Dieter Samoy : Still Dead Baby, Dead

Oh hai.

January 15, 2012 is the second anniversary of the death of Dieter Samoy. Samoy, a Belgian neo-Nazi skinhead, committed suicide several days after being sentenced to two years in jail for taking part in a violent, racially-motivated assault upon Togolese immigrant Raphaël Mensah in May 2006. Mensah was rendered unconscious in the assault, hospitalised, and spent one month in a coma. He died a year later (of apparently unrelated causes).

At the invitation of local boneheads, in 2008 Dieter’s band, Kill Baby Kill, toured Australia, playing the annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig (at a pub in Beaconsfield in outer Melbourne) along with local neo-Nazi bands Blood Red Eagle and Ravenous. While Blood Red Eagle has since departed the fold of Blood & Honour sponsored bands in Australia, Ravenous carries on and may even be performing at the Happy Birthday Mister Hitler/Hammered Festival in Brisbane in April.

While on tour a soon-to-be-dead Dieter and his band joined local artistes to record a charming little song named ‘Oh no here comes an Abo’. Sadly, the video of the recording session has been withdrawn from YouTube; happily, you can obtain a copy of the song through local neo-Nazi distro 9% Productions, either online or, indeed, at the gig. Further, those interested in songs in a similar vein need look no further than ‘More Dead Niggers’, which is available on the Deaths Head albums Hang the Traitors and Metal Skin… and may even be played live in April, who knows?

Of course, Dieter Samoy is not expected to be joining them. But if he did…

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  1. satan says:

    how come no mention of the 20 racist n*gg*rs that beat a white guy in perth???

  2. @ndy says:

    i can thunk of A Few Raisins!!! one is it has nothing to do w The Dead Dieter!!! the next 1 is for it can has make no sense?!? OMGWTFRAHOWAHAHAHA!!! anyway what does santa care???

  3. RAHOWA says:

    I hope slackbastard catches AIDS off a blackbastard and dies a painful death.

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