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Malas noticias paras los boneheads: Spanish (Celtiberian) Hammerskins Unlawful. Still.

[February 17, 2012] A court in Madrid has upheld an earlier, 2009 decision to outlaw the Hammerskins in Spain on the basis of their promotion of hatred and violence. Established in 2000, 15 members of the franchise were sent to … Continue reading

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Dieter Samoy : Still Dead Baby, Dead

Oh hai. January 15, 2012 is the second anniversary of the death of Dieter Samoy. Samoy, a Belgian neo-Nazi skinhead, committed suicide several days after being sentenced to two years in jail for taking part in a violent, racially-motivated assault … Continue reading

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Hammered Neo-Nazi Music Festival, April 21, 2012

NB. ORGANISING MEETING AGAINST HAMMERED MUSIC FESTIVAL TOMORROW TONIGHT (THURSDAY) NIGHT @ 6.30PM (JANUARY 12), LEVEL 2, TLC BUILDING, 16 PEEL STREET, SOUTH BRISBANE. ALL WELCOME. I’m not quite sure why, but this year’s neo-Nazi Hammered Festival (scheduled to take … Continue reading

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OMGWTF Nazis in Brisbane! Hammered Muzak Festival 2012

LOL. For reasons best known to itself, Queensland’s Sunday Mail has decided to assist Blood & Honour, the Southern Cross Hammmerskins and White Noise in their efforts to publicise an upcoming ‘Happy Birthday Mister Hitler’ gig aka Hammered Music Festival … Continue reading

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