreme ruler of Germany, and no one was allowed to breathe Geli’s name ever again.

The affair began after Hitler asked his destitute half-sister, Angela, to be his housekeeper at his mountain retreat in Bavaria.

She brought her two daughters and within months Hitler had fallen in love with the elder girl, a spirited, flirtatious 19-year-old brunette who called him “Uncle Alf” and became his constant companion.

To get Geli away from her mother’s watchful eye, Hitler moved her to his Munich apartment under the pretext of Geli studying medicine.

Hitler was madly jealous and and gave her no privacy or freedom but, while he was away, Geli still managed to spend nights with men, including Hitler’s chauffeur, Emil Maurice.

Geli confided to men she slept with, including Nazi boss Otto Strasser, that Hitler was frequently incapable of sexually satisfying her. He would make her undress and then he’d lie down on the floor so he could examine her closely, before demanding that she urinated on him.

She once confided to a friend: “You’d never believe the things he makes me do.”

By 1931 Nazi party chiefs were growing increasingly uneasy about Hitler’s relationship with his niece. The party was on the verge of a major breakthrough and a scandal would have wrecked Hitler’s chance of supreme victory. At the same time, Geli, now 23, was becoming increasingly frustrated after Hitler had refused to let her go to Vienna to study music.

On Friday September 18, 1931, Hitler was due to leave Munich, where the Nazis had their headquarters, for a rally in Hamburg.

Neighbours claimed to have heard Geli shouting to Hitler from their second-floor balcony as he was getting into his car. Hitler shouted back: “No. For the last time, no.” Geli shut herself away in her bedroom.

Next morning servants broke open the door and found her body. No one knows what they found or what they did before they called the police, but they settled on the story that Geli had committed suicide because she was worried her voice was not good enough to be a singer.

When the Nazis came to power 18 months later, they were able to doctor police records to fit the story. Detectives found Geli in a blue nightdress, lying face-down on the floor. Her arm was stretched towards Hitler’s Walther pistol on the couch. She had bled from a bullet hole over the heart which had pierced her lung.

On the table was a letter to a girlfriend which ended in the middle of the word “und” – German for “and”: “When I come to Vienna – hopefully soon – we’ll drive together to Semmering an…”

From the rigor mortis, the police doctor placed time of death as the previous evening but there was no inquest.

The bullet had entered above the heart and lodged in her lower back at hip level, meaning the gun had to be pointing downwards and the hand holding it higher than her heart – a strange way to commit suicide. None of Hitler’s servants admitted hearing a shot but they soon began to contradict themselves. Three different people claimed to have broken down Geli’s door.

At the time, the anti-Nazi Munchener Post reported that Geli’s nose had been broken and there were other injuries. There were also stories that Geli was pregnant.

The first detective on the scene, Heinrich Muller, rose to become head of the Gestapo while the Bavarian Minister of Justice, who hurriedly called off the investigation, became Reich Minister of Justice.

Geli was given a Catholic burial, even though to bury a suicide in hallowed ground was against church rules. The priest, Father Johann Pant, wrote to a French newspaper in 1939: “They pretended she committed suicide. From the fact I gave her a Christian burial you can draw your own conclusions.”

Hitler said he was 100 miles away in Nuremburg when he heard the news of Geli’s death, but at least one police investigator believed he was in the flat when the fatal shot was fired.

He wanted to charge Hitler with Geli’s death but was overruled by pro-Nazi officials.

FRITZ Gerlich, a German journalist, claimed that, instead of leaving that Friday, Hitler had dined with Geli in a restaurant and that Hitler, who seldom touched alcohol, drank beer.

When they went back to the apartment, there was a row and he shot her.

Gregor Strasser, once Hitler’s confidant, claimed he had to stop Hitler committing suicide after he’d shot Geli. Gerlich, Strasser and Strasser’s lawyer, who held his private papers, were killed when the Nazis settled political and personal scores in the infamous Night of the Long Knives in 1933. So too was the owner of the restaurant where Hitler and Geli may have had their last meal.

Two years earlier Hitler had written to Geli, explicitly detailing his sado-masochist perversions, which fell into the wrong hands.

Father Bernhard Stempfle, a friend of the Fuhrer who managed to buy it back and return it to him, was also murdered in the Night of the Long Knives.

Whether or not Hitler shot Geli, he came close to a nervous breakdown after her death. “Geli’s death had such a devastating effect on Hitler it changed his relationship to everyone else,” said his deputy, Hermann Goering.

By the time he had become Germany’s supreme leader Adolf Hitler was married, but Eva Braun would never take Geli’s place in his heart.

