antifa notes (april 20, 2012 happy birthday mister hitler edition)


The Hammered Festival takes place in Brizvegas this weekend. The event celebrates the birth of a (misunderstood) dead, foreign, incestuous, coprophiliac dictator in 1889 and the 20th anniversary of the Hammerskins Down Under. An assortment of neo-Nazi pinheads will be gathering somewhere in the city to get drunk, sweaty and shirtless and sing along with a bunch of racist, sexist homophobic nerds. The Festival generated some heat a few months back and in the days prior two news items: a short piece on JJJ’s Hack and an article in Fairfax.

(From) Aotearoa/New Zealand (to Sweden)

‘Right Wing Resistance New Zealand’ (RWRNZ) is the name indefatigable Mormon racist Kyle Chapman has given to one of his newest organising projects. To celebrate WPWW Day — aka the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination — Kyle and some 80 or so of his followers marched through Christchurch. The relative degree of success experienced by the group, along with its snazzy name, has generated some online support, with Right Wing Resistance X springing up in several different countries including Australia. In Sweden, RWR recently attended a rally called by neo-Nazis belonging to the National Democrats.

All three of ’em:

two men and a woman in black bomb jackets and inspects the fountain in the square. Peter Kremer says he leads the Swedish part of a new right organization.

– We are from the Right Wing Resistance. We belong to the extreme right. What we stand for? To preserve the white race. You will hear of us.

Peter Kremer says that they support the National Democratic Party demonstration. That he “knows all” in ND. He says:

– The problem is immigration. Those who bear the greatest responsibility is our Prime Minister who allowed that we get all the crap here. The government is in charge. There is no liability. Just scoop up with immigrants and then they do not take care of the problem. I’m so sick of this shit.

…Bara några minuter senare kommer två män och en kvinna i svarta bomberjackor och inspekterar fontänen på torget. Peter Kremer säger att han leder den svenska delen av en ny högerorganisation.

– Vi är från Right Wing Resistance. Vi tillhör extremhögern. Vad vi står för? Att bevara den vita rasen. Ni kommer att höra talas om oss.

Peter Kremer säger att de stöder Nationaldemokraternas demonstration. Att han “känner alla” i ND. Han säger:

– Problemet är invandringen. De som bär största ansvaret är vår statsminister som har tillåtit att vi får in all skit här. Regeringen är huvudansvarig. Det finns inget ansvar. Bara ös in med invandrare och sen tar de inte hand om problemet. Jag är så less på den här skiten.



Canuckistan is the only other place on this bright green globe where WPWW Day was publicly celebrated this year, with tiny rallies in Edmonton (Alberta) and London (Ontario). A month later, and some of the boneheads belonging to the Canadian branch of ‘Blood & Honour’, including Kyle McKee, have been arrested and charged with assault.

On March 24, two males were attacked and assaulted late at night outside of a Mill Woods liquor store. One of the males was assaulted with a bottle of liquor.

The attack occurred on the heels of a White Pride Rally held in Edmonton on the same day. Just after noon, between 15 and 20 balaclava-wearing demonstrators belonging to the group Blood and Honour began marching along Jasper Avenue waving a huge white flag that read “White Pride Worldwide.”

ARC can has moar here.


The funeral last month of murdered Chilean Daniel Zamudio attracted thousands of mourners.

Daniel Zamudio, 24, was beaten on March 3 during a six-hour ordeal. Pictures released by his family show the attackers beat the openly gay man in the head, burned him with cigarettes and carved Nazi symbols and slogans on his body. He died from his injuries 25 days later. The four suspects who have been arrested in the case are thought to belong to a neo-Nazi group. Aged 19 to 25, they deny allegations of attacking Zamudio and of being neo-Nazis.

Sounds familiar.


German hackers driving the virtual panzers behind #OpBlitzkrieg have been interviewed by Brian Whelan for The Local. Or one of ’em, anyway. The naughty German’s hackery-dackery-do has really annoyed some, “so much that messages have been posted on the right-wing Altermedia site offering a reward for any information about the identity of the hackers”. (Chances are, those responsible will much moar likely be unveiled by the German state and/or Interpol than via Altermedia.) According to the Anon hacker: “Operation Blitzkrieg was founded in February 2011 and went public in May. We have access to many fascist email accounts we haven’t released yet… For a while we will gather that data and when we have what we want, we will release it for the public. Expect us!”



Deeply patriotic Norwegian Anders Breivik has gone on trial for mass murder. Or for seeking to protect Norway from the Mulsamic invaders. Or something. Guy Rundle (Crikey, April 17, 2012) reckons that, while Anders may have a bit of roof damage, his murderous rampage can only really be understood by reference to his political environment.

From relentless attacks on Roma people in eastern Europe and Italy — now state-sponsored by the Northern League and Hungary’s Jobbik party — to the “Casa Pound” neo-fascist groups in Italy who attack, sometimes lethally, isolated African migrants, to neo-Nazi attacks in East Germany, homophobic attacks in Poland, and menacing “demonstrations” by the EDL in the UK, Breivik’s targeted, lethal attacks swim in a sea of violence, much of it fuelled by a calculated right-wing hysteria pumped out by “respectable” authors such as Mark Steyn and Daniel Pipes.

