Malas noticias paras los boneheads: Spanish (Celtiberian) Hammerskins Unlawful. Still.

[February 17, 2012] A court in Madrid has upheld an earlier, 2009 decision to outlaw the Hammerskins in Spain on the basis of their promotion of hatred and violence. Established in 2000, 15 members of the franchise were sent to prison in July 2009 following a police investigation and arrests in March 2004.


The Supreme Court affirms the conviction for conspiracy to 15 members of neo-Nazi group Hammerskin
February 20, 2012

The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeals filed by the 15 members of neo-Nazi group Hammerskin against the judgment of the Provincial Court of Madrid who were sentenced to terms ranging from one and a half and two and a half years in prison and declared illegal group for “promoting hatred and violence”…

Oddly, the Spanish boneheads were infiltrated by a Spanish journalist, ‘Antonio Salas’, whose experience formed the basis of his book Diario de un skin. You can read an interview (in Spanish) with Salas about the Hammerskins and related stoopid here.


¿Hay voluntad política real en España de atajar el tema de la extrema derecha?

Solo cuando un nuevo asesinato, como el de Lucrecia Pérez, Aitor Zabaleta, etc, sensibiliza a la opinión pública, y esta presiona a los políticos, estos reaccionan. Entonces, y gracias a la presión mediática, se buscan medidas precipitadamente, se proponen soluciones, y se lamentan las víctimas. Después, cuando la presión mediática mengua, los políticos desplazan su atención a temas que den más rédito mediático. La próxima vez que los nazis maten a un aficionado, a un inmigrante, a un gay, a una prostituta, o a un judío, los políticos se rasgarán las vestiduras, como si fuese la primera vez que ocurre. Pero algunos periodistas llevamos años denunciando esta realidad.”


Are there real political will in Spain to tackle the issue of extreme right?

Only when a new murder, like Lucrecia Perez, Aitor Zabaleta, etc, the public awareness, and this puts pressure on politicians, they react. Then, thanks to media pressure, is precipitately seeking measures are proposed solutions, and mourn the victims. Then when the media pressure wanes, politicians shift their attention to issues that give media more revenue. The next time that the Nazis killed an amateur, an immigrant, a gay, a prostitute, or a Jew, politicians will tear their hair, as if for the first time it occurs. But some journalists have spent years denouncing this reality.

Members of the Australian franchise (the Southern Cross Hammerskins) and their supporters will be gathering in Brisbane in April to celebrate Hitler’s birthday by getting drunk and listening to ‘orrible live muzak aka ‘Hammered Festival’ (April 21).

Silly buggers.

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