On a table beside the body was a letter to a girlfriend, ending in the middle of the word “and”

…you can read more about Hitler: History’s Aryan Potty Mouth here:

On a spring afternoon in 1930, Hitler wore his favorite uniform when Geli Raubal came for a visit: black trousers and a khaki military lounge jacket without insignia. Geli dished him up his favorite meal, a porridge soup made of flour, butter and caraway seeds seasoned lightly with salt and vinegar. When finished with his soup, Hitler gazed longingly at Geli, a pretty blonde 17-year-old, his half-niece. (Geli’s mother was Hitler’s half-sister.)

Hitler, who had been involved with Geli for about a year, moved next to her, put his arm around her and asked her to do something. “Oh, Uncle Alfy, I don’t know, that’s so disgusting.”

But Hitler always got his way. Geli complied. Hitler took off his uniform and stretched out naked on the floor. Geli squatted over him, pissed on his chest and then took a dump on the face of the Fuehrer.

Millions would have loved to do the same.

Did this happen? Historical evidence suggests Geli and some other frauleins treated Hitler to golden showers, and maybe a brown out or two…

“There’s today a really spiritual quality in the willingness of Germans to devote themselves to the well-being of the state.”

Robert Menzies, 1938

See also : Kanishka Jayasuriya, ‘Howard, Tampa, and the politics of reactionary modernisation’ (2003)

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14 Responses to Uncle Adolf : The Incestuous Coprophiliac

  1. Franko says:

    Well, you know … sure, it’s nice to read icky things about Adolph Hitler, but if people aren’t already anti-Hitler because of his mass murder they aren’t really the sort of people I want anything to do with. And I still listen to Chuck Berry, despite his similar sexual predelictions.

  2. @ndy says:

    Hi Franko,


    But I like to think of the Hitler fetishists — esp those assembling in Melbourne this w/e — squirming over the nature of Der Fuehrer’s own sexual peccadilloes, esp as they seem to be so pre-occupied with policing other’s (presumed) sexuality and practices. (Check Peter Campbell’s obsession over his and other men’s bottoms and willies.) It’s like that song…

    Hitler has only got one ball,
    Goering has two, but very small;
    Himmler is very sim’lar,
    And Goebbels has no balls at all…


    Whistle while you work,
    Hitler was a jerk;
    Mussolini bit his weenie,
    Now it doesn’t work…


    Cheap, yes; obscene, maybe; funny, I think so.

    Hail Hail the Crazy Man!



  3. Franko says:

    LOL, I’d never heard the Mussolini one.

  4. wee jin suk says:

    In 1944,
    the Gerries came ashore,
    they had no guns,
    so they used their bums,
    In 1944.

    PS. Forgive the racist term Gerries.
    PPS. Why is nigger a racist term? It basically means black and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with being black.

  5. wee jin suk says:

    * BTW @ndy you are the most [superbly accurate] editor of grammar and spelling in comments in the blogosphere. Particularly odd for an anarchist when grammar and education are the basis of state oppression. Sometimes the meaning is altered and the true impact lessened by this behaviour.

    * Not much to report from the IMF/World Bank meeting here in Singapore. 10,000 cops and [hordes] of resident capitalists in a city where public gatherings of more than 4 people are illegal makes for a dull day, may lead to IMF inertia due to lack of identifiable opposition.

    * Chella’s is a great new vegetarian restaurant here in Little India. A great range of food on the menu, and swanky sleek black decor. A brief intro to vegetarianism on the front page of the menu says “there have been many great vegetarians in history including buddha, gandhi and hitler…”. I complained to the waiter, but I think this is part of anti British feeling and anti neocon feeling in this region. A hangover from colonialism (just like Australia is).

  6. @ndy says:

    g’day wee,

    1) my gaff, my rules (see below).

    2) “Why is nigger a racist term?” if needs be, ask a roomful of blackfellas for clarification.

    3) “grammar and education are [not] the basis of state oppression”. words are my weapons.

    4) apologies if “Sometimes the meaning is altered and the true impact [is] lessened by [my] behaviour”: a) clarification is always possible in further commentary; b) generally speaking, the only posts which i do not publish are those which are spam, abusive and/or threatening and/or horribly tedious.

    5) i reserve the right to be either completely ruthless or entirely lackadaisical in my editing, as my mood dictates and as circumstances warrant.

    “Sit back – in safety – as the Pub Landlord, renowned for his bar room philosophy, takes the audience through all the normal pub topics, including: the French, politics, men and women, human nature, dogs, the French, physics, names, toilets, God, honest toil, the nature of genius, evolution, why putting a man on the moon is a waste of time and effort, kids, the French, crisps, nuts and quality lager.”