Oddly enough, ‘casapound’ was the handle adopted by former Patriotik Yoof Leauge spokesd00d Luke Connors; the crazy-talk about Mooselems saturates online social networks as well as the rhetoric of large segments of the Australian far right (tho’ the Australian Defence League is pretty much pants at the moment).

See also : Language, violence & politics: Breivik trial puts liberal democracy to the test, Left Flank, April 20, 2012.


Despite police harassment, on (Sunday) April 15, several hundred anti-fascists marched in Bialystok. The rally was called in response to recent fascist violence. According to ZSP Warsaw:

On the night of April 8-9, a band of fascists in Bialystok went on a spree of violence, attacking people in some clubs, screaming about killing gays and leftists. Some people were stabbed, one guy was beaten to death. Many of the attackers were related to the group Blood and Honor. In response to this, antifascists called for a mobilization on April 15. As there are not many in that city, they asked people from Warsaw to support.

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10 Responses to antifa notes (april 20, 2012 happy birthday mister hitler edition)

  1. baz says:

    http://www . stormfront . org/forum/t853597-9/

    Seems the boneheads had a good time. But they were very invisible. No one saw them come out to play 🙁 Everyone else in Brisbane was happily ignoring their existence, while they were bumming each other in their festy little rat’s nest.

  2. Białystok is a town with problems with the fash. Good that the event took place.

    Within the same week the fash also marched in Katowice (with a banner saying “death to the enemies of the fatherland”, “enemies” written Hebrew-style), met by some anti-fascists. The police had their usual fun, arresting about 100 antifa and beating some of them.

    Thanks for the article.

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  6. peter krämer says:

    Antifa is the once who are most racist, They hate all who is white. I don’t understand why they don’t go an hang them selves, they are white. Fucking bullshit this racemix, White genocide over the world and no one care, but if a hungry nigger shouting for help, then all will go and help, One thing I wonder, why most they fuck so much, they can not even give food to the children, Then they come here and rape our women and love to kill us white. We in the white race are only 8% left on the earth. It is no racism to love your own race. We have different culture etc. We shall not mix. we will look like coffebeans all of us. I am proud white. Right wing resistance

  7. ablokeimet says:

    Well. I don’t know whether Peter Kramer is a liar, but he’s definitely a fool. If he believes the drivel he says about antifa people, he is a fool for believing it. If he doesn’t believe it, he’s a liar for saying it and a fool for thinking anyone else will believe him.

    For the record, anti-Fascists don’t hate “white” people. We just don’t think there is a either a particular danger of the human race turning all “coffee coloured”, or that it would be a particular problem if it did. People select, and should continue to select, their partners according to their individual character and not according to the colour of their skin. People’s skin pigments, along with many other marginally relevant characteristics, will then be determined by the workings of Mendelian genetics.

  8. @ndy says:

    I think Peter’s remarks are easily explicable by ref to the fact that he’s a neo-Nazi and a member of RWR in SWE.

  9. PETER KRÄMER says:

    Dear oh dear. Just when I thought ANTIFA couldn’t look or be perceived as any more stupid, you just outdid yourselves. YOU, I would never class as of the white race. Nor any other person who betrays everything that is biologically and anthropologically sound. You say, and to quote

    “We just don’t think there is a either a particular danger of the human race turning all “coffee coloured”, or that it would be a particular problem if it did”

    just demonstrates to your audience what an absolute immoral imbocile [sic] you actually are. Oh look at that, a NEO NAZI with an educated opinion. Is it really “neo Nazi” however, to defend the honour and integrity of everything we, as a race have defended for thousands of years? What I feel is really lacking (one of many things might I add) from your hollow brain, is an education in anthropology. You need to see the complexities in the human genotypes. That we ARE very much different. Skeletal, mindset, and soulfully. We might all bleed, but upon magnification you can quickly see that the DNA hardwired into us, is totally different across the spectrum of “races” OR more accurately described as genotypes. And I am not a Neo-Nazi. I am simply a passionate nationalist willing to defend the honour of the white european genotypes. And this includes the defending of Europe in its entirety.


    I have said everything I have to say, there will be no further discussion from my side, not because I have nothing to answer, but that the point has been made and you are so fucking brainwashed that this conversation is like talking to a wall (albeit, a wall is more interesting).


  10. whiteboy says:

    Fuckin get a grip, fuckin fact, were do you get your facts from dumbass, you wouldnt care if ur heritage was being diluted to the point of extinction? It i[s] tratoris to sit back and watch ur heritage die. We are white and proud, this is all, alot of the so called hate, comes from fuckwits like urself that seem to see no problem with telling us no, we cant be proud, i[m] gonna step in ur way. Well, keep steppin in my way, il keep knockin u down. NO ONE will stop me [b]eing proud, and if u try, il hate you. Simple enuff?

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