  7. wee jin suk says:

    @ndy you are reserving the right to be a strangulated pile on the outskirts of a rectum (ie nearly beyond airse) when it comes to editing.

    For example, Chellas has no apostrophe. This morning I told them what Hitler thought about blacks and they looked shocked, the management has been informed but tomorrow may bring a web expose of a Nazi black power Indian vegetarian restaurant and the 1944 Sikh division of the Waffen SS, if they don’t change their ways.

    The / sign that you use in editing is an arc but not anarchic, so get on the university challenge team with Lotchos you old Gaffer.

  8. @ndy says:

    “Oops! …I did it again
    I edited your post, got lost in the game
    Oh baby, baby
    Oops! …You think I’m an airse
    That I’m sent from below
    I’m not that innocent”

    That \ thing IS fucking annoying. It happens to accompany any ‘ or ” when I edit summat.

    Dunno why.

    Will fix… if I can find out how — aketus?


  9. firtz says:

    To[o] Many Stories

    (1) They said that th[e]y burned [H]itler[‘s] body
    (2) Hitler committed suicide
    (3) Hitler shot himself in the head
    (4) Hitler was alone
    (5) Hitler w[a]s with Ava
    (6) Hitler[‘]s body was take[n] to [M]oscow
    (7) Hitler[‘]s skull was on display
    (8) Hitler[‘s] teeth were all in his skull
    (9) [H]itler had c[h]ronic bad breath because of rotting teeth


    […] Hitler did not die in the bunker! Gustav Weler Hitler[‘]s double did!

    President Truman ask Stallion [Stalin?] [i]f the body they found was that of Hitler […] Stallion said no! 2 weeks later a C.I.A. [a]gent reported seeing [H]itler in Argentina. A meeting was set up between Hitler and top U.S. gover[n]ment agents. Hitler did not want the [R]ussians to have the plans for the V2 project, so in exchange for the[ir] sil[e]nce, [H]itler turned over the plans [to] the U.S. and told them how they escaped in the wee hours [o]f the morning of [A]pr[il] 30 1945.

    They were taken out of [Ge]rmany on the U-997 [captained] by Heinz Schaeffer along with SS [b]odyguard Martin Bor[m]ann[?] and Wilfred Von O[v]en along with Gestapo [chief] [H]einrich Muller and Walter Eic[h]horn[.] Adolf and Eva Hitler escaped to Argentina. Der Führer died in 1963, Ava Braun Hitler died in 1981 under the[ir] new last names of Pelotto[.]


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  11. MuckrakerW says:

    I read most of the current comments at this website and I find on average most are anti-Hitler and anti-Nazism. If anyone knows anything in reality about Adolf Hitler, it is that he attempted to destroy the Jewish race in Germany and homosexuals. He was in truth surrounded by homosexuals… many from the Nazi Party. Others, high ranking Germans that is, were more along the lines of perverts with odd sexual fetishes. One of the most important facts about homosexuals that no one seems to be talking about is they have… and had a occult philosophy that goes back beyond the Spartan and Greek regimes during fifth and fourth century B.C., in which many were military personnel and took up the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism as part of an initiation process into the Spartan or Greek military. So it is prosaic to argue that homosexuals are nothing new to military life nor their occult philosophy founded on perversion. But it is pure speculation to argue that because of that, anyone in the company of such people are themselves homosexual. This is untrue. Where is your undisputed evidence? Whatever Hitler was historically, one thing is for sure… he meant to rid Germany of Jews and homosexuals. I am sure if he had-of succeeded and been unstoppable… in time he would have purged his military of top ranking German officials who were confessed homosexuals, or that Hitler personally knew were gay by association. Jewish hatemongers today and others sympathetic to the Jewish plight in Germany during the reign of Hitler and Nazism, believe it is necessary to destroy the image of such a dictator and world anti-Semite. But what about Henry Ford? What about Jews who donated money to Hitler’s political campaign for the Chancellorship? Or, all the corporations and mid-sized companies, worldwide and most still in existence today, that supported Hitler and the Nazis? I think the Jewish conspiracy to mar the character of Adolf Hitler is destined to fail. Hitler was a tyrant. He hated Jews and any other race that wasn’t of Aryan blood. He had a fixation for world dominance and power. This is the Hitler I have come to know in my quest to understand the man’s true nature and political pursuits. This is the character I am sure… was who Hitler really was….

  12. lady says:

    How does anyone know what fetishes Hitler was into? Were you there? People want to say horrible things about Hitler bc of what he did. But it doesn’t necessarily make it true. You can’t believe everything you read online.

  13. blazeaglory says:

    Well he was a meth addict, so, you know, it does that to a person…